In the Arms of Fenris part 11

Sorry for the short chapter, but I’m being knocked for six by allergies. Achhhhhooo!


Morning found her wrapped in Graydon’s arms. It was a lovely feeling. Then she recognized the sound that had woken her up. It was whining coming from the kitchen. Max! Oh gods! He’d probably torn the back porch to bits or messed all over it by now.

“Graydon, let me up. I need to go let Max out before he destroys the porch,” she said as she crawled out of the bed.

“More like before he explodes. I made it as clear to him as I could that there was his territory and mine last night,” he said.

“Okay, I’ll let you know what I find.” Marty headed out of the bedroom and downstairs. She reached the kitchen and found Max with his head peeping in through the porch door window. She opened the door expecting him to jump all over her like he did at the kennel. Instead, when he saw her coming, he moved towards the back door. She opened it and he shot out towards the back of the yard. A moment later, he was a very relieved dog.

Marty looked at the porch while he ran around a bit. There was a bit of food on the floor and that was it. No damage, or mess. She was amazed. Maybe she’d have Graydon talk to all the problem animals. No, probably wouldn’t work, but she was very happy that Max was being so good. So far that is. She called Max in and went to get him a treat. She barely had the biscuit in hand before he sat and waited. He’d never done that before. She gave him his treat and he took it back to his pillow to eat. Marty refilled his food bowl and water dish and then went back into the main part of the house.

Graydon stood half dressed in the kitchen, just out of sight of the porch. “I take it that if we had bet, I’d have won?”

“Yes. I am amazed. Is this set, or will there be a major screw up in a week?” she asked.

“I am hoping that this is a permanent fix. I was rather forceful in terms of canine discussion last night. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were the occasional backslide. You can’t live the life he did for four, five years and not have some bad habits show back up from time to time.”

“I agree. Thank you.”

“Graydon walked over to Marty and put his arms around her. “You’re welcome. Now, what are we going to do for breakfast? I’m starving,” he said.

“Ummm….. We could go shopping for some groceries,” she said.

“Now that’s a novel idea!” he said with a smile. “Shall we go get dressed?”

“Yes,” she said as they headed towards the bedroom. “Oh, that reminds me. Why didn’t you shift back right away last night?”

“It takes a lot of energy, and I was tired before we started. On top of that, I was full of pizza, and when I got back up here I fell asleep.”

“I know. I had to work rather hard to get you to move over far enough to let me into the bed. Granted, you were very nice to cuddle up to as I went to sleep.”

“That’s nice to know. I woke up around 5am and crawled under the covers. Oh, I want to stop by my apartment too while we are out. I need a change of clothing.”

“Okay,” Marty replied.

They got dressed, checked on Max one last time and then headed out to the grocery store. Marty’s local market was full of people she knew. They exchanged greetings and received a number of odd looks. Marty was doing her best to ignore the looks.

“You do realize that by the end of the afternoon, that the local rumor mill will have us married, and me pregnant,” she said quietly as they went up the cereal aisle.

“Well, I don’t know about the first one, but we didn’t use any kind of protection yesterday, and I’m not fixed,” Graydon said in reply. He’d realized that they’d sort of skipped that part earlier and hadn’t figured out how to bring the subject up delicately.

“Good thing that one of us did do something,” she smiled.


“Yes. I may not have sex that often, but I am on the pill. Normally, I’d have done the whole safe sex routine, but I figured that we could discuss that part of things later today,” she finished.

“I’m clean. I get checked regularly, but we are rather healthy in general.”

“Good. So am I. Just cautious,” she said.

Graydon smiled back at her and grabbed some cereal off of the shelf. They finished their shopping and made it almost back to the car without incident. As they crossed the parking lot, an ancient Chevy with a creamsicle orange paint job pulled in front of them. Marty groaned, and Graydon was trying to figure out why when he saw Vicky’s hand pop out of the drivers side window and wave. They both waved back and then the Chevy pulled off.

“Oh gods! We’ve had it now,” said Marty.

“Yeah. By the grin on her face, I think she just won a dollar bet,” said Graydon.

“No doubt. There will be hell to pay next time we go in to eat. I guess it’s a good thing we have food for a few days. I don’t think I could cope with her or Ma Henry right now.”

“No. I’d hate to think of what they’d do or will do when we finally show up,” he said.

“Don’t even go there. They’ll save it for us no matter how long we delay. The bigger question is do we head in sooner or later?”

“Ummm… Later. I think we need to work out some things between us before anything else,” Graydon said.

“I agree.” Marty turned to the cart which was now next to the Saab and was waiting for Graydon to open the door. They loaded the groceries in and then headed home. They totally forgot about going by his apartment for a change of clothes.


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  1. Despite your allergies and brief it may have been, it was perfect for a beautiful day in Maine. Hope you feel better soon. Tip

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