The Tower Finale

Yes, this tale must come to an end. Sigh. I realized that this one was not so much an erotic tale, but one of magic and I hope that you’ve enjoyed it. While I finished up, a song started playing on my computer. (yeah, I think it is alive!) It’s Fires at Midnight, by Blackmore’s Night. I thought it rather appropriate. 


Sorcha and Desmond walked into the manor house. It was clean and sparsely furnished. They’d barely begun to explore when Sorcha thought that she saw someone out of the corner of her eye. “Did you see that Mo Chroí?”

“Yes, I did.” He turned to find Murtagh. “Murtagh! Are there servants here besides Kerr and Kate?”

“Ah, yes. Villagers come to see the new lord and lady no doubt. Do you wish to meet them?”

Desmond looked at Sorcha and the two of them nodded. Murtagh walked out of the room and into the depths of the manor. The young couple could hear him calling out something in the ancient tongue. Then they could hear the tread of feet on the floor boards as people came closer. Soon there were fifteen or more people of all shapes and sizes standing there. They bobbed their heads or curtsied. Murtagh stood behind them with Ogg, Kate and Kerr.

One young man stepped forward. “We want to be welcoming you to your new home. It has been a long time since we’ve greeted our Croí agus a anam. The last pair were your parents, Sire.”

“Croí agus a anam? Heart and soul?” asked Sorcha.

“Yes,” said a small woman next to the young man. “For without the Croí agus a anam, our world would be a barren place indeed. You bring new life, music, laughter and love to our lands. All that is sleeping will wake. All that has lain fallow will bring forth new life. It is the cycle of things. Welcome home.” She came forward, curtsied and then turned back.

Others stepped forward and either curtsied or bowed, each giving a greeting. Finally, the only ones left were the two druids, Kerr and Kate. The four of them walked up to Desmond and Sorcha. Kerr bowed and Kate curtsied and then the two of them kissed the young couple and headed back out to finish unpacking.

“Murtagh, what has just happened?” asked Desmond.

“You two are the Croí agus a anam of our lands. Your prosperity will benefit all those you come in contact with. Your joy is our joy. Just as you parents were before you.” Murtagh smiled and bowed.

“Is that why we dreamed of one another?” asked Sorcha.

“Yes,” answered Ogg.

“And that is why Arditha gifted us with the brooch and circlet?” Sorcha asked.

“Indeed. Those have been gifted to the Croí agus a anam for as long as time. If the person is not the right one, they return to the person who gifted them in the first place. When it is time for a new Croí agus a anam, they return or are returned to the Druidic order for the next couple,” explained Murtagh.

“Now Murgagh and I must return to the Grove for the present time. We will always be near though when you need us.” Ogg bowed and the two druids departed. Sorcha and Desmond stood in the middle of the room holding each other, not sure what to think.



The bed was covered in rose petals as it had been on their wedding night. Dinner had been served by servants that moved so quietly, that neither Sorcha nor Desmond could believe them to be real. Afterwards they had gone up to their room and found it a flower bower.

“I… I don’t know what to think of all of this,” said Sorcha.

“Come here my Cara.” Desmond wrapped her in his arms, kissing and touching her until the two of them felt the passion build. Desmond slowly undressed Sorcha, and then as she slipped under the petal covered bedding, he undressed and moved to the bed. Sorcha giggled.

Desmond looked puzzled as he crawled under the covers. “What’s made you giggle?”

“You. Your… um…cock.” She blushed. “The way you bob in anticipation.”

He smiled. “Well, he may bob in anticipation, but I would bet you’re wet.” He leaned forward, capturing her lips in a kiss as his hand ran down her body until it slid between her thighs. She was damp, and his fingers soon made her very wet.

“Oh Mo Chroí,” Sorcha’s body arched up as Desmond’s fingers stroked her clit, bringing her close to orgasm. Her own hands tried to touch him, but she was distracted by his touch. When she collapsed in pleasure, Desmond moved between her thighs and slid the head of his cock across her soft folds. When Sorcha moaned and tilted her hips upwards, he slid deep inside. In spite of the novelty of it all, the dreams had given them more experience than either expected. Desmond built up a rhythm and Sorcha wrapped her legs around him, pulling him tight to her body.

“Oh Cara,” Desmond groaned as his body shook with orgasm and he spilled himself deep inside.

“Oh, oh…” Sorcha whispered into the crook of his neck as she too came. They touched, and played until the candles burned down and went out. The last thing Desmond did was to pull the sheet over them. Rose petals cascaded across their bodies as they fell asleep.


Outside in the grove, the villagers celebrated. They had a new Croí agus a anam and they knew that this small piece of the Sidhe Realm was safe for now. They danced and sang, drank honey wine and good beer. One by one, the couples paired off and found a quiet corner to make love. As the last of the celebrants toddled off, Murtagh, Ogg and the old woman from the manor stood there at the fire.

“Well, this went fine,” she said.

“It did indeed. Have you noticed the glow?” asked Murtagh.

“No.” The old woman and Ogg looked to where Murtagh pointed. Across the meadows, where the manor stood, there was a glow in the sky. Looking carefully, one could just see the outline of the circlet and brooch hovering above the manor.

“Ah, as it should be.” The old woman smiled. “Babies soon.”

“Give them a few wee months!” laughed Ogg.

“True. We don’t need Arditha here too soon!” Murtagh said only half joking.

“Arditha?” the old woman asked.

“Yes.” Murtagh smiled.

“Ah, then all is right in the world. Care to take a spin in the tall grasses?” the old woman asked the two druids with a twinkle in her eye.

Both men shook their heads no and blushed at the same time. They said their good nights and left the old woman by the fire.

The old woman looked around, stretched as she took a deep breath. Uonaidh, Queen of Elphame shrugged off the guise of the old woman. Extending out her arms, she blessed the land and all under her care. The fire flared, sending up sparks, liked shooting stars. Those sparks, children soon to be born, danced around her finger tips and then traveled across her realm. All was well. The new Croí agus a anam were home where they belonged.

As the fire died down, she walked away into the darkness and the stars.

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  1. a nice ending for these two, yet so much left for us to wonder what else happened before and after. left, not in a sense that you have to add more, but enough to keep us thinking about this one for a while

    1. Ah Tip. 🙂 And I love the smiles I wear when you comment. 🙂 This was one of those stories I knew the end of long before I got there. I just had to write all the bits inbetween.

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