Flash Fiction Friday Deconstruction

desolation II

It was a long hike from the Ashram. Everything was so dry. So desolate. The clothes line for the towels stood out like some metaphoric veil. Helen had come to the hot spring to think. Too much pressure. Too many decisions balanced on an idea. On a choice. She stripped and sank slowly into the hot spring.

“Helen, I love you. Please don’t do this!”

“Steven, please, stop. Sex with you is great, but… I feel like it’s more about you than me.”

“You’re just saying that to upset me. To try and manipulate me!”

“No. I’m not. I’m trying to explain why I’m…”

Helen thought about the kisses he’d showered on her face to stop her voice. The feeling of his cock pressing against her stomach. The fingertips that traveled her body, knowing all the ‘buttons’ to push to bring her to the brink. She’d been torn between protesting and aching for more. Oh the joy of his cock filling her as his hands held her close. She’d arched in passion as his mouth engulfed her nipple. He’d built the heat up in her body until orgasmic overload cascaded across her senses. His final thrusts as he came deep within her over road everything. And yet it wasn’t right.

“Tell me now that you want to leave.”

“Steven, that was great sex, but… I’m like some drug you take to feel good. You never take my needs into consideration.”

“I can’t believe you’re going to just give all of this up!”

His arms had swept across the room, trying to define the depth of a relationship with possessions. With things.

“Steven, this is pointless.

She’d gotten up out of bed and showered. When she came in to dress, he was gone. He’d taken the car, figuring that stranding her would change her mind. It didn’t. Helen simply packed her things, and called a cab.


It took longer than she anticipated to reach the Ashram. Helen was met by Choden. He led her into a waiting area where she sat until Kunchen could speak to her. When Kunchen entered the room, he sighed.

“You still have too many thoughts. Too many decisions.”

Helen nodded. He was right.

“Leave your bag here. Walk to the hot springs and think.” He bowed and left the room.

Helen asked for directions to the hot springs. The difference between the mountains and the high desert valley were startling. As she walked, she thought about her life. Her situation with Steven. Why she wanted to enter a monastic world, even for a few months.

The heat of the water soaked into her body like a lover’s touch. It stroked, caressed, invigorated her as she sat curled up in the water. Helen lost track of time. Stresses floated away. She thought clearly for the first time in ages. Cradled in the heat, she found her answer.

She didn’t need Steven. She didn’t need to run to the Ashram. All she had to do was be herself.



Today’s Flash Fiction Friday was a little more ‘traditional’? No extras, no contortions, no twists… except what we write. Our key word today was pointless. Our word limit… 500. While the picture’s name was desolation, I rather felt at home. It could easily have been located within 50 miles of me. Yes, I live in an area of high alpine desert. With mountains. So… I like this picture. Hope you like my story.

And for those of you reading, take a chance. Try out Flash Fiction Friday!

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