In the Arms of Fenris Finale

Now before you moan, cry and gnash teeth, understand that I will be working on Fenris II in the very near future. Right now life has gotten way too hectic in a manner which I can’t go into, so please be patient. 


Graydon drove past the entrance and into the parking lot next door. Marty gave him a puzzled look. “If we drove straight in, Vicky would see us. This way, we have half a chance to grab your car without being observed,” he explained.

Marty nodded. They got out of the car and headed towards her Volvo. Marty took one look at her car and groaned. There was no way to sneak off. The Volvo had been decorated with tin cans, paper flowers and a large sign that said, ‘Just Got Laid!’

“Oh Damn!” she exclaimed. Graydon didn’t know whether to laugh or groan. They were caught fair and square.

“Let’s go in. There is no way to get any of that off without alerting Kenny or the Henry’s. It can’t be much worse inside. Can it?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” Marty took a deep breath and headed for the door.

There were only a few people in the diner when they came in. Vicky smiled at them and hollered into the kitchen. Then she escorted them over to their booth.

“We only came in to say we were taking the car home,” Marty tried to explain. Vicky just smiled and walked away.

“I think we are in for it,” Graydon said.

Marty nodded. A moment later, the Henry’s and Kenny came out of the kitchen. Ma Henry had a small tray in her hand covered with a towel. She set it down and then handed Vicky a dollar.

“I told you there’d be a bet!” said Marty.

Graydon nodded. Neither one of them wanted to be the one to uncover what was on the tray. There was no guessing what it might be.

“Well, one of you going to look?” Asked Ma Henry pointing to the tray.

Graydon took hold of the top of the cloth and pulled it up. Then he started laughing. Marty looked and laughed too. Ma Henry had a smile across her face as did Vicky. Pa Henry was belly laughing behind the two of them.

There on the tray was a small cake. On the cake was a bridal cake top that had been altered. The bride figure wore blue jeans and a flannel shirt. The groom had a sports shirt on. Around their ankles were a bunch of puppies of various breeds.

Graydon finally stopped laughing long enough to ask Vicky what she called this.

Vicky smiled, and very proudly said, “a creamed bunny special with Fenris on top!”

The laughter started all over. When everyone had finally caught their breath, Ma Henry handed a knife to Marty so that she could cut the cake. Moving the figures carefully off the top, she cut into it to find that it was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Everyone got a piece, including Kenny. He liked carrots.

Ma Henry sat down next to Marty. “We were so surprised and happy when Vicky came to work with the news that she’d seen you two shopping at the market. Said you both had big smiles on your faces. So, we had to celebrate. We think of you as a daughter, Marty. We hope that everything goes well.”

“And if you break her heart boy, I’ll let Kenny eat you!” Pa said from the counter.

“Nope. Not in my plans. Besides, I’d hate to give Kenny indigestion,” said Graydon.

“Have you moved in yet?” Vicky asked.

Marty wondered if they’d driven past the house. “Yes. We went and got all of his stuff just a bit ago.”

“Good. Well, finish up your cake. You’ve got things to do I bet,” Ma Henry said with a smile and a wink directed at Graydon. With that, they went back to the kitchen. Kenny looked at the remains of the cake with longing.

“No Kenny, that’s mine,” said Graydon. He took his chunk and began to eat it.

Marty just smiled and shook her head. She was still chuckling over the Fenris part of Vicky’s decorations. “Fenris….” she whispered towards Graydon wondering how Vicky had linked Norse mythology to Graydon.

He smirked. “Yes…. I know the reference.” They smiled again and finished their cake. Picking up the figures, they said their goodbyes and headed out to the cars.

It took fifteen minutes to remove the decorations on the car. Marty got in and it started without too much of a fuss. She pulled out of the parking lot and Graydon followed her in his car. At the house, she pulled into the drive and he pulled up front.

Once inside, Marty put the figures from the cake on the mantle in the living room. Graydon let Max outside.

“I think another night on the porch and we can probably let him into the main part of the house for a night and see how that goes,” he said.

“Alright. As soon as he’s ready to come in, I’m ready to head to bed. It’s been a long odd day.”

“I agree,” Graydon said and headed off to call Max inside.




Upstairs, Marty got ready for bed. She looked around for her nighty and couldn’t find it. She was just about to pull another one from the drawer when Graydon wrapped his arms around her.

“I like what you’re wearing,” he said.

“You would. Then again, you eat people,” she teased.

“Only if they ask really nicely,” Graydon smiled.

Marty smiled as she turned in his arms. “Would you eat me?” she asked.

He smiled wickedly. Graydon lifted her up on the bed and then started to undress. Once he’d dropped the last of his clothing to the floor, he moved between her legs. He started kissing her ankles which made Marty giggle.

“I could have sworn I asked you to eat me, not tickle me,” she said with a gasp as he moved up her leg and nibbled the fold behind her knee.

“I will. Just tenderizing you my dear,” he said. As he looked up, his eyes flickered yellow. Marty swore his tongue was longer than it had been a moment ago. He worked up her legs until he had to move them farther apart to reach that triangle of curls he’d played with earlier. His tongue darted to the crease at the top of her thigh and tasted her. Salty, sweet and a hint of that body wash.

Marty tried not to squirm, but between his hands on her hips and that tongue moving closer to her clit. it felt too good. Laying back, she felt him move her legs farther apart and his tongue move between her lips. She was already wet and getting wetter with each lick.

Graydon was trying to take his time. The slight shift gave him better reach, and he used his tongue to his best advantage. Marty’s hips bucked as she started to come. He held her down and intensified his tongue work. He alternated between her clit, her lips and the sensitive opening farther down.

Marty felt the heat build and couldn’t hold still. Graydon tongued her and suddenly the orgasm washed over her. “Oh… oh… OH!” she screamed.

Graydon didn’t give her a chance to relax, but moved up and in between her thighs. His erection nudged her lips and she arched towards him. He slid in easily. Graydon still marveled at her ability to take him all. No holding back. After a few more thrusts, he backed off and Marty rolled onto her knees. Putting his hands on her hips, he angled her so that he could slide in again.

“Oooph!” Marty gasped.

“You okay?” Graydon asked.

“This position puts you a little deeper. Just not expecting it.”

“Alright, didn’t want to hurt you,” he said softly. Graydon moved slowly, so that Marty could adjust. He knew he was hitting her cervix. Her reactions and movements told him that she liked it. After a few strokes, he increased the pace. Marty began to push back against him with each stroke. He began to move faster. She felt so good as he grabbed her hips tight and pounded against her.

“Oh!” she squeaked. “Oh, yes… Oh god! Oh… oh…Ohmy..ohmyohoooooo!” she screamed as she came.

Graydon felt her spasm around his erection and couldn’t hold back any longer. With a few fast thrusts, he came. The heat exploded up his spine. Low growls came from his lips. This felt so good.

Marty recovered and tried to lay down on the bed, but Graydon still had her wrapped tightly against him. Once he stopped spasming, he lowered the two of them to the bed. He pulled the covers up and shuddered as he relaxed. They drifted off to sleep. Marty woke up later, snuggled close to Graydon. He was soft and warm, and Marty realized that he had shifted. As Marty slowly drew patterns in Graydon’s fur, she realized that she was comfortable sleeping in the arms of Fenris. Kissing his muzzle, she closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

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