Flash Fiction Friday Stolen Moments


“Oh Honey, your breasts are so sweet.” Jeff squeezed her apple sized breasts as she pulled off her shirt.

“Jeff, you’re making this sorta difficult.” Honey was tangled in her shirt.

He ran his fingers down her belly and held onto her hips as he arches up against her. She moaned.

“Jeff, I’m soaking your jeans. Take’em off.”

“Come sit on something else then.”

Honey moved up as she tossed her shirt aside and let his tongue glide across her clit. She felt him wiggle his jeans down as she got lost in the building orgasm. He brought his hands back up and held her tight as he licked and sucked her to orgasm.

Honey’s hands slapped against the wall as the orgasm ripped through her. She felt her juices drip down her thighs. Then she pivoted and moved to bring Jeff’s straining erection to her lips. She engulfed his cock as Jeff licked and fingered her pussy. Honey licked, sucked, nibbled and stroked Jeff’s cock.

“Hon…ney, ppplease,” he begged.

Honey obliged Jeff by turning and sliding her hot pussy down on his cock. Licking her lips, she could taste him. She leaned forward and shared that taste. Their mouths mingled. Tongues, juices, flavors. Honey sat back and rode Jeff for all he was worth. Jeff held one hand on her hip and the other cupped her breast. Their breath, the rhythm of hips, thighs, and moans increased. It didn’t take long for the two of them to orgasm.

“Ah… ahhhh!” Honey cried out. Jeff moaned softly and the two of them collapsed onto the mattress.

After a moment, Honey turned to Jeff. “We’d better get dressed. I love our stolen moments. But if we don’t get back to the bus, we’ll miss the Zoo and the panda bear exhibit.


This week’s Flash Fiction Friday is back to Advizor’s wicked wit. Our keyword is Stolen, with a word limit of 300. We can have an extra 10 words for everyone we personally invite to join FFF. Oh, and extra credit if we can involve a Panda Bear. 

12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Stolen Moments

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  1. i think I’m the only one that didn’t include the panda bear angle. No extra credit for me.

    This i very hot, sexy indeed. The position you describe, one hand on her hip, the other on her breast, is intimate and sensual and one of my favorites.

    Well done and I’m impressed, you even added your own link!!! 🙂

    1. I almost didn’t manage it. Then I realized that these two could be ‘field trip escapees’. 🙂 I have to agree on the favourite position. 🙂 Pleased that it worked. And yes! I should get extra credit for managing to post my own link! First Friday in ages where it was possible! 🙂

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