A Lazy Sunday

“Wwwhat time is it?”


“I thought we were going to play around this morning.” Lynne rose up on one elbow to look at Quin.

“Yes, but your Dad will call any time now. So, I figured we’d wait a bit.” Quin stood up and headed for the bathroom just as the phone rang. He turned and answered it. “Hello,this is Quin. Yes, of course I can Dad. Give me twenty minutes to finish up a few things here and I’ll be over. Bye.”

“Damn that was accurate.” Lynne flopped back on the bed. “When you get back?”

“Aren’t you going with me.”

“No, You’ll get done faster without me there.”

“Alright.” Quin got cleaned up, dressed and kissed Lynne before heading out the door. Lynne worked on the house, read the news and waited for Quin to return.

Quin came home an hour later. “I have to get a few things done and then we can play.”

“Alright.” Lynne sighed. She wondered just how long it would be. Today was suppose to be their ‘take it easy’ day as their anniversary on Wednesday had been a little hectic. She worked on the computer, played videos and waited for Quin to finish his work. Finally, he closed his computer.

“You have too many clothes on.” Quin smiled as he shed his clothes and crawled under the covers.

Lynne smiled, took off her clothes, crawled into bed and snuggled next to Quin. He started talking about work, and she kissed him to silence him. When she stopped, he started up again. This time Lynne kissed her way down his stomach and when she reached his cock, she kissed the underside of the head where he was the most sensitive. He gasped. She smiled and took him all the way into her mouth.

“Ooohhh,” groaned Quin. He tugged at her side and then hip to turn her so that he could touch and play with her. It was sort of a contest between them as to which one would give in first. Lynne sucked and licked Quin’s cock, while he fingered her pussy and clit. After the third or fourth orgasm, Lynne sat up. A ragged gasp left her throat as she sat back on her heels. Quin turned her and she straddled him as she lowered herself onto his cock.

“Mmmm,” she hummed between her lips as she settled. Quin reached up, pinched her nipples as she began to rock back and forth. His hands kneaded her breasts in an attempt to slow her down. Lynne smiled down at Quin and began to bounce. Quin gasped. His hands moved to her hips as she bounced faster and faster. The two of them moved faster and faster, their bodies inching closer to orgasm.

“Oh God. Ohgoddhhh!” Quin gasped. He tried to hold off, but his body didn’t care. It just felt so good. “Aaaaahhhgh!” Quin’s body arched up, his arms stiff as he held onto Lynne’s hips. Lynne tried to keep moving as her own orgasm cascaded through her body, but Quin gripped her tight as his orgasm poured through his body. As Quin melted back to the bed, Lynne rocked back and forth enjoying the orgasm. When Quin began to shudder, she slowly lifted up off of his body, her muscles squeezing him as she moved. Then she curled up next to him.

“You took my bones,” he giggled.

“Yeah, and you can tickle my fancy in a bit when you find your fingers.” Lynne felt delicious, but always enjoyed the extra orgasms Quin gave her as a treat.

“Uhuh. Inna minute.”

Lynne and Quin cuddled for a bit until he could move. Then it was his turn to scramble Lynne’s brain to mush. When she passed out, he wrapped her in his arms until she woke. “Hi.”


“You ready to go make pizza for dinner?”

“You must be joking.”

“Not really. I’m hungry.”

“In a bit.” Lynne curled up in Quin’s arms and went back to sleep. Pizza could wait.



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    1. LOL… In this weather? I don’t think so! Not unless you want to test the theory of ‘colder than a witch’s tits’. Oh, and we won’t even discuss the distance to the nearest decent pizza place. 🙂

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