Clusterf*ck part 4

If you want to read the other stories that are referred to in this part, look up The Fine Print and Damned if you do in the Vanillaverse stories in the Serial Section.



Scott Carson smiled to himself as he left for his appointment at Creative Solutions. He knew he had the company by the short and curlies and was ready to reel in his trophies. These bitches were going to pay for his loss of income. Hell, if he was really lucky, they would be the new photo shoot victims, um… artists for the next magazine. Damien and Josh had been good, but sloppy. They’d almost taken down his whole operation. As it was, it had take ages for Scott to find out information on the people involved. Part of it was because Damien and Josh had ended up in prison. Two private detectives later, he found Creative Solutions. Now he was ready to take over the company and use it to rebuild his publishing company. It would all look so legitimate too. Especially as their husbands worked at the Rosy Thorn. Nothing would trace back to him either as he’d used the name Scott Henderson.

Scott parked his late model Mercedes in the parking lot, straightened his tie and grabbed his briefcase. Hopefully, the two bitches would be so rattled that they’d never look at the paperwork. They’d just sign it. If that didn’t work, he had pictures of them at the club in the dungeon. Or at least women that looked like them. He walked into the office in a cheerful mood. “Good morning!”

“Hello Mr. Henderson.” Kerri was at the front desk, and according to David’s directions, she was to act subdued and a bit nervous.

“Are you and Sally ready to finish up the final marketing plan?” Scott smiled as if this was just another business deal.

“I’ll get Sally. We’ve been looking over the books and we need to discuss a few things with you.” She stood and went to get Sally. On the way past the meeting room, she opened the door and turned on the lights. Mr. Henderson walked and sat down in the meeting room. He smiled.

Sally and Kerri came back in and set down with various papers and a tablet. “Mr. Henderson, we need to discuss some irregularities in the budget you gave us at the beginning of our association,” Sally began.

“Irregularities? I thought you said you checked the budget and we signed off on everything. If there is anything you missed, isn’t it your issue now? Not mine?”

“Well, Mr. Henderson, we aren’t sure that the error was made available to us in the original disclosure,” said Kerri.

“I don’t give a damn. If you screwed up, it isn’t my problem. In fact, it is interesting that you brought this up. I did some work on my own, and as far as I’m concerned, this company is mine. You violated the contract. You forfeit all rights of ownership. I have the papers right here. Just hurry up and sign them. I have work to do and clients to see. They’ll be arriving by noon and I want you out of here.” He was smug as he handed the papers over.

Kerri picked them up, read through them and had they not found the switched figures which were a contractual violation, she would have signed the papers. Instead, she placed them back on the table. “I’m sorry Mr. Henderson, I won’t sign these. The error we found invalidates our contract.”

Scott looked at the two women and pulled out his second envelope. “I suggest you look at this and see what your answer is.”

Sally picked up the envelope. She opened it and found ten photos. They were taken inside a club that looked the Rosy Thorn. At first glance, the women did look like Sally and Kerri. She handed the photos to Kerri. She looked a little shaken as she did so.

“Where did you get these? And what are you trying to insinuate Mr. Henderson?” Kerri asked.

“You don’t need to know that. Just understand that I will publish these on the Internet and in as many of the local papers as needed to gain your cooperation. Sign the papers.” He threw the contract back at Sally. He leaned back in his chair, satisfied that he had everything under control.

“I’m sorry Mr. Henderson, we will not sign. These women are not us. You can leave now or we will…”

“Sign the contract you bitch.” Henderson cut her off. He moved between the women and the door, effectively blocking their escape. “You will sign. This company is Mine!”

“Mr. Henderson, I suggest you sit down.” came the deep voice of David from behind.

Henderson whipped around to find a group of people standing in the hall. “Excuse me? You don’t have any business here. This is my company.”

“No, it isn’t. Please sit down, or I will assist you,” David said once more. He stepped farther into the room, and forced the other man to back up. As he moved into the room, the others filled in behind him. Scott sat.

“Now, let me explain how this little clusterfuck is going to play out,” said David.

Scott pulled out his phone and began to press buttons. James snatched it out of his hand.

“I don’t think so Mr. Henderson. My colleagues here want to have a chance to discuss a few things with you before the police get involved.” James smiled a feral grin at the man.

“I will not be treated like this. I own this company fair and square. Any court of law will back me up.” Scott continued to be defiant.

“I doubt that Mr. Henderson. You see, you aren’t the only one who can look at a budget, and manipulate figures. Better yet, we did a bit more investigation than you did. In fact, we know exactly who you are,” said David.

“I’m Scott Henderson. I own this company.” He stood. The other men in the room stepped forward, pushing him back into his chair. There was a brief struggle until Scott realized that he was not getting up.

The crowd at the door parted and Liz walked in. “No, you are Scott Carson. Unless you have a third identity.”

Scott looked at Liz and then collapsed like a deflated balloon. “How? Where in the hell did you come from?”

“Easy. See the big hunk by the door? The one with the baseball bat?” He’s my Dom. These are the men who took down Damien and Josh in the first place.” Dirk smiled and waved the bat at Scott.

David sat down on the edge of the table. “You see, we are good. Why? Well, old spooks never die, they just find new haunts. It just so happens that you were stupid. You’d have been much better off if you’d simply started over in a new town. However, you decided you had to have revenge.” David rolled his eyes and looked to James.

“Scott, we have a new deal for you. You will walk out of here and leave. Leave the city, the county and the state. We will keep all of these papers, and if even the slightest shadow related to you ever darkens our door, we will take exception to it.” James gathered up the papers and put them in a basket.

“I’ll do no such thing. You can’t prove that any of this happened. I’ll claim you crashed into this office and started harassing me.” Scott tried to push his way out of the chair again.

“I’m sorry Scott. I think you thought we’d play fair?” asked James. “You forget, that both David and I work with computers. What you failed to notice was when the girls came in they set a tablet down at the end of the table. I know that they are rather invisible as everyone has one. However, this one has been recording the meeting from the very beginning. If this ever came to the courts, it would be entered in as evidence.”

“It also allowed us to overhear every word, so that we could walk in at just the right time,” said Dirk from the door. “So just drop everything on the table and leave while you can.”

Scott looked around at the people in the room. “Fine. You’ll regret this. I’ll have the last laugh.” Then he started for the door. Everyone parted to let him out. David looked over at Dirk with a questioning look. Dirk nodded.


Ten miles down the road, Scott hit the accelerator as he merged onto the highway. He had barely moved into traffic when a State Trooper pulled up behind him. The lights came on and Scott cursed under his breath as he pulled over. The Trooper told him that he’d committed a moving violation and asked to search the car. Scott nodded. He popped the trunk and waited, knowing that he’d made sure the car was clean before he drove off this morning.

The next sound he heard was a request to exit the car. Scott was thrown to the ground, advised of his rights and arrested for possession of over a kilo of cocaine and possible arms charges. Scott screamed that he was framed. That he was innocent. The Trooper turned to his partner as they stuffed him in the back of the cruiser muttering that jerks like this all say the same thing.

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