The Meeting part 8

Zoe sat at her computer exploring this new operating system. It didn’t seem much different than she’d used. However, it did take a bit to find how the system dealt with various things. Overall, she was pleased. Looking up at the clock, she realized that she had twenty minutes left before the hour was up. She began to cruise some of the webblogs she’d been reading. She finished a story and looked at the clock. There were five minutes left. She turned off the computer and got ready for bed.

The leather straps were a little frustrating. The long tie ends trailed and brushed against her body as well as furniture. Her awareness of them bothered her a little, but she couldn’t pinpoint why. Zoe thought of taking them off, and then looked at the knots. She realized there was no way she could duplicate them. Crawling into bed, she wrapped the lengths around her wrists and went to sleep.


Zoe woke early, showered and after getting dressed and a quick breakfast, she began cleaning house. She started with the bathroom. After that was her office, which she rarely used. Next up was the living room. That took over an hour as she had stuffed things on the bookshelves, and under the couch. By this time, she had an armload of laundry. After starting the load, she did a quick clean up of the laundry room and mud room. Zoe took a break to wrap the leather straps around her wrists again. If they dangled, they were in the way. Once they were tucked up, she made some lunch.

After lunch, she tackled the two worst rooms. Her bedroom and the kitchen. While dishes soaked, she shuffled loads of laundry. While the dishes dried, Zoe grabbed all of the trash and took it to the bins. She changed the sheets on her bed and hauled the last of the dirty clothes out from under the bed, the chair and behind the door. This necessitated a trip to the washer. A load in the washer and dryer and a third to fold. Rather than let it sit like she usually did, she put it away. Then it was back to her bedroom.

After removing more dishes, returning books to their shelves and shoes to the closet, Zoe started to vacuum. She moved from there to the living room and when she finished, she rotated laundry again. After the folded clothes were put away, she collapsed in a chair. Looking up at the clock, she realized it was nearly 5pm.

Zoe took a quick look around the house to make sure she hadn’t missed anything. Figuring she’d done well, she went to pick out clothes for the date. She grabbed nice black jeans, a burgundy blouse and a matching bra and panties set. Placing those items on the bed, she headed for the shower.


Zoe was folding yet another load of laundry when the doorbell rang. She looked at the clock as she walked through the kitchen. It was 5:55pm. She could see Tim through the window in the door.


“Good Evening Zoe.” Tim walked in and gave her a peck on the cheek. “Let’s see how the house looks.”

“I got it clean.”

“I know what you have said. However, I need to see that it is clean. Otherwise, we won’t go on our date.” He walked through the living room with an approving eye. He smiled as he realized she’d even dusted. Then he walked through the kitchen and onto the back porch. He noticed that the washer and dryer were still running.

“I… I had a bit more laundry than I expected.”

“That’s okay.” Tim smiled and moved back through the kitchen and down the hall to the bedroom. It was clean. He opened the closet, and while the shoes were tossed in, it wasn’t bad. “You might want to straighten those out.” He gestured to the shoes and walked towards the office and bathroom. He came back in a moment later just as Zoe finished up with the shoes.

“Good. Now let’s go sit in the living room for a moment.”

Zoe followed him, and they sat on the couch.

“Thank you for doing as I asked. I have only one complaint.”

“I fixed the shoes.”

“That isn’t it. Give me your wrists.”

Zoe held out her hands. He swiftly undid the straps until they hung down loose.

“Don’t tie them up next time.”

“Who says I’m going to wear them all the time?” Her voice came off a little snippy. Before she could say much else, Tim swiftly took the straps in hand and pulled her up close. She couldn’t move. She also felt like she had butterflies in her stomach.

“We may negotiate when you wear these. For right now, it is my wish you wear them as I tied them.” He let go of the jesses.

Zoe sat back, feeling her heart pound in her chest. “Why did you make me clean my house?”

“Now that it is clean, how do you feel?”

“Tired. Good.”

“Exactly. When your house isn’t in order, you fret. You are uncomfortable. That your house was a mess is a sign of stress. You’ve been stressed for some time. Some of it was due to your computer.”

“Yes, but…”

“And I believe that some of it has been due to your job lately. I would suspect that things are not going as well as you might desire.”

Zoe looked at him and wondered if there was a big sign over her head with a list of her issues in red marker. “How did you figure that out?”

“Easy. You work for local government. There are a number of issues at the moment, and most of them concern money. This makes people nervous, and you are no exception. It affects your job security. That combined with a broken computer added stress to your normally quiet life. The stress showed in your home. I could tell that you normally a tidy person. Therefore, the messes I observed were not normal. Add to that the experiences of the other night and I would say that you have had more than your fair share of stress. So, I asked you to clean your house to lessen your stress.”

“I can understand that. It did help. Now what about these?” She held up her wrist and shook it so that the straps danced.

“Well, our few vanilla dates were not very satisfying. Boris gave those to me for you. I watched your responses yesterday and realized that perhaps you’d like a walk on the dark side.”

Zoe thought about it. Didn’t say anything as she didn’t want to think that she might really enjoy the things she’d been reading about or watching on the computer. She didn’t want to admit that she had been excited. “What about our date? Where are we going?”

Tim smiled. “We are going to the Rosy Thorn. We are going to have dinner and play a bit. You can’t say if you do or don’t like something if you’ve never tried it.” He watched as she opened her mouth to protest. He grabbed the jesses and pulled her close. “We will play. I am the Master tonight, and you are my sub for the evening,” he whispered.

Zoe gulped. It was as if a stray bolt of electricity ran through her body. “Alright.”

“The correct phrase is Alright, Sir.”

Zoe looked at him, not believing that she was in this situation. It was like one of the stories she’d read. Tim shook her wrists just a touch. “Alright, Sir,” she responded.

“Good. Let’s go.” He stood and they headed out. On the way to the club, Tim explained the concepts of a safe word and Zoe chose one. When the got to the club, they walked in and stopped just before the lounge doors.

“I want you to wear this as well.” He held up a leather blindfold.

“What?” Zoe wasn’t sure if she was ready for this.

“Trust. Trust me.”

Zoe sighed and let him wrap the soft leather around her eyes. Then he took her arm and led her into the lounge.

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