Flash Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday Ranger Dick


Her job interview appointment at Joshua Tree National Monument was at 4pm. The park ranger that interviewed her seemed a little strange, but she didn’t care.

“Thank you Cassie. We look forward to working with you.” He held out his hand to shake Cassie’s.

“I’m looking forward to it. This’ll be so much fun.” She shook his hand. It was clammy. Then a tingle shot up her arm.


*She is waking up*

“What in the hell?” Cassie looked around, unable to move. The room glowed green, and all she had on were her boots.

*Her hormones are agitated. Touch the button again.*

A thin tentacle moved towards her clit.

“What in damnation is that?” Cassie tried to swat at the tentacle, but couldn’t. It moved up her thigh, and caressed her pussy and clit. It stroked her until she came, juices spreading under her ass.

“Well, damn. I never came that good for any of my boyfriends.” She looked around to see who the tentacle belonged to. “Show yourselves you kinky aliens!”


*Agreed. Make her come again.*

The light grew brighter. Cassie found herself staring at the ‘head ranger’. He was a mix between a squid and a human. There were other aliens watching her.

“Ya know, you could have just asked if you wanted a fuck. Didn’t have to kidnap me. Hell, all them stories have you hung like dinosaurs, not teensy little tentacle dicks.”

*She is not afraid of us. Show her the true power of the Pod.*

Cassie watched as the tentacle changed shape. It went from long and skinny to sort of crock pot shaped including cord. She giggled. Then it extended to form a huge cock. It pressed against her lips and began to fill her.

“Oh, Oh my.”

It pulsed in and out of her until she cried out in orgasm. Her juices flowed and the aliens licked them up. She came again and again until she passed out.


Cassie opened her eyes to find herself standing next to a Joshua tree, wearing nothing but her boots. Behind her was the Ranger Station. She was sore, happy and wondered if the whole summer would be like this.



Today’s Flash Fiction Friday had me giggling the moment I read the prompt and saw the picture. I know where she is. Joshua Tree National Park. Been there, hiked that. 🙂 Plus, unlike what I first thought, she’s wearing hiking boots, not cowboy boots. After that, my mind went crazy. I HAD this one cooked. 🙂 Hope you enjoy my silly romp.

Our Keyword this time was appointment. Our word limit was 264 and we get extra credit for leaving her boots on. On top of that, we could earn bonus words. 25 each for aliens, park rangers, crock pots, or a dinosaur. And yeah, I went for the full 364!

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