The Meeting part 9

Zoe felt off balanced and uncertain of her surroundings. Tim guided her by her arm and let her know to step up or step down. She tried to match what she remembered about the club with where she thought they were walking.


Zoe sat in a chair and felt Tim push it in. They were sitting at a table. She remembered booths, but no tables, which perplexed her.

“Are we still in the Rosy Thorn?”

“Yes. There is a private dining room. Please remember your manners. I am in charge, and you will follow.”

Zoe wondered what he was on about and then remembered. “Oh! Yes Sir.”

“Better. Do you have any food allergies?”

“No Sir.”

“Fine. Hands on thighs please.”

Zoe heard him leave the table and a few minutes later, she could smell something delicious and heard the clink of a plate. A single plate. She was about to ask if she was going to be allowed to eat when Tim spoke.

“Open your mouth.”

Zoe complied and was fed a bite of asparagus. Warm, buttery and melt in the mouth. Next was a piece of steak. It was followed by a bite of baked potato. She started to recognize that she got a bite for every two or three that he took. Tim fed her a sip of wine and then a few bits of cheesecake. When they were done, he took her by the elbow again and they walked through the lounge and into the dungeon. When they were inside, he lead her to what sounded like a small room.

“Kneel. Be silent.”

Zoe knelt and then waited. She wasn’t sure what to expect, but silence was not one of them. After a moment, classical music began to play. She felt her muscles relax, and her hands on her thighs grew relaxed. She quit turning her head, trying to catch sounds, and simply relaxed. The music got a little louder.


“Very interesting,” whispered Boris softly.

“Agreed. I do believe you were correct. Now to see how my little hawk responds to some gentle corrections.” Tim walked over to Zoe and helped her up off of the floor. He walked her over to a bench, and bent her over it. He tied her jesses to the rings, and spoke softly to her the entire time.

The first stroke of his hand caught her by surprise. She gasped, but didn’t have time to do much else as the stroke was repeated a number of times. Then he hit harder.

“Oh! Ow!”

“Oh, ow, Sir.” He punctuated each word with a slap to her denim covered ass.

“Ow Sir!”

Tim placed a series of slaps across her ass and then massaged her. When she relaxed, he untied her, stood her up and moved her hands to a higher set of rings. She was nearly suspended off of the floor with only her toes touching. Then he began to undo her jeans.

“What are you doing?”

“Quiet. We are in a private room.” He slapped her thigh hard enough to leave a hand print. “That is for forgetting to say Sir.” Before she could do anything else, he pulled her jeans down around her ankles and then off.

Zoe tried to close her legs and close in on herself, but was held still. The rain of blows to her ass surprised her. So did his caresses afterwards. Most of all, she was surprised to realize that her panties were wet. She had almost caught her breath when another series of strokes, this time with a flogger, fell across her ass. She gasped, trying to breathe. She lost count of how many strokes as her skin felt the burn of the flails. Just as she thought she would say her safe word, Tim stopped. Once more he stroked her hot skin.

“You are very wet,” he whispered softly. His hand went from her ass to between her legs.

Zoe moaned and found herself rubbing against his hand. He’d let her do so, but not with enough pressure to come. “Oh please Sir,” she said.

“Shall I touch you? Finger that pussy which is soaking your panties?”

“Yes, please Sir,” she moaned softly as she continued to try and rub against his hand.

Tim stood to her side. He slid his finger down the front her her lace panties and just over her clit. Zoe tried to rub against his finger and come, but he wouldn’t hold his hand still. As she arched back to try again, he slapped her ass with a resounding pop. Zoe arched her hips forward and he plunged his finger hard against her clit. She screamed out her orgasm.

“Do you want to come again?”

“Yes Sir,” she gasped, still not totally recovered from the first explosive orgasm.

“Then come.” He rubbed his finger just over her clit, without enough pressure. She arched, swung. Arched, swung. As she tried to repeat the swing, Tim once more popped her on the ass. She slammed against his fingers. He spanked her again and again as he strummed her clit. Zoe came repeatedly, and then hung from her jesses. She could feel her juices running down her thighs. Her pussy throbbed, unfilled.

“You have made a puddle.”

“I have Sir?”

“Yes.” He moved his fingers from her clit to her pussy and slid three deep inside of her. The material of her panties rubbed against her clit, making her squirm. Tim fingered her until she was panting with need.

“Do you wish to come?”

“Yessssir,” Zoe whimpered.

Tim thrust his fingers deep, nearly lifting Zoe off of her feet, and stroked her clit. Her back arched as she came hard. Juices dripped from his fingers as she thrashed. Then she collapsed. Tim pulled his fingers from her gently. His hand was dripping wet, and he dried it on a towel he had tucked in his back pocket. Then he undid the jesses and held her in his arms. She shuddered again.

“Let’s sit over here for a little.” He moved them over to a couch, and once seated, he took off her blindfold. Tim held her, stroking her body, but not touching her clit. Slowly, she relaxed.

“How do you feel?”

“Limp, Sir.”

“Would you like another orgasm?”

Zoe looked at him. “No more spanking?”

“No, simply an orgasm.”

“Yes please, Sir.”

Tim held her close, and let his fingers delve into her pussy. After a few thrusts, he moved his thumb up to rub her clit, and she arched quickly. He rubbed her clit faster and faster until she cried out in orgasm. Then he held her as she shuddered. As he expected, it wasn’t too much longer until the tears began to trickle down her face as all the tensions welled up and she began to cry. His hand rubbed her tender ass, and once or twice, he swatted her. Nothing near to what he’d done earlier, but more of a nudge to facilitate the rest of her emotional release. When she’d stopped crying, he rubbed her clit again and it didn’t take long for her to orgasm. Then he simply held her.

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  1. Sound to me like they are going to be a great couple. I do hope that she continues to get lessons. WW, you do come up with the most understanding people in your excellent stories. Tip

    1. Thank you Tip. 🙂 Some of my characters are based on real people. 🙂 I just change the names to protect the um… guilty. 🙂

      Plus, if I write about people in a good way, the sub or Dom out there that might read my stories may feel better or understand more about themselves.

      Wolf teases me and says I should have been a teacher. Granted, I don’t have a D/s school to work in.

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