The Meeting part 10

Zoe pulled herself out of the orgasmic haze when she smelled coffee. She turned to see Boris standing there with a tray and two cups.

“Your little hawk performed well,” he said as he set down the tray and disappeared without a sound.

Tim picked up a cup and held it for Zoe to drink from. When she was steady, he picked his cup up.

“Is… is he always that sort of creepy? Sir?”

“No, sometimes he is much worse. Be glad for whatever reason that he likes you.”

“Likes me, Sir?” Zoe shivered just a little.

“Yes. Not only did he give you a present, but he has checked in on you while you’ve been here to make sure you were coping.” Tim took their empty cups and set them on the tray.

“I never heard him, and why would he do that? Sir?” Zoe almost forgot the last bit and added it quickly.

“You’ll never hear him, unless he wants you to. As to why he has taken an interest in you? Who knows. How do you feel?”

Zoe took a quick inventory. “Wet, relaxed, sore and well, relaxed, Sir.”

“Good. Now what made you so uptight, besides your computer?”

Zoe hesitated. “Um… work.”

“Care to explain? Can you explain?” He cuddled her closer to him, softly stroking her ass.

“There are going to be some layoffs, and I might be one of them. Sir.”

“Ah. That would explain a lot of your issues. Are you looking for new work? Just in case?”

“Not yet, Sir. I was hoping not to do so, but I’m beginning to think that I might need to.”

Tim spanked her lightly. “Sir.”


He smiled. “And how do you feel about your first walk on the dark side? Is it what you expected?”

“Yes and no. I didn’t expect my body to react like it did Sir.”

“No one expects that. We all think that it is just pain or weird people. However, our bodies are wired strangely, and will do the unexpected. I doubt you expected to cry after the orgasms.”

“No, I didn’t Sir. I’m not certain exactly why I did that either.”

“Would you say you felt safe?” Relaxed?”

Zoe thought for a moment. “Yes, I did.”

Tim landed a slap on her ass.

“Sir!” Zoe gasped and tried to squirm away.

“No, you will learn.” Tim held her tighter and spanked her once more. Then he soothed the reddened skin. He laughed a little under his breath, as he realized that a damp spot was forming on his jeans under her ass.

“Sir! It’s difficult to remember to say it all the time. I’m new at this!” She gasped as his hand began to explore her.

“Your body however is hungry for what I give you. See how wet you are again?” He brought his fingers up to her nose and daubed it.

“Oh! Sir,” she tried to complain. Instead, he stuck his fingers in her mouth. It took her a moment to realize he wanted her to clean them off. She licked them clean. Then he pinched her nipples through her blouse. They were already hard, and had yet to be touched. Zoe moaned once more.

“What a hungry little slut you are.” Tim slid his hand between her thighs and under her panties once more, fingering her roughly. Zoe rocked back and forth on his hand. His lips grazed her nipples through her blouse. “Pull out your nipples.”

Zoe undid one button and pulled her breasts up out of her bra. She held herself so that Tim could suck and bite her nipples. When he bit, she drew away and sat back, driving his fingers deeper into her pussy. “Ohhhh,” she moaned.

“Ohhh, Sir!” Tim said as he slapped her ass hard and then bit her nipple.

“Ohh, Sssir! May I please come?”

“Not yet.” He played with her breasts and took turns sucking the nipples until they were red and hard. When she was gasping and clutching at his arms, he whispered “Yes.”

Zoe came hard, arching tight against his chest and then melted over his shoulders as her body shattered in pleasure.

“Zoe, you need to get dressed,” Tim whispered in her ear. He’d rolled her over until she was on the couch. Now he worked on waking her up. After the orgasm, she’d fallen asleep.

“Huuh?” Zoe blinked.

“It’s 2am. The club is closing, and it is time for you to go to sleep in your own bed.” He tossed her the jeans he’d pulled off ages ago. Zoe grabbed them and slid them up over her soggy undies and sticky thighs. She pulled her breasts back into her bra and buttoned her shirt. Swaying a little, she stood up and walked out of the room with Tim.

He drove home at a decent pace. Zoe didn’t say much, but rather stared out the window. When they pulled up in front of her house, he walked in with her.

“Take a shower and go to sleep.”

“But what about you? I… I got off, but you never so much as undressed.”

“No, that will be for another night. Tonight you needed to let go. To surrender yourself to something new. Call me if you need to talk. Shower and go to sleep.”

Zoe looked at Tim. She saw the resolution in his eyes. “Yes Sir.”

Zoe locked the door after Tim left and then headed to the bathroom. She threw her clothes into the hamper. As she climbed into the shower, she thought about how he’d touched her and yet the only piece of clothing he’d taken off of her had been her jeans. She hadn’t come that much except with toys from her toybox and even that didn’t compare in so many ways.

The water hitting her ass reminded her of just how sore she was. Turning to relieve the pain, the water hit her nipples which were tender too. Tim had sucked and bitten her as she came. She washed and got out of the shower. She patted rather than dried herself. She slipped on a soft worn teeshirt and crawled into bed. She was asleep in a matter of seconds, the jesses still around her wrists.

Tim got into the shower at his house. He washed Zoe’s scent and juices off of his body. His cock ached to thrust deep into her, but had resisted tonight. He wanted a sub, not a puppy. He’d see how long it would be before she called. Standing there under the water, he took his cock in hand and slowly stroked it until he came. After he washed the sticky cum from his body, he got out of the shower and crawled into bed.

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