Thorny Advice part 3

Kerri sighed as she picked up the phone. “Thorn line, prickly questions are our specialty, how can I help you?” She listened for a few minutes to the person on the other end of the phone. “No, to be honest, I wear out him some days. Yes, he is the Dom, but it happens. No, each D/s relationship is different. Do yourself a favor. Come down to the club and take a look around. You’re welcome.”

“That sounded like an interesting conversation.” David smiled at Kerri as she rolled her eyes.

“You wouldn’t believe the things people ask. I haven’t decided if they are just dumb, curious or plain stupid some times.”

“Oh? How so?”

“Well, the other day, I had a someone ask me if silk boxers would help chaffing, because he was doing a lot of walking.”

“Okay. And you said?”

“I asked if he was a grower or a shower.”

David about spewed the sip of coffee he’d just taken. “Wwwhy did you ask that?”

Kerri smiled. “Well, if he’s a grower, he might not chaffe. If he’s a shower, or pretty long just normally, he might already hang too low, so silk boxers wouldn’t work. He’d just chaffe against the jeans. Especially if the boxers weren’t long enough.”

David laughed and nodded. “That’s why I wear the bikini briefs I do. They keep things ‘tucked in’ a bit better as boxer are too loose.”

It was Kerri’s turn to smile. “So, when are you taking a turn at this phone stuff?”

“Not unless I absolutely must.”

“David, why not?”

“To be honest, I hate talking on the phone. I can’t read a person’s face or body language, which makes it difficult to register how effective I am.”

Kerri just smiled. It was nice to know that there was something she was better at than her husband.



“Thorn line, prickly questions are our specialty, how can I help you?” Sally took a deep breath and hoped that this would be a short call. James had just started nibbling her thigh and she was doing her best to ignore him. “No, I am not a full time sub. I have a job where I am in control. Yes, it can be done that way, you just have to talk and work things out with your Dom. No, I am not a slave, I am a sub, who spends time as a sub to relieve stress. You’re welcome.”

“Not another one?” asked James as he kissed his way up her other thigh.

“Oh yes. Boyfriend told her she had to give up her fortune 500 job if she wanted to be a good sub. On top of that, he told her only slaves could be good subs.”


“Aaaaagreed,” she moaned.

James smiled as he licked and kissed her until she started squirming. “And when was your last orgasm?”

“You… you know. About a week ago.” Sally tried to move and couldn’t.

“Last week? That’s way too long.”

“Yyyes, but it happens. Neither one of us has fffelt gggood.”

“Perhaps you need to masturbate a time or two.”

“James, I… I’d rather have sex with you.”
“I understand, but I don’t want you starving. Shall we see how far we can get before dinner?” He smiled, licked her clit and ramped up his assault. It didn’t take long for Sally to tip over into orgasm.

The phone rang, but was ignored as she arched and cried out her pleasure.



““Thorn line, prickly questions are our specialty, how can I help you?” Liz couldn’t believe that Dirk had asked her to answer his phone time. He’d mentioned that he had a computer to get ready for a client which meant that she’d have to do the phone work while he tackled the virus. She shook her head at the question. “No, most times a sub can hold on only so long without exploding. Yes, it is perfectly reasonable to give your sub a request such as to ‘cum before dinner’. You’re welcome.”

“There, that wasn’t so difficult.” Dirk smiled at her from across the room.

“No, this one wasn’t so bad. At least this one didn’t want to tell me about how he needed me to inspire his muse.”


“Yeah. Next thing I knew, he was telling me how his cock was growing while he talked to me.” Liz stretched and sat down next to Dirk.

“Well, I do love listening to your voice when you talk dirty.”

“Dirk! At least you don’t tell me you’re masturbating while talking on the phone to friends!”

Dirk laughed. “I wouldn’t care. I like hearing about people’s naughty habits.”

“Dirk! You are a perverted bastard. Do you size up everyone you watch?”

“Liz, it is a favorite activity of mine. Undressing them mentally at meetings or in the mall. Much better than the penis-shriveling activities some people have to deal with at work.”

Liz laughed. “Yeah, I had a guy ask me if it was alright that he watched women at church. I told him it was okay as long as no one else knew.”

Dirk just shook his head. “People are strange.”

“Yes. Then again, I should talk. My mom’s dentist tells her the best dirty jokes, and she shares them with me.” Liz smiled.

“I agree.” Dirk stood up and grabbed Liz by the nipples and pulled her up to him to kiss her.


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