“Come to bed.”

“Just a minute. I have three more posts to read and then an email to answer.”



He glared at her, one eyebrow raised above the other as he looked down on her sitting at her desk.


He reached over, turned off her computer and turned off the light. “The speed at which you reach the bed will directly be reflected on how many spanks your ass receives and whether or not you will be allowed an orgasm.”

She ran for the bathroom, cleaned up and reached the bedroom five minutes later. He said noting as she crawled into the bed. He turned her on her side, threw a leg over hers and began to paddle her ass with his bare hand. When he reached twenty, he slid his hand between her thighs. She was wet. Soaked.

“Go to sleep.”


“You heard me. Sleep. Now. No laying awake, no fussing. No touching.”


“Next time, do not argue with me about bedtime. Sleep.” He threw his arm over her body and pinned her to the bed. With his hand on her chest, he could feel her heartbeat. It was rapid with pain from the spanking and the sexual frustration. However, he wouldn’t relent. It was time for her to learn a little control. He went to sleep.

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