A little real life update…

Yeah… Life has been crazy. As Kinbaku mentioned, I haven’t posted a new chapter of Sian in a while. I have to admit that story is a convoluted one and a tough part is just around the corner. It is the one story I have a bit of a block on and it shows. I’ve promised myself to get a chapter written this week. Plus, life has been crazy. Real life has been intrusive, tough and frustrating. I’ve had very little time to write, which is why you’ve gotten so many chapters of Sheeple of late. Which reminds me… Would it work better to give that story it’s own page? There are about 50 or 60 chapters if I remember correctly. Let me know.

As the weather has finally warmed up, I am able to play in the garden and do some construction work on our house with Wolf. That has been fun and exhausting. You know I’ve been tired when I fall asleep before we can even begin foreplay! (no fainting!) I also had a real giggle today. Wolf needed a haircut, and about halfway through, I began to giggle. 

“What’s so funny?”

“It’s like I’m sheering you… Sheering a Wolf?” 

“Ha! Just keep cutting.” 


I did finish although the giggles got in the way a few times. For those who don’t know, Wolf is Metis and is from Montana, which has led to many a sheep joke… 

Must head off to bed now. Date night tonight. Must feed the Muse. 🙂 Enjoy the new part of The Meeting!


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