Sheeple part 11

Some day I will get a break! Meeting from 5 til 10pm did not help today. However, Tip, you should be happy. More Sheeple! 🙂

He took her in his arms and just held her tight. They were laying on the bed amidst the pillows. He was trying to move slowly. It had been less than a year for him, but more than four years for Kate.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked.

Kate rolled a little on her side to see his face better. “Yes. You have no idea of how much I miss being touched.”

“Andy said something to that effect, but I didn’t understand.”

“I’m an empath. A healer. To not be touched is like being deaf. Like never hearing music or taste chocolate. Deprivation.” She ran her hands across his shirt and down his arm.

“Like me not being able to shift.” He was grasping for a comparison.

“Probably.” She moved her lips to his face. “And my children know me far too well.”

Eric smiled. He leaned forward and kissed her. She responded with kisses and nibbles along his lips, down his throat and across his collarbone. “Oohh,” he moaned.

“You taste so good.” Her voice was low against his collarbone.

Eric had a thought cross his mind for a split second and then lost all thoughts as she nibbled his ear. His hand took on a mind of its own and ran across her arm, coming to rest on her breast. Soft and warm. She moved towards him and his hand shifted towards her hip. She continued to lick and kiss his face and neck, his own lips trying to match hers.

His hand slid under her shirt and the warmth of her skin amazed him. Her own hands had found their way under his shirt. No, she had unbuttoned it. When had she done that? It didn’t matter, because his own hand had just found her nipple through the material of her bra.

“Errric, hold on a minute.” She moved back from their embrace. Eric worried for a split second that he’d moved too fast, only to realize that she was taking her shirt off as well as her bra. He shook his own shirt off and laid back down with her in his arms.

“This is better. I’ve wanted to touch your chest for weeks. Ever since I saw you with your shirt off in the yard when you were helping the boys with the front garden,” she whispered. She was running her fingertips over his chest. “You’re much softer than I thought.”

“So are you.” His hands caressed her nipple, making it tighten up. His hands then traced down her breast and across her stomach. Fine stretch marks marred the skin. As his fingers traced them, she stiffened.


“I…umm.,” she started.

“You’ve had four children. Don’t worry about it. Those make you beautiful in their own way.” He bent down and kissed her skin.

“Its just been so long and, I’m nervous.”

“You aren’t the only one.”They both giggled nervously. She rolled to turn off the bedside lamp which gave off soft light in the room.

“Don’t. I like looking at you.”

It was Kate’s turn to blush. “Gods! I can go sky clad to ritual, and yet am finding myself shy about being semi-nude in bed.

Eric grinned. “Well, then there is only one thing to do.”

“What?” Kate was wondering what he was thinking.

“Get naked.” He stood up. Kicking off his shoes, he undid his belt and dropped his trousers. He was back on the bed, pulled off his socks and next to her before she could think. “I think you have too many clothes on Kate.” He smiled.

“Ah, umm… yes.” She swallowed hard. She stood and got out of her jeans after she’d taken off her sandals. She laid down next to Eric and tried to keep a bit of space between them. It was silly.

“I haven’t been with a man in so long.”

“I know. It’s okay. If you get uncomfortable, we can stop.”

“Oh yeah, I doubt that.” A wry smile danced across her face.

“Ok. Next question. Do we need birth control?”

“No. I’m fixed. Unless you’re worried about anything else.”

“No. Lycanthropes are a healthy lot. Plus, I’ve not had any partners since my marriage ended.”

“Ah. okay. So, where were we?”

“I think we were here.” He started kissing her stomach and letting his hands wander down her thighs.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as his kisses reached the round bit of her stomach below her belly button. Her hands traced lazy circles across his back.

Eric stopped just short of her pubic bone and then kissed his way back up to her lips. Slow down, he thought. Their lips met and their hands on the other’s body pulled them closer together. She gave a small gasp as the hard length of him met her stomach. Her hand left his waist and traveled down until she touched him. It was his turn to gasp. Her fingers were light and the touch nearly took his control.

Kate enjoyed the feel of him in her hand. So long since she had touched a man. She enjoyed the touch of soft skin and wiry hair. Her fingers drifted over his balls and back again. He quivered as her touch shifted. She began kissing her own way down his chest.

Eric felt where her lips were headed and couldn’t hold back a low moan. When her lips feathered over his belly button, he reached out to touch her and found his hand on her back. Firm muscles under the soft skin moved under his touch.

Kate brought her hand up to move him aside so she could kiss the soft skin at the very base. Eric groaned. Slowly, she kissed up the shaft until she could kiss the very top of him. Her lips opened and she slowly took him in her mouth. So soft, so hard, and soon very wet as she slid up and down over him. Eric moaned and his hips arched.

“Kate, hold on,” he whispered.

Kate looked up and then turned to kiss him one last time. She moved back up to Eric’s face, letting her breasts move up his body. He shuddered and then his fingers found her. She was wet and he teased her with his fingers until she couldn’t lay still. He started to roll off of his side, and got as far as his back. Kate moved over him and with a bit of assistance, guided him into her. It was Kate’s turn to arch her back.

“Oh. My. Gods,” she moaned softly. “Too long. Oh too long.”

Eric nodded in agreement as their bodies began to work together in a rhythm. With her sitting astride him, he played with her breasts. Rolling her nipples lightly between his fingers sent shivers up her body. Her thrusts became more urgent as did his. Kate felt the heat building. She had wanted this to last, but realized that neither one of them was going to do so. Eric moved his hands from her breasts to her hips, helping drive the rhythm of their lovemaking. She looked down at him, his neck arched and his tongue just licking his top lip. She smiled, realizing she was biting her own bottom lip.

Suddenly, Eric increased his thrusts and she realized that there was no more time. Her orgasms rolled over them and brought him within seconds of her. They shuddered, gasped and moaned. Kate arched one more time and then slowly slid to one side of Eric on the bed. They laid there trying to catch their breaths.

“Do you think the whole house heard us?” she finally gasped.

“No, but we’ll do better next time.” That made them both giggle. Kate grabbed the quilt at the end of the bed and pulled it up over them. Seconds later, they were both asleep in each others arms.

6 thoughts on “Sheeple part 11

  1. Sort of like being a fly on the wall, with a hell of a view. Nice thing about being a little older, you find beauty where you might not when at a earlier age. Thanks again. Tip

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