Sheeple part 12

Guess what! Today was not my day either. What I had planned to be a slow mellow day blew away. Oh, and another 3 hour meeting. So, here is another chapter of Sheeple. Thank you for your patience with my crazy schedule. The alternative was no post, and I just couldn’t do that.


Andy got up early and when he walked into the living room, he found Jamie and Mark asleep on the couch. They were covered up and snugged in, so they hadn’t just arrived. He looked around and didn’t see Eric. Maybe Eric had dropped them off. Andy headed for his mom’s room to see what to feed the kids when they woke.

“Mom,” Andy called softly. No answer, so he did as he usually did and just opened the door. To his surprise, there was Eric and his mom, curled up in the middle of a pile of pillows and wrapped in one of the quilts. “Oh… oops! Sorry Mom,” Andy said before he could stop himself.

Kate woke with a start, and stared owlishly at Andy who was trying not to giggle. He had already blushed as red as his hair. “Oh!” Kate scrambled to make sure all the important bits were covered. Trying to compose herself, she only succeeded in waking up Eric. Now he too was blinking at Andy who was still giggling in the doorway.

“Andy, come in and close the door,” she whispered.

Andy did as she asked, and when the door was closed, he finally got control of his laughter. “Mom, what do you want me to feed the two little ones for breakfast?”

“Eggs, cereal, I don’t know.” She was sleepy and still flustered.

“Ok. Oh, and what am I suppose to say about this?” Andy said as he gestured towards the scattered clothing and them.

“Umm… Nothing yet. We… we aren’t exactly sure where we are going with.”

“Oh Mom, relax. We don’t care, but let’s not shock the kids. Shall I take them to the park while you two get cleaned up?”

Kate looked relieved at the suggestion. “Yes. Please. Thank you Andy.”

“Yes, thanks Andy. I owe you one,” Eric said, his head still pillowed on Kate’s shoulder.

Andy smiled at Eric. “You still owe me one from a while back.”


“Don’t assume that just because you think you’re quiet, that the guy you walk around is asleep,” Andy said with a smile.

“You knew?” Eric was surprised.

“Hell yes. I sleep outside a lot, and know every animal that passes through the yard. You were new. Plus, that was a neat trick with the door. However, you loose points for crunching the bones on the back porch,” Andy said with a devilish smile.

Eric slapped his hand to his forehead. “Shit!” He shook his head. “Thanks for not saying anything. Thanks for giving me the time to talk to your mom about it.”

“Not a problem. I know some guys that shift like you. Hell, they’re embarrassed half the time when it happens. Others are just too nervous to say anything. Doesn’t bother me any. Just glad you finally told Mom. Otherwise, I’d have said something.”

“Thanks again Andy.”

Andy nodded and then left the room. Kate and Eric could hear him starting to cook in the kitchen. She figured he’d let them know when the coast was clear. Meanwhile, it gave them time to talk.

Kate bent down and kissed Eric. “Good morning.”

Eric returned the kiss. “Morning to you. How are you feeling this morning?”

Kate stretched and took a mental inventory. “I feel really relaxed. And, a bit sore. A kind of sore I can live with… get use to… really get use to.”

“Ah, then you did enjoy last night?”He was smiling.

“Oh yes. And you?”

“Yes. In fact, I think I enjoyed it so much that I’d like to play again.” He lifted the quilt to show her just how much he had enjoyed last night.

“Ah, we will have to be much quieter. There be children awake out there,” she said softly.

“Oh yes… quiet,” he whispered as he pulled her under the quilt and began to let his fingers and lips explore her skin. Giggles then sighs escaped the confines of the quilt.

Down the hall, Andy turned up the radio. It wouldn’t do to spoil their fun, nor the children’s breakfast.


They showered together when Andy let them know that he and the children were headed for the park. It felt so nice to have someone else to touch as well as be touched by Kate thought. They had tried to talk over the rush of water, but soon gave up. That and all the kisses kept interrupting conversation. Stepping out of the shower, she handed him a towel and watched him as he dried off. He noticed her looking and smiled. He made sure that the towel didn’t conceal too much of him. He was also taking time to watch her.

“You know, this is the first time I’ve seen all of you,” she said.

“And I you. Not bad at all for someone who thinks of herself as a fat out of shape old woman.” He teased her.

“Oh you!” She tried to snap at him with her towel. “I was just trying to be honest about the shape I’m in.”

“Yes, and I told you, I think you are beautiful. Wrinkles, scars, soft bits and all.”

“I know. Doesn’t mean I don’t have a bit of a problem with it though now and again.”

“And I don’t have a problem with how you look. I like how you look and how you feel in my arms.”

Kate blushed. “Eric, how old are you?”

“I’ll be forty-two in a few months. Why?”

Kate looked at him again. “You certainly don’t look forty-two. Thirty-five maybe, but not in your forty’s. Except for that touch of gray at the temple.”

“As a family, we tend to look young. You don’t exactly look forty-five you know.”

Kate just shook her head. “No points there dear. I know how much gray there is, and how many wrinkles.”

Eric walked up to her and took her in his arms. “No, you just don’t see you the way I do.” He kissed her. “We’d better get dressed.”

“I guess you’re right.” She walked out the door to her room.


Andy called Zach from the park. The two of them stood talking while the children played. “Just to let you know, I walked into Mom’s room and found her and Eric all snuggled together under a quilt.”

“All Righty!” Zach said. “Do you think this is a one night fling? Or something more?”

“Well if the sounds from the bedroom were any indication, this is something more. I had to turn up the radio to keep the kids from hearing.”

“Oh my! That’s great. Do Pat and Jon know yet?”

“Well, if Jon doesn’t know, he’s deaf. They were right over his bed. However, I’ll talk to them both before tonight. I don’t think Mom wants the kids knowing yet, and I can understand that. Especially if this is just a one off thing.”

“Ok. Keep me posted.”

“Will do.” Andy wondered if they had had enough time to get showered and presentable. He hoped that they were talking and working things out. Mom had been way too long without someone in her life. Eric must have been too. Either way, it was good to see Mom happy.


A week later, Eric and Kate gathered everyone into the kitchen after dinner. The guys all had an idea of what was going on, but let Mom have her moment.

“Eric and I have a small announcement to make,” Kate started. Everyone gave her their attention, including the children. “We have decided that Eric and I are going to try living together.”

“That’s great Mom.”

“Hey! I’m not giving up my room!” Jon said.

“No one is asking you to dear. Pat moved out two weeks ago in case you hadn’t noticed. The two little ones will share that room and you will still have yours.”

“Oh. Ok. But they better stay out of my stuff,” Jon said, still trying to sound angry.

“Are you alright with this otherwise?”

Jon looked at her. “Yeah. I guess so.”


“Congratulations Kate,” said Anne. “You two look so happy.”

“Thank you dear.”

“Yeah, Mom. I’m happy for you and Eric,” Zach said.

“Mom!” Pat shouted from the far end of the room. “How does it feel to have a life again?”

“Wonderful dear.”

“Good! Don’t forget to turn up the stereo!” he said with a laugh. Turning up the music had been a family joke for years. Especially as each of the boys had become sexually active.

Andy came forward with a wrapped parcel in his hands. “I… we… the guys all chipped in for a little present for you two.” He handed it to Eric and then moved back.

Kate and Eric looked at each other and weren’t certain if the box was going to bite them or explode.

“Do we dare open this?”

“Yeah Mom, go ahead,” Pat said.

She and Eric both grabbed a bit and tore the wrappings. Inside was a basket full of condoms, flavored edible lotions and two red ribboned dog bones. They looked at the basket and started laughing.

“Oh you boys are so going to get it!” she said.

Eric was laughing so hard, that there were tears in the corners of his eyes. He remembered the afternoon they had talked to the boys about lycanthrope and how nervous he had been. Instead, the boys had taken it well…. except for teasing him about dog biscuits. Now of course, it had become a running joke.

Jon turned to Zach. “See! I told you he had a sense of humor.”

“Yeah,” Zach agreed, and soon everyone in the room was laughing.

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  1. I’m glad I have found your stories on this sight but I’m confused by the way to get to the next page/chapter, sometimes there is an obvious link others the link goes elsewhere. Am I doing something wrong

    1. The reason for the confusion is because the stories were written over time, and are date sequential. If you want an easier way to read the stories, go to Serial Stories, Shifter Universe and you will find all of Sheeple as well as the rest of the Shifter stories. 🙂 Glad you found me and glad you like the stories.

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