The Massage

He walked into the building wondering what in the hell he was doing. Two hours earlier, he’d been talking to George about the lack of sex in his life. Between the divorce, a change of job and a new city, Brad simply hadn’t had time to even have a cup of coffee with a woman, let alone sex. He didn’t want a prostitute. At the same time, he was tired of masturbating in the shower. His balls felt like they were dragging on the ground with the weight of pent up sperm.

Brad looked at the kiosk directions. Just the Right Stroke was off to the left. He followed the signs and came to a brightly lit office. Inside was a woman at a check in style desk.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes, my friend George recommended this place for a good massage.” Brad said it and felt for a moment like he was in a cheap porn flick.

“Did this George recommend a certain masseuse?” She looked up at him with a pencil in her hand.

“No, but he said I should probably try the deluxe massage.”

“Alright. Fill this out and we will see if we can fit you in,” she said as she handed him a clipboard and pen. Brad filled it out, handed it back and received a card with an appointment in twenty minutes.


Brad undressed and wrapped the towel around his waist. He pulled back the curtain to find a woman standing next to the table. It looked like a padded surgical table, and he realized that it was adjustable. It made sense.

“hello. I’m Rose and I will be working on you today. Please lay on the table, face down.”

Brad did so with a little trouble as he tried to keep the towel in place. Once he got adjusted, she pulled and adjusted the table. She placed a warmed blanket on him and then moved part of it to expose his back.

Rose ran her hands over his back quickly and then reached for the oil. It was warm and she was soon working his muscles from the waist up. Up the spine and across the shoulders which were tight. Sub-scapulae was very tight and she dug in with her thumbs until he groaned. As her hands worked down his back, muscles moved and bones popped. After a few minutes, his upper body felt like melted wax. Brad hadn’t been this relaxed in ages.

Her hands worked down his back and slid down to his ass. She moved the blanket and continued to work on his legs. She worked from his toes up and stopped at his upper thighs. Once again, Brad felt melted. She moved the towel and her hands began to work his lower back, hips and ass. He became aware of a growing erection. He swore her hands moved slower than they had before. He moved his arm to graze her leg as she moved around the table.


Rose smiled and ignored his touch. She ran her hands down across his hips, down across his ass and dug her thumbs in the crease of muscle just under his ass. She heard him sigh and continued working the muscles and stroked just inside his thighs.


Brad shifted, adjusting his feet outward and lifted his hips up just a bit and then settled back down. As Rose worked her way across his ass and between his thighs, he tried to casually stroke up her thigh. To his surprise, she opened her legs just a bit. He moved his fingers higher up her thigh and was rewarded with her touching his tail bone and ass more intimately. He raised up a little, an invitation to touch him.


Rose added oil to her hands and placed one hand on his tail bone and the other hand moved under him to begin to stroke his balls and the base of his cock. Her fingers worked between and around his balls. She stroked each one softly.

Brad isn’t sure he could lay there a moment longer when he heard her softly ask him to roll over. He rolled over on his back, giving her free access to his cock and balls. He’s surprised when she doesn’t stop him from sliding his hand higher. He discovers two things. She has no panties on and she’s wet.


Rose continues to stroke his cock as her other hand plays with his balls. She massages the spot at the underside of his balls. Her thumb runs from the base of his cock to the slit in the tip. He moans, and his hand slides up against her clit, parting her lips to gain access to her pussy. Rose moans softly and opens her legs wider. As she cups his balls, her other hand slides up and down his shaft. She runs her thumb in spirals around his cock.


Brad fumbles a bit to move his hand so he can finger her. He looks up, and makes eye contact as his fingers slide into her hot pussy. She smiles at him. Two fingers enter her pussy. As he does that, she drips oil onto his cock and starts stroking him faster and faster. His breath is beginning to come in ragged gasps.


Rose works his cock as his fingers thrust faster into her pussy. His thumb rubs her clit and she swears she hears him groan “Cum for me” as she increases her rhythm. She feels her own body begin to react to his thrusts.


Brad grabs her hand wrapped around his cock and quickens the pace. At the same time, he thrusts as many fingers as he can into her sopping pussy. He swears he can hear her juices drip onto the floor. Her body begins to spasm just as his own balls tighten, preparing to come. “Cum for me. Now!”


Rose hears him as if from far away as her body reacts to his touch. Her body shudders in orgasm, and her hand spasms on his cock. She feels him press deeper inside as his own body shoots his orgasm all over his legs and her hand. The both of them catch their breath, not having moved. He slowly pulls his fingers from her pussy. She finally grabs a towel from under the table and begins to clean him off with gentle strokes. When everything is wiped up, she bends over and kisses the head of his cock on the underside where it meets the shaft.


Brad gasps as his cock is kissed. Everything is so sensitive. He feels so relaxed. As she moves to start massaging his chest, he reaches up and cups her face in his hands. He kisses her tenderly and then brings his damp glistening fingers up to her lips. She licks the juices off and then continues the massage.


Rose finishes the massage, covers him with a blanket and leaves by the hidden door. She’s surprised to later find that he left her a $50 tip. She smiles.

14 thoughts on “The Massage

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    1. Well Advizor, it depends on what “this” is. 🙂 If it’s the story, read it. If it’s an erection, stroke it. 🙂

      I’m very glad you like my story. 🙂 Just wait… there will be another one in a week or so. 🙂

        1. I understand that one. Our crazy weather where it was snowing one day and hot and sunny two days later drove Wolf and I crazy.

          And yes, RL can be a bitch.

  1. I am as relaxed as I can be (almost true) after reading this story. Wish there was a place like that around here. Tip

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