The Meeting part 12

A week later, Zoe found herself sitting at a desk that David and Tim had wrangled into the space after getting rid of enough paper to fill a dumpster. She’d spent that first week going through all that paper. Then she organized what was left. Miller had taken a week off while the cleaning happened. Tim worked with her as did Kerri and Sally. It had been decided that when Zoe’s services weren’t needed by the club, that she would work with the two women at Creative Solutions.

“Where do you want this box?” Tim asked.

“Over there. Put the files in that cabinet.” Zoe smiled as she watched Tim do as she asked. Deep down inside, it was fun to dominate the Doms. She’d mentioned it to Sally and they had talked about the dangers of doing just that, as well as the pleasure when caught.

Tim smiled, watching Zoe in the reflections of the file cabinet. David had been right. She needed a job where she was the boss, but had the option to not be in charge when she needed. Miller had moved to the old secretary’s office and Zoe had Miller’s old office. While things had been chaotic at times as people learned new routines, the club was running better than it had in months. He finished filing and then turned back to Zoe. “What now?”

“Other than scheduling around Miller’s absence, we’re done for the day.”

“All the food and liquor orders done?”

“Yes. They were finished before lunch.”

Tim smiled. “So, you in the mood to play this evening?”

“Do I have time to go home and shower?”

“Yes, but there is part of me that wants to take you right down to the dungeon now.”

“No play in the office. Remember?” It had been one of her first rules as manager.

“Alright. Shall we head out?”

Zoe put the last of the paperwork down and picked up her handbag and jacket. Tim held the door open for her and they walked out to the stairs. As they headed into the lounge, people were cleaning and getting ready for the evening.

“Sure you don’t want to head straight to the dungeon?” Tim whispered in her ear.

“No. I want a shower and clean clothes.”

“Shall I pick you up?”

“Yes please.”

“I’ll be there at 7pm.” He gave her a kiss and headed for his truck.



Zoe had just finished running a brush through her hair when the doorbell rang. She glanced at the clock. 6”45pm. She headed for the door to find Tim standing there with a smile on his face.

“You’re early.”

“Yes. I wanted to make sure you were ready for tonight.”

“Oh? Besides a shower and clean clothes?”

“Yes.” Tim took her in his arms and kissed her. As she began to respond, he moved so that he could spank her ass.

“Oh! Sir? Are we starting now?”

“Yes. And we are changing your clothes.”


“I want you to wear a skirt instead of jeans. Unless you like the idea of walking around with wet jeans.”

Zoe looked at him. Her panties were already damp from a few swats and a kiss. She took off her black jeans and stood there in her panties and blouse. She watched as Tim walked over to her closet and began to look through her clothes. He pulled out a floaty black skirt.

“Here, wear this.”

“Yes Sir.” Zoe didn’t bother to say that it was a bit sheer and should probably need a slip. She put on the skirt and went to her dresser to get some stockings.

“Don’t bother with stockings if that’s what you’re going for.”

“How did you know?”

“You don’t like to wear shoes without stockings, and your boots and socks don’t work with the skirt. Just slip on some light sandals. You won’t be wearing them long.”

“Alright. Is my blouse alright Sir?”

Tim looked at her. “It will do.”


Ten minutes later, they were in his truck, heading for the club. When they got there, they headed straight for the dungeon. Zoe started to ask why, and was told to be quiet. Tim blindfolded her and then took her into the dungeon.


“Be quiet and wait. All will be clear in a few minutes.”

Zoe was quiet as Tim lead her by the arm. When they entered a room, he placed her on a spanking bench. She felt her skirt lift and then she received a series of quick sharp spanks. She gasped as the pain hit, and at the same time, felt the catharsis of relief hit. As the tears began to fall, Tim stopped and began to soothe her skin. When she was calm, he sat her up.

“Now, for a small present.” Tim pulled out something that jingled. Then he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra down to expose her nipples. He pinched and pulled at them until her nipples were hard. He slipped two rings fastened by small rubber bands around her nipples. Attached to each ring were a set of tiny bells.

“Bells for your hawk, how lovely,” said the deep voice of Boris to the right of Zoe.

“Yes. When you mentioned them the other day, I couldn’t resist.” Tim ran his fingers under the bells to make them ring.

Zoe didn’t know whether to smile or panic. Even after the dinner, she was still nervous around David/Boris. He seemed to switch between the two persona so fast and easily. The rings around her nipples were not tight, but they were noticeable.

Tim stood Zoe up and took off her blouse and skirt, leaving her in her undies. Then he held her hands. “Stand very still.”


“Stand very still.” As he spoke, the sound of a whip uncurling could be heard.

Zoe froze. She knew that Boris did whip work. She was confused as all the whip work she’d seen had been done with the person on a St. Andrew’s Cross. “Sir?”

“Don’t worry. Just hold very still.”

Zoe did. The whip began to sing around her. She felt the breeze caused by it’s passage, and yet never felt the sting of it. It cracked all around her and she swore that she was in the midst of an electric storm. Then, she felt two fast nips on her ass and she cried out as they burned. Then it went quiet. As Zoe gasped and tried to catch her breath, she felt Boris come up behind her. The whip draped across her body.

“Now you know why holding still was important,” said Boris.

“Yes Sir.”

“Did you enjoy it? Or did it frighten you?”

“It was frightening Sir.”

Tim reached between her thighs. “Once again Boris, you were right. Our hawk here doesn’t like the whip.”

“You could have just asked me Sir!”

Zoe’s outburst was punctuated by a smart slap on each ass cheek.

“Yes, but it wouldn’t have told us what we needed to know. This did.” Tim spanked her a few more times. Zoe gasped.

“I will leave you to your pleasures,” said Boris and disappeared.

“Sir, why didn’t you just ask?”

“Because some people say that they don’t like something, but they really do. Just as you didn’t think you’d like being spanked.”

“I understand Sir.”

“Any other questions?”

“Yes Sir.”


“Will… will we ever have sex?”

Tim wrapped her in his arms. “Yes. Tonight if you’d like.”

“Yes please, Sir.”

Tim helped Zoe dress. She wasn’t allowed to remove her bells, which felt awkward, but turned her on. They had agreed to go to his house. It surprised Zoe to learn that Tim lived less than five minutes from the club.

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  1. so did a big catch up on this story, like totally binged, and omg, getting very hot, thank you.

    1. LOL! You men! I slave over a hot keyboard all day just to get these stories out and now you want a screen play too? 🙂 And who… just who are we going to get to play these people? Hmmm??? 🙂

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