The Meeting part 13

Tim took her back to the bedroom. His bed had a cast iron frame. “Don’t get any ideas. No handcuffs on this bed.”


Tim walked over to Zoe. “Sir.”

“Okay, Sir.” She stood still as he took off her clothes. She soon stood there in nothing more than her nipple bells. Then he turned and began to undress. He stripped down to a pair of bikini briefs and then turned back to Zoe.

“Up on the bed.”

Zoe got on the bed. “Sir?”

“Yes Zoe.”

“Why have we waited so long to have sex?”

“I wanted you to be sure that is what you wanted.”

“So, if I’d asked after the first time you’d spanked me, would you have Sir?”

“No. You weren’t ready.”

“Not ready Sir?”

“No. You were still so tightly wrapped in your head.” Tim moved up next to her and rolled her on her stomach. He put a hand in the middle of her back and then began to spank her until she gasped and moaned.


“Yes?” Tim smoothed her reddened skin as he waited.

“Could… could we have sex as a regular vanilla couple?”

“Is that what you really want?”

“I think so. I want the foreplay to be like we’ve done before, but when it comes to the actual… I think I want the first time to be vanilla. I need to… Sir.”

“I understand. Now shush.” He closed her mouth with a kiss, and pulled her close. He held her as they kissed. Slowly, his hand came up to her breasts, pinching, holding and cupping each one in turn. Zoe squeaked as the mix of pleasure and pain caught her by surprise. Then Tim moved his hand down her stomach and between her thighs. She was so wet, that his fingers slid into her pussy easily. Zoe moaned as he fingered her.

“Sir, I want… want to touch you.”

“In due time. I want you to come for me, now.” He rubbed he thumb over her clit and continued to do so as she gasped, and bucked against his hand as the first orgasm ripped through her. While she caught her breath, he pulled off his underwear and laid down on his back. His erection stood proud above his balls that hugged his body.

Zoe got on her knees and leaned forward to kiss the head of his cock. It was Tim’s turn to moan. Zoe opened her mouth and took him inside. When she established a rhythm, he put his hand on the back of her head, gently guiding her as he pumped faster and faster. Just as she thought he was about to burst, he pulled her off of his cock.

Tim turned Zoe so that she was on her side. He straddled her lower thigh and pulled the upper one towards his shoulder. She was so open. So exposed. Taking his cock in hand, he bumped her opening and then slowly slid inside. He inched forward just a bit as he seated himself deep within her. Then he stared to pump in and out. One hand on her breast and the other on her ass, holding her tight to him. He filled her so deeply, that she felt him bottom out. She gasped.


“I’m… I’m okay. Don’t stop.” she whispered.

Tim increased his pace until their bodies made slapping sounds. Zoe’s moans alternated with the sounds of their flesh slapping together. She gripped his forearms as the sensations increased in intensity.

“Ohhh,” she cried out as her body began to arch in orgasm.

Tim felt her body begin to spasm and increased his pace. “Commme for me,” he hissed.

Zoe cried out her pleasure and came with hard wracking spasms. Her body was on fire as she shattered. Tim growled his release as his body responded to her. He felt his balls empty into her body in long spasms of pleasure. He froze at the last moment as his orgasm drained the last drop of pleasure from him. Slowly, he pulled out of Zoe, and lowered himself to the bed.

Zoe moaned, and squirmed a little as her body ached, nearly overloaded by all the sensations. She was trying to catch her breath when Tim’s hand slipped between her thighs, found her clit and stroked it softly. In a matter of moments, she arched, pressing hard against his body and came. She gushed their mixed juices all over his hand and down the back of her thighs. As she shuddered and relaxed, he spooned her close. It wasn’t long before they were asleep.


Tim woke first. He looked down at Zoe and smiled. He extracted himself from the bed and then headed for the bathroom. When he came back into the bedroom, he had a few items he wanted to use in their play.

Quietly, he placed the leather straps on the bed frame. Zoe had rolled, which helped him cuff her ankles. He left the straps loose in case she woke suddenly. He had just put the first cuff on her wrist when she woke.

“Wha… what are you doing?”

“Sir. You forgot Sir.” He rewarded her lapse with a stinging slap on her ass.

Zoe gasped and jerked, only to find herself restrained. In her confusion, Tim cuffed her other hand and then began to tighten the straps.

“Sir? May I go to the bathroom?”

He thought about it for a moment. Then he unclipped the cuffs from the straps and let her go. “Be quick.”

“Yes Sir!” Zoe ran for the bathroom and was back in a few moments. Tim had her get back on the bed, face up and clipped the cuffs back to the straps. This time he tightened all of them down. Then he took a flogger and worked it up her leg, across her exposed pussy and down the other leg.

Zoe gasped, jerked and tried to deal with the sensations. Some of them hurt, while others almost tickled. She saw Tim approach with something in his hands. “Nipple clips sir?”

“Nipple clamps. The wicked biting cousins.” He pinched her nipples and then attached the clamps loosely. Zoe still gasped. To ease her torment, he fingered her and stroked her clit. It didn’t take long for the first orgasm to hit. As she began to recover, he took the other item out of his pocket. It was an egg, he inserted deep into her pussy.


“Just wait.” He then covered her up with a thin sheet and left the room.

Zoe thought he would be back in a moment, so didn’t think there was anything odd. Just as she was about to call out, the vibrator kicked on. It ramped up and down, but never let her build up enough tension to orgasm. With her hands bound, she couldn’t touch herself either. All it did was make her horny.


Tim smiled at the sounds coming from the bedroom. He finished up the scrambled eggs and toast he was making and took a plate with two portions on it into the bedroom. He stood in the doorway and watched as Zoe tried to cope.


“Yes little hawk?”

“Please let me come.” Her voice was ragged with need.

“Not yet. I want to eat first, and I brought you some.”

“Sir, my hands are cuffed to the bed!”

“Why yes, they are. Isn’t that delightful? I get to feed you.” He sat down, ate a bite and then the next time she gasped, he popped a forkful of eggs into her mouth. She rolled her eyes at him. He laughed. “You do realize that there will be a payment due?”

Zoe’s eyes went wide. She started to speak, but when she opened her mouth, he fed her a bite of toast. She tried to chew fast enough to swallow and say something, but he was too fast. Or, the damn vibrator would ramp up and steal her thoughts. When the last of the food was gone, he gave her a straw to drink some juice.

“Sir, please,” she finally got out at last.

“I think not. You owe me for feeding you. Hmm…” He took off the clamps and listened to the gasps of pain as circulation came back to her nipples. He pinched them once or twice and watched how she reacted. Then he walked off to the dresser and got something out of a drawer.

“Any hard limits?”

“What do you mean?”

“Anything you will not do. Anything that would immediately make you say your safe word and end the scene?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“Is there anything you don’t like?”

“I… I can’t think. I don’t know.” The vibrator was ramping up again, and distracting her.

“Let me know if anything we do from now on bothers you.”

“Yes Sir.”

Tim picked up the small bottle of lube and put some on his finger. Then he moved his hand down between Zoe’s legs and began to stroke her ass. She flinched a bit, but didn’t say anything. After touching her for a moment, he applied a little more and gently slid his fingertip up into her ass.

“Oh! Oh my!… Sssir,” she gasped.

“Hurt? Or, surprised?”

“A… a little of both.”

“Shall I stop?”

Zoe thought for a second. “Nno, just be careful.”

Tim nodded. Slowly, he moved more and more of his finger up inside. When she stopped gasping, and started enjoying it, he moved his finger out, and after lubing it up, slid a slender anal plug up inside her ass. The handle end seemed to cup her ass cheeks. Cleaning off his hand, he turned back to Zoe. “How does that feel?”

“Dddifferent. Full. Ohhhh! Ssssir!” She writhed as best she could as the vibrator revved up. Tim could tell by her reaction that it must have shifted nearer to the plug. He switched a small toggle and the anal plug began to vibrate too.

“Ohmygod! Sir, what? Uhhh… Pplease!”

“Not yet.” He moved between her thighs, and slowly pulled the little egg vibrator out of her pussy and snugged it up against her clit.

“Sir! Oh Damn!” She pulled hard against the cuffs as she tried and tried to assuage that ache. He backed the egg off, leaving her gasping. His cock throbbed and he slid into her soaked pussy, pulling her hips up to meet his.

“Ssssir!” Zoe cried out once more.

Tim stroked in and out, feeling the vibrations from the plug in her ass on the underside of his cock, and the little egg at the top. It was his turn to moan as he slapped in and out of her pussy. He stroked faster and faster until he roared his own orgasm as Zoe cried out hers. He shuddered as he pulled out, the vibrator still humming away.

“Ssssir, I can’t stop aching to come,” Zoe moaned under him.

Tim smiled as he caught his breath. He held the egg against Zoe’s clit and fingered her hard. She arched hard enough that the leather straps creaked. With a scream, Zoe came. Juices gushed and she fell limply to the bed. Tim moved the egg to one side and stroked her pussy gently. She moaned. He brought her to orgasm one more time, as he pulled the plug from her ass. She passed out.

8 thoughts on “The Meeting part 13

  1. I read this first thing this morning. Not a good idea after going to bed aroused, having erotic dreams all night, waking up horny and unable to do anything about it till who knows when.
    looking forward to the next part, ’cause I loved this!

    1. 🙂 Glad you like my story even if I did add to your frustration levels. I have that happen sometimes too. I try very hard not to read erotica in the morning.

      Next chapter will be up soon.

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