Flash Fiction Friday… Splattered!


They laid there on the bed, sweat soaking into the sheets as they sipped their coffee. The scent of sex hung in the air like freshly spritzed perfume. She reached over and placed her hand on his shoulder.

“That was great sex.”

“Agreed. The kind of sex you want if there was an impending apocalypse due about ten minutes from now.”

“What kind?”

“It would have to be quick. Unexpected. None of this screaming, panic driven mess.”

“Like the world just blinking out of existence due to an unseen asteroid or massive Sun spot eruption?”

“Yeah. Quick. Painless.”

“Well, after that last orgasm…” She smiled and reached over to kiss him as the world exploded.


Deep out in space, drifting in the void, Phallus stroked his shaft vigorously. He felt his orgasm build, and aimed his cock towards the blue marble on the left. He felt the cum boil in his balls. With a few more strokes, he bent back in orgasm and let the cum fly. The stream flew true, and played a game of pinball with the little blue and red marbles sending them knocking into the pocket of the sun. He sighed with pleasure, watching the splatter.




This week’s Flash Fiction Friday involves a word limit of Exactly 200 words per section. (hmmm… more than one story?) Our key phrase is “the impending apocalypse” and we Must Not Use the Word Zombie or any form thereof. I cheated. I used an instead of the. You can just spank me later, Advizor. 🙂 Oh, and we can have bonus points for telling our readers how the world ends. (Advizor, you never tell us of late HOW many bonus points… just sayin’)

I had to chuckle about Advizor’s choice of phrases. This of course comes as part of my world… in the mundane sense has come to an end. A large chunk of responsibilities are over for a while. Phew! I think I can actually take a few days off and not worry about someone needing me. Oh, and a client that owed Wolf money finally paid! Wheee!

I hope you like my version of Advizor’s FFF situation. As always, I had a great deal of fun working on this. 

13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday… Splattered!

Add yours

    1. Um… blame a childhood spent watching Monty Python and reading Douglas Adam’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 🙂 Oh, and a very warped mind. 🙂

      And yeah, Phallus made a mess, and it’s not the first time… That Milky Way isn’t milk ya know. 😛

  1. If I’m ever in the situation where I have to choose my method of execution, “cosmic orgasm” is now my answer. Nice story!

  2. Your spanking, my dear, will be scheduled shortly, as soon as I get my friends at NASA to explain all this white goo in my back yard. This story, along with Tom’s and and Curious Robs, are a perfect example of why FFF is so much fun! 4 writers, 4 completely different takes. I’m tempted to share this with my daughter who just finished a mythology section in her literature class, but maybe I’ll hold off for just a bet. Love the story!!!

    1. LOL! That should be interesting. I don’t think most of NASA would understand what all that goo is. 🙂 teeheehee…. Although I will look forward to that spanking.

      Glad you liked my crazy tale. Depending on your daughter’s age, have her look up some of the pagan creation myths… Interesting reading.

  3. Oh! It is delicious when you think, “Well… the world can end now. It’s can’t get any better.” and then it does… Phallus? Hee hee hee. yum. Great take! So fun FFFing with you!

    1. I did have fun. 🙂 Besides, what woman hasn’t thought “it can’t get any better” from time to time? As for Phallus… he’s such a naughty boy. 🙂

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