The Green Man part 3

Short, but sweet. I’m exhausted after a great day out!


Sybil dreamed. Strong arms held her close. Large hands touched her body, stroking and caressing until she shook with pleasure. Lips kissed her face, nibbled her throat and nuzzled her breasts. Fingers then a cock delved deep into her body, wringing the ultimate pleasure from her body with a cry.

She woke, panting, sweating and juices pooling beneath her. She tried to shake off the dream, but her body remembered and shuddered once more with pleasure. She looked around the room, expecting to see her phantom lover in the shadows. Nothing. Once her heart quieted down, she rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. It took a long time.


He had spilled his seed on her garden yet again. He wasn’t certain how much longer he could wait. Even standing at the wall of her garden, he could smell her scent. It danced across the breeze, teasing his loins.



“Sybil? You be alright?” Vivien was worried about her friend.

“Aye. A wee bit tired.”

“Not sleeping?”


“Well, ifin you asks me, you need a man to wear you out. Too young to be a widder.” Vivien nodded to drive home her point.

“Oh? And who?” Sybil was beginning to think that Vivien was right. Three nights in a row she’d woken up from dreams that made May Day look tame.

“Well, not my Todd!” Vivien laughed. “He barely keeps me!”

That made both women laugh. People in the market looked at them and shook heads.


Sybil thought of making a sleeping tissane. She’d put the herbs in the pot, but before she could add the water, there was a knock at her door. It was late in the evening, and she wondered who was at the door. “Who be there?”

“Cern. I be wanting to talk to ye.”

Sybil opened the door, wondering what was the matter. “Is there somethin’ wrong?”

“I… I want…” He stopped.


“You.” He stepped forward into the cottage and took Sybil’s hand in his and brought it up to his lips. Sybil gasped, unable to speak. He moved his way up her arm and then as he bent to kiss her, his arms went around her, pulling her close.

“Cern…” He voice was cut off by his lips. She couldn’t help but to respond. The hunger of the previous nights boiled up from deep in her soul. Sybil wrapped her arms around him. Cern picked her up and carried her to the bed. Once he placed her on it, he began to undress until he wore only his shirt, which hung below his hips. Then he crawled into bed with her.

“I have wanted you since the evening you danced before me.” Cern began to let his fingers dance up her thigh and touch the wet cleft between her thighs. Sybil moaned and opened up to him. Her own hands found his cock, as it throbbed against her thigh. He moaned softly as she touched him.

Her shift and his shirt joined the rest of his clothing on the floor as the two of them explored each other’s body. There was a strange familiarity. “You! It was you in my dreams,” she gasped as his fingers played with her.

“Aye.” He covered her mouth with his as he moved between her thighs and nudged her opening with his cock. She was wet and he slid in with little resistance.

“Oh!” It was Sybil’s turn to moan as he filled her more than she’d ever experienced with her husband. As he thrust deep, he pulled her breath from her in gasps of pleasure. Sybil arched her back as her body responded with the first of many orgasms.

Cern leaned back, grabbed her by the hips and pulled her tighter to him. His own orgasm was beginning to build, and he wanted to hold her tight to him as he came. His thrusts became faster and faster until the slap of flesh became a staccato beat. Sybil cried out her orgasm as the biggest one so far took her senses. As her body stiffened and clenched in pleasure, Cern roared as his own orgasm seared it’s way through his brain and poured into her body.

Slowly the two of them laid down on the bed. The last thing Sybil remembered was the quilt being pulled up as she fell asleep.

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