Thorny Advice part 5

“Do you think we’ll get any takers?”

“Liz, with Sally and Kerri doing the advertising, yes.” Zoe was trying to figure out a menu to give to Jorge for Saturday night.

“Okay. It’s just that we haven’t had many people sign up.”

“Nor will we. Most of these women will tell their husbands or boyfriends that they’re going out with the girls. No mention of the club.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“I am right. Most women won’t admit they’ve read a Harlequin novel let alone that book. So they won’t tell their hubbies. Instead they’ll come down here and listen to us and get all hot and bothered.”

Liz laughed. She remembered the first time she’d visited the club. It had been rather traumatic, but after a while, it was fun. It made her horny and Dirk helped too. “You and Tim working out okay?”

“Yes. Damn wicked sense of humor sometimes though.”

“Yeah. I really have to watch what I say. He twists it faster than a snake moves.”

“That’s a Dom for you.”

“Not all of them from what I can tell.”

“No, but Tim and Boris are really good friends. They plot.”

Zoe nodded. “You better get those posted.

Liz nodded, grabbed the fliers she’d printed and headed downstairs. She headed out to post them in all the venues they had listed on her cheat sheet.


Zoe finally settled on finger foods. Veggies, cheeses, breads and crackers as well as lots of fruit. She had a list of wines as well that she wanted to order. Last of all she added two desserts. Mini cream puffs and nipples of Venus truffles. She smiled as she headed downstairs.


Jorge had laughed over her choice of desserts. He promised that the trays would be ready for the 7pm start. Zoe then went up to call the printer. She’d seen a set of ten BDSM rules on Tumblr and had ordered as set. She finished up and headed home.


Tim smiled as he watched Zoe walk in the door. He could tell by her body language that she’d had a good day. It was date night and he’d promised to take her to see Olympus Has Fallen. James and David had seen it and said it was alright. Tim had been surprised when Zoe said she’d like to see it. He had figured her for the pink and girlie movies.

“How was your day?”

“Pretty good. Liz is afraid no one will come. Sally and Kerri think we’ll be packed and Jorge laughed his ass off when I requested nipples of Venus truffles.”

“Those are the ones that look like breasts aren’t they?”

“Yes. Very creamy, rich and just delicious.” She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Their lips met in a kiss.


After a few minutes, he pulled her back. “Keep that up and we won’t make it to the movie.”


He swatted her ass and sent her off to change clothes. Twenty minutes later, they were out the door.


Miller leaned up against the bar and surveyed the crowd. There were lots of people looking at the posters for the BDSM 101 class. He smiled. He was pleased that Zoe was working out as manager. He’d missed being on the floor. While not as serious as David or Tim, he did like to play.

“Would Sir care to be served?” asked a soft voice to the left of him.

Miller turned to see a woman wearing a French maid’s apron, and little else. “Do I know you?”

“Yes Sir, I was the salad at Thanksgiving. My name is Kim.” She blushed, remembering the way his fingers had played with her.

“Ah. Now I remember. Don’t you have a Sir?”

“Not at the moment Sir. I’ve been coming to the club in hopes of finding someone to play with and have had some fun evenings, but nothing permanent.”

Miller thought for a moment. She had been a lot of fun at Thanksgiving. He didn’t have a sub at the moment either. “Well, shall we play for a bit?”

“I would love that Sir.”

He smiled as he took her by the elbow and led her towards the dungeon. He waved at Dirk as he passed and gestured that Dirk was on phone duty as well.

Dirk rolled his eyes and turned up the volume on his phone.

14 thoughts on “Thorny Advice part 5

    1. I wondered who was tearing through all the stories. 🙂 Glad you like my crazy Vanillaverse. Now when you have time, you need to read some of the short stories that aren’t very long. 🙂

      Next episode in about 3-4 days…

        1. No, most of the short stories are just in the blog. Patience is the very first story on the blog. After it, The Bag is the first short story. One of my favourites is Frustration, which actually does have multiple parts. Just never made it into the series pgs.

  1. I wasn’t sure I would like things outside the shifter stories but thorny advice must be counted a favourite and has been read several times. managed to get through most of the stories on the blog in the past couple of weeks you are one very talented lady.

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