A Thing For…

Now, I’m going to blame this on Will Crimson, Nilla and all those other Tentacle stories. Oh, and someone who said something really funny. Hope you enjoy!


She looked through the aquarium glass at the swaying mass. “Oh wow! You can see teeny tiny octopuses!”

“Yes, you can. Just imagine when they hatch, it must be like a cloud of them,” Director Mollska replied. He looked at his young assistant and smiled.

“Will the aquarium try to capture it on film? And what will you do with so many of them?”

“We plan to video the hatchings. Some of them will go to other aquariums and others will be released out into the ocean.”

“Not going to make a bundle and sell them to a restaurant? I”m a real sucker for calamari.”

“Heavens no! Besides, these are octopuses, not squid!” He turned almost purple at her suggestion.

“Well, people eat octopus too. I’ve heard in their own ink is really good.”

“Betsy, we do not eat our aquarium stock. It would be… inhumane! Like eating a giraffe or an elephant from the zoo. It just isn’t done!”

“Sorry Director Mollska. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Fine. Go get the stock tanks filled. We need to be able to feed these little ones as soon as they hatch.”

Betsy nodded and headed down into the tank room where the various feeder fish, plankton and algae were stored. It would take her over an hour to do all of the work required. Forty minutes later, she was bent over a tank, trying to feed the sardines when she thought she heard something. She looked around, saw nothing and went back to feeding the sardines.

Betsy screamed when something wet touched her ankle. She turned around to see an octopus raising up out of the tank, a long tentacle reaching towards her. She tried to move away from it when she bumped into Director Mollska. “Oh! Director! You startled me. Startled me almost as much as that octopus!” She was still trying to evade the wandering tentacle.

“Well, perhaps you should meet our dear friend,” he said as he grabbed her by the shoulders and moved her in the direction of the tank.

“I’d really rather not. It gave me the creeps when it touched my ankle. And since when do we keep an octopus down in the feed tank area?”

“I disagree. You will meet our octopus. As to why keep him down here? Well, he was feeding. He has a very special purpose, and since you think his progeny are good for eating, perhaps he should have a chance to taste you.”

“What in the hell are you talking about?!” Betsy was becoming frantic. The director was pushing her closer and closer to the huge octopus. One tentacle snaked up her trouser leg towards her face.

“No! Get away!” she cried as she tried to bat the tip away.

“Mustn’t fight. He doesn’t like that and will be rougher with you.” Director Mollska said in her ear. His hands moved to hold hers so that she couldn’t swing at him. In a moment, the tentacle wrapped around her upper arms, pinning them to her sides. Before she could scream again, another tentacle filled her mouth. The fluid on the tentacle had a sweet heady taste. It was filling her mouth and she had no choice but to swallow.

“Now let’s get rid of these trousers.” Director Mollska gripped the waist of her trousers and with a nick of a box knife, cut them off of Betsy. Her underwear followed a moment later. Betsy tried to scream around the tentacle filling her mouth, but couldn’t. Instead she had to swallow faster as fluid filled her mouth. She began to feel dizzy, almost drunk.

Then a tentacle wrapped around her waist and the first one let go of her shoulders. She didn’t fight. The fluid was robbing her of that. Her blouse and bra followed the rest of her clothes to a tattered pile on the floor.

“You have a very beautiful body. He will enjoy you.” Director Mollska said in a voice heavy with desire.

Betsy tried to shake her head no. Her movements aggravated the octopus and another tentacle slapped her quickly across her nipples and then ass. She gasped, choked and cried out. To her horror, the tentacle that had slapped her worked its way between her thighs.

“Ohnt Oh!” she tried to say as she attempted to hold her thighs tightly together. It didn’t work. The tentacle around her waist pulled her closer to the tank so another tentacle could grab each of her legs and pull them apart. She tried to cry out as the first one moved up her legs and thrust into her pussy. It filled her, pulsing and turning. Betsy felt her body respond, and blushed with embarassment. Another tentacle teased her nipples. Suckers covered each one and then pulled off in little popping noises.

Just as Betsy thought she would gag if any more fluid slid down her throat, the tentacle pulled out. She gasped for air, feeling like she was high or drunk. Then she felt a tentacle trace down her back and head between her legs.

“No! Please stop!” she cried. The tentacle slid up, poked her tight little ass and then thrust up, stretching her wide. Betsy cried out once more, not knowing what to do. Her pussy and ass were full, and her nipples were being teased by the suckers. Just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, she felt herself being lifted up and into the tank where the octopus floated.

“Nooooo,” she cried out.

“Quiet, or he will punish you. You’ve been chosen for a great honor,” said Director Mollska.

Betsy was shaking her head no, when she felt the tentacle pull out of her pussy. “Oh thank you.”

Director Mollska laughed. He watched as the phallus moved towards her and then as she gasped when it filled her. “Feel good?”

“Too full,” she gasped. She’d never had anything so big inside of her in her life. Nor at the same time her ass was filled. The octopus began pumping in and out of her pussy while one tip stroked her clit. The feelings of pleasure began to wash over her as she arched back in orgasm. Her cries became softer and softer as the pleasure overran her senses. Just when she thought she could take no more, she felt a hot pulse and then the feeling of being filled up with fluid.

The octopus withdrew all the tentacles as well as his phallus except the one holding Betsy above the water. He lifted her up out and deposited her on the floor next to Director Mollska. She was limp and drenched inside and out. He clit throbbed and her ass hurt, but she didn’t really care.

“Now, that wasn’t so bad was it?”

Betsy looked at him with as much hatred as she could muster. She started to say something when he flipped her over, dropped his trousers and slid his own cock deep inside her pussy. She was surprised she could even feel him after the other cock had filled her so much. However, she felt every stroke that bumped her cervix or ground against her g-spot. In spite of herself, she felt an orgasm build.

“Oh… oh no, not… Oh!” she cried as her body flexed and shuddered in orgasm. As another orgasm built, she felt Director Mollska come too. He gripped her hips as he gasped his release.

“Clean me up Betsy.” He’d turned her to face his cock. When she started to refuse, a tentacle came down hard on her ass. She gasped and Mollska shoved his cock into her mouth. She did her best to lick him clean. It was big and bulbous. Every time she faltered, her ass was slapped by the tentacle. When she was done to his satisfaction, he pulled up his trousers and took her by the arm.

“Where are you taking me?” she asked. Her clothes had been left in a shredded pile behind her.

“We are going upstairs to my office suite, where you will stay until we are finished.”

“Finished? What do you mean finished?”

“Until you prove you are pregnant of course.”

“What! You expect me to get pregnant by an octopus?”

“Yes. Of course. Where did you think we got that wonderful egg cluster that you admired earlier? We don’t have any females. Just us males.”

That’s when Betsy turned around and realized that Director Mollska was an octopus. One that could change his features to look human.

(Now the question is… does the story end here? Or is there more? You decide.) (PS, you would have had this yesterday, but I got worn out doing yard work and Wolf told me to turn off the computer and come to bed. I listened!)

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  1. I posted a comment yesterday about there better be more, or we would have to talk to Wolf, but it didn’t show up ??????. There better be more WW, this was very good. Tip

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