Sheeple part 21

Wolf and I had a very busy day, which left me no time to write. I know that I owe scads of chapters on various stories. However, the only one I have up and ready to grab is Sheeple. I plan to have stories up after FFF. 

Wordwytch the very tired and rather satisfied. 🙂


The barbecue had been a big success. The boys had wanted something different for Yule. Kate suggested pizza. Pat and Jon suggested a barbecue. That suggestion won the vote. They even fired up the grill outside in spite of freezing temperatures and crusts of snow in the shadows left over from the storm the week before. Anne made cookies and Kate made a mayonnaise cake. Everyone had enjoyed the food, and were all laying about like slugs. Presents had been passed around and there had been lots of giggles about the two foot rawhide chew Eric got from the boys.

Eric and Kate had just tucked Jamie and Mark into bed and were coming upstairs. Zach and Anne met them in the kitchen.

“Mom, do you mind if we crash on the futon in the living room?”

“No dear. Why?”

“We both drank way too much, and don’t think that driving across town would be such a good idea.”

“You know you’re always welcome. Do you want any blankets?”

“Yes, and a couple of pillows will be fine.”

Kate nodded and headed down the hall to find the blankets and pillows. “Here you go. Sleep well.”

“Night Mom!”

“Night Zach, Night Anne,” Eric and Kate said almost at the same time. Kate gave them each a kiss goodnight.

Eric was opening the bedroom curtains by the time Kate got to the room.

“What are you doing?”

“There’s a full moon tonight, and I thought it would be wonderful to sleep in the moonlight.”

“Oh. Aren’t you going to want to go hunting or running?”

Eric looked like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “I, um… figured I’d go hunting later. I want to play with you before we sleep.” He had a sexy silly smile on his face. Sex with Kate was wonderful, and there were times he couldn’t express it enough. Thankfully, she was just as enthusiastic.

Kate smiled. “I think we can do that.” She pulled the covers back on the bed. “Sex by moonlight sounds good.

Kate and Eric laid in bed, trying to catch their breath and figure out what had really happened all at the same time.

“I could have sworn you were growling with pleasure.”

“My throat would agree with you,” she said in a hoarse whisper. She rolled over to find the water bottle and get a drink. “Something in your pace changed as well. Not that I minded, but you were a tad more vigorous than normal.”

“We both were. I don’t want to make you nervous or anything, but it almost felt like it does when I shift. Like both the wolf and human side were there at once.”

“I could go for that analogy. We still need to look at my neck. I don’t mind that you bit me, but how? Your torso isn’t that long, nor my back that flexible, and yet your teeth were on my neck and we were still engaged.”

“I… I don’t know. I never shifted having sex with my ex-wife. Never had this happen this intensely. Let me turn on the light and look at your neck.”He got up out of bed. Kate turned over and moved her hair off to one side. Eric came back to look and put his fingers on each side of the marks on her neck. “Kate, can you feel where my fingers are?”


“Well, that’s how far apart the teethmarks are. I… I shifted. I had to of to make those marks.”

“Well, am I going to have to wear a scarf to cover them up?”

“Maybe. We’ll see how much they show in the morning. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay It was definitely passion of the moment.” She sat, remembering the intensity of the sex. “I have a question for you though.”


“I don’t mean to be funny, but as I don’t know. Is a bite or biting going to be a problem? Will I start to turn furry?”

Eric rolled his eyes. “No, but I understand why you asked. It is a subject we’ve not really talked about. Lycanthropy as we know it is genetic. There are those that shift clear to fur and fangs. There are those that shift only on the astral plain. Like your shaman friend Nick. There are those that just ‘dream’ along with real animals. However, no one I know of has ever become a lycanthrope via a bite.”

“Ok, just one of those questions that sort of popped up.”

“Alright sweetie.” He kissed her bite mark. “I think I’ll get a cuddle with you before I go ‘ahunting’.

“Oh yes.” She snuggled close. It felt so good to bury her nose in his shoulder blades and go to sleep.

Eric slowly extracted himself from Kate’s arms. He put his pillow next to her so that his smell was still there. He had noticed on other nights when he left that she slept better if he did that. Quietly, he left the room. Gretchen wanted to follow, but he distracted her with a doggy treat.

At the back door, he left his sleep pants and teeshirt in a corner spot. Eric looked around to make sure he was alone, and then shifted. By now, he had his favorite trails out of the town. Tonight he followed the one through the culvert. He knew that there was a high density of rabbits out that way, and he had promised someone breakfast.

A few hours later, Eric had a fine catch of rabbits and headed back into town. He’d shifted long enough to net the rabbits together with some of the long grass and carried them in his teeth. The trip back was uneventful and when he got home, all was still quiet. Shifting back, he snuck in and dealt with the rabbits quickly. The guts went into the dogs bowls and the fur and bones into the garbage outside. The meat went into a zip lock and then into the fridge. Looking around to check that everything was clean, Eric grabbed a quick shower.

After the shower, Eric got ready to climb back into bed. Standing there, he had a thought. He closed the door and then shifted back into wolf form. Jumping up on the bed, he curled up next to Kate. He went to sleep breathing in her scent.

Kate woke early the next morning. The sun was coming in the windows, because Eric had left them open for the moonlight. She was about to roll over and thump him for not closing them when he came home when she made a discovery she hadn’t expected. There in the bed next to her was a very large wolf. He was sleeping soundly, head on the pillow and had obviously been curled up behind her. He was beautiful. Dark gray muzzle and fur with highlights around the eyes, paws and belly. Very slowly, she touched the fur of his paws. It was softer than she had expected. Not sure what else to expect, she moved her hand back and sitting on the edge of the bed softly called his name. “Eric. Eric, time to wake up,” she said a little louder. Still no response. She was reluctant to startle him, so she tried again.

“Eric, its time for breakfast. Time to get up.” This time, the wolf opened it’s eyes, and Kate found herself staring into huge yellow eyes. She worked on staying calm, trying to think of the wolf as just another dog. “Hello Eric, how are you this morning?”

This time, the wolf stretched and rolled in the bed, much like Gretchen or Luna would when they wanted you to scratch their bellies. Kate thought for a moment and then reached over to scratch the wolf’s ribs. The wolf responded with the same foot jerking response which made Kate break into giggles.

“Oh Eric, you are so funny!” She stopped scratching and waited.

The wolf rolled back over and reached out towards her. He licked her hand and then sighed. Kate wasn’t sure what he wanted with the look he was giving her. Canine faces are not the easiest to read. He rolled on his back again, so Kate scratched his belly some more. This had the wolf rolling on the bed to the point where he lost his balance and literally went straight off the bed.

“Oh! Eric, are you okay?” Kate moved over to the side he had fallen off. There on the floor was a stunned looking wolf. He sat up and licked Kate’s face.

“Paugh! Rabbit breath!” The smell of stale blood met her nose. The wolf put his head on his paws. It was almost as if he was trying to apologize.

“Well, if you are going to cook breakfast, you’d better get changed.” Sitting back down on the bed, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to watch or not. However, as Eric was part of her life, she figured she aught to get to know all the bits.

The wolf sat up on his haunches and then looked like it was trying to heave. It shuddered and then almost before she could categorize what was happening, Eric was crouching on the floor in front of her. Bits like the ears and the muzzle were still receding, but she could see most of Eric by then. She wasn’t sure if she could describe it if anyone asked, but it was like the wolf melted into Eric.

“Oh wow.” She knew that sounded daft even as she spoke.

Eric stood, stretched and walked over to where she sat on the bed. “You okay?”

“Yes. I was a bit startled when I first saw you, then I was fascinated. I couldn’t resist scratching your belly.”

“Oh gods that felt good! Right up until the point that I fell off the bed.”

“I could tell.” She reached over to kiss him. She paused for a moment, sniffed and then kissed him.

Eric looked at her, and wondered why the sniff. Then it dawned on him. “Oh, rabbit breath. Sorry. Wolves don’t brush their teeth.”

“I’ll remember that. Although, your breath smells fine. Weird.”

“Yeah. I showered before I came back to bed. Were you okay with my shifting?” He was trying to watch her body language as well as listen to what she said.

“Yeah. It looked different than I thought it would. You sort of melted, and then turned back into human form. Not what I expected at all. Glad it wasn’t all gooey or bloody.”

“No, that’s more the realm of fiction writers. It does hurt a bit though at times. The feel of the bones moving and tendons stretching is a bit hard to get use to. I always figured that the panic that some people have decides just how painful it is. I don’t think it’s bad, and my one uncle always complained that it hurt. He was a bit of a hypochondriac though.” Eric shrugged.

Kate stood. “Shall we get dressed and make breakfast?”

“Yes. And I did as I promised. There is rabbit for breakfast.”

Kate laughed and started to get dressed.

Twenty minutes later, there was a delicious aroma floating out of the kitchen. Onions, garlic and rabbit were simmering in the frying pan. Zach was one of the first to show up in the kitchen. He looked in the frying pan and turned to Eric who had just put down the stir-fry spoon. “Rabbit?”

“Yes Zach.”

“Good.” Zach smiled. “Then I wasn’t totally out of my head.”


“I know how Jamie figures out when there should be rabbit in the morning.”

“Ok, now you have my attention. Spill the beans.”

Zach smiled. “I was ‘with you’ last night. You left the back yard by the side gate, ran up the alleys, ducked into the culvert by the school and came out by that big grassy meadow. Then you caught the rabbits. It went a bit fuzzy for a few minutes and then you were carrying the rabbits on some sort grass rope.”

Eric stood there with his mouth open as Zach had described his dream. “You have it dead on Zach. When it went fuzzy as you said, was probably when I shifted long enough to make the grass net for the rabbits.”

“Ok, you have no idea of how glad I am that I didn’t just totally fantasize that. I thought I was loosing it right up until I smelled the food cooking this morning.”

Eric laughed and shook his head. “Nope, you weren’t going crazy. Anything else?”

Zach smiled again. “Oh yeah. Dreamed that this big wolf curled up with Mom and went to sleep.”

It was Kate’s turn to be startled and spew tea across the room. From her reaction, Zach knew that he hadn’t been wrong. “Ah, so you did eh?”

“Yes,” Eric admitted. “Got my belly scratched and fell off the bed too.”

That made all of them laugh. Anne walked in about that point, and tried to figure out what was so funny. No one could give her a straight answer for five minutes.

While everyone was eating, Zach pulled Eric out onto the back porch. “I’ve got a question for you Eric.”


“Remember when I spoke to you a few months ago about my dreams?”


“Was that you I was traveling with?”

“I wasn’t sure then. I had my suspicions, but wasn’t sure. After this mornings retelling of my travels, I’d have to say it was me. I haven’t smelled or sighted any other werewolves in the area. At least none that stayed.” He was thinking of the teen in heat that passed through a few weeks back.

“Ok. I just wanted to make sure. I find this really interesting.”

“I’m not surprised. You’re an intelligent young man, and we do think alike on many levels. Let me know if anything else happens, okay?”

“Yeah, I will Eric.”

Just then, the back door opened and there was Jamie.

“Daddy! Thank you for the lovely rabbits. They were really really good. I ate Mark’s cause he didn’t want them. Said they tasted funny. He’s so stupid,” she said in rapid breathy tones.

Eric picked her up and gave her a hug. “I’m glad you liked them my dear sweet little carnivore!”

Jamie giggled in his arms.

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