A Thing For… part 2



Betsy woke up from the strangest dream she’d ever experienced. She wondered why it was still dark and why her alarm hadn’t gone off. She started to jump out of bed to discover she was tethered. “What the fuck?”

“Ah, I see you have finally woken up.” Director Mollska stood in the doorway.

“Why am I tied up?” She tugged at the straps.

“I knew that you’d be stupid and try to escape. Can’t have that as we aren’t done with you.”

Betsy looked around. She was in Mollska’s office. “It.. it wasn’t a dream.”

“No. Now come along. You must eat and then we will go downstairs.”

“Fuck you!”

“You have. You will. If you are lucky, we will allow you to live. Who knows, if you’re a good breeder, we will keep you until we tire of you.” He unclipped her tether and led her to the conference room where there was a variety of breakfast foods.

“I need the bathroom.”

He smiled, led her over to the small bathroom. He let go of her tether and then stood in the doorway.

“Can’t you shut the door? I don’t want you watching me.”

“You have two choices. Pee now or let it run down your leg. Your choice.” He crossed his arms.

Betsy looked at him and then finally gave up to her body’s demands. When she finished, she washed her hands. “Can I have some clothes?”

“No. I like you this way. So available.”

“What?” She looked at Mollska to see a sizable bulge in his trousers. “OH no! Not before I eat!”

“Then you had better hurry.” He stepped aside for her and she moved quickly to the table where she sat down and began to eat. Bacon, eggs, toast and fried potatoes along with peaches. She drank a glass of juice as well.

“Thought you might be hungry.” He smiled as he sat next to her.

“Get away from me.” She barely had time to close her mouth when a tentacle slapped her thigh.

“Your attitude needs adjusting.” He stood and pulled her from the chair. Bending her over the table, he held her by the neck as the tentacle slapped her ass until it was red. Mollska unzipped his trousers and rubbed his cock against her pussy. She was a little dry. A tentacle moved around and stuffed itself into her open complaining mouth.

“Oomph!” Betsy had stopped struggling, and worked on trying to breathe. The tentacle was filling her mouth like it had the night before. That sweet sticky fluid. She tried to spit it out and was rewarded with a slap up between her thighs that brought tears to her eyes. She began to swallow.

“Better my little bitch. I like it when you fight. I like to punish you and watch your body react. You may not realize it, but your body is responding to the pain and the poison.”


“Yes, the poison releases your inhibitions. Makes you feel drunk. It also lets us impregnate you.” Mollska slapped her pussy again and again until she squirmed against the table. He rubbed against her pussy. This time it was wet. He shoved his cock in deep.

Betsy shrieked against the tentacle in her mouth. No sooner had Mollska thrust into her pussy than a tentacle wriggled into her ass. All she could do was hold onto the table and swallow. Then her body began to burn. She almost itched. Every stroke in and out of her ass and pussy felt so good. She moaned.

Behind her Mollska laughed. He thrust faster and faster until he felt his fluids bubble up and geyser into Betsy’s pussy. He pulled out when he was finished. Betsy was moaning and writhing with the need to orgasm. He flipped her over, letting the one tentacle stay nestled deep in her ass, pinning her in place.

Betsy gasped for air as the tentacle left her throat. Looking up, she saw Mollska standing there, his cock dripping.

“Lick me clean and I will let you come.” His voice was still thick with desire. He pulled her to her knees. Betsy moved forward and licked the bulbous cock. When it was clean, a tentacle moved up her thighs and filled her pussy once more. Another one began to pull and play with her clit. In a matter of moments, Betsy was crying out her release.


Betsy sat on the floor of the office trying to understand any of this. She hated the sight of Mollska and yet her pussy, her body craved his touch. She wanted fucked again and it had only been ten minutes. She started to rub her hand between her thighs to ease the ache.

“Oh no. You only get to orgasm when you’ve been good. Now we are going downstairs.” He pulled her tether and she had no choice but to stand.

“No, please, not him. I’ll let you fuck me till I can’t stand, but not him.” She tried to pull against the tether. A tentacle reached out and slapped her breasts. She gasped, faltered and had to step forward to avoid falling on her face. Mollska kept right on walking.


Ten minutes later, they were downstairs. As they approached the tank, the giant octopus raised up out of the water. Tentacles reached for Betsy, who tried to pull away. She was slapped across breasts and ass until she had no choice but to approach the tank.

“Please, please don’t do…” her voice was cut off mid-word as a cool tentacle thrust it’s way into her mouth. Another one wrapped around her waist and pulled her into the tank. She tried to scream, but it was no use. The fluid poured into her mouth and the sensation of drunkenness overrode her senses. She tried to pull away as the octopus filled her ass and pussy with tentacles. This time, her nipples were pulled into hard little nubs and she gasped at the pain. She felt her pussy clench and almost gush as the muscles wrapping her breasts squeezed harder. Then a tentacle began to stroke her clit.

“Ooooff!” Betsy tried to cry out her orgasm. It didn’t work for that one or the ten after that. Her body was nearly limp with pleasure. The tentacles pulled out of her pussy and ass. She felt the relief and then the pressure of being nearly torn apart as the huge phallus stuffed itself inside. It was followed a moment later by searing pain as something huge thrust up her ass. She turned to see Mollska standing in the tank behind her and realized he’d shoved his own massive cock up her ass. She tried to struggle, but it was of no use.

The octopus set the rhythm, and Mollska did counterpoint, so that Betsy felt she was on a seesaw of cock. Her body burned and tingled. The first orgasm hit before the tentacle even touched her clit. The octopus withdrew the tentacle from her mouth, and she cried out in gasping breaths as she came and came.

Betsy lost track of the orgasms, and then she felt the hot fluid shoot into her body. Mollska pulled out first, and the octopus a moment later. She passed out.

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