The Meeting Finale

Now before you get all upset or confused… I’m merging two stories. This one and Thorny Advice. πŸ™‚Β 



Zoe was trying to figure out what to wear. Tonight was the big open house event at the Rosy Thorn. She stood looking into her closet. Nothing looked right. The suit was too business-like. The dresses, too flirty and not serious enough. Jeans.. no. She turned towards the bathroom where Tim was drying off from a quick shower. β€œTim, I have a question.”


β€œI can’t figure out what to wear. I want to be taken seriously, but not look like a bitchy Domme, or worse yet, too severe. Nor do I want to be mistaken for some bar hopping doxy. Do you have any clues?”

Tim wrapped the towel around his waist and walked into her bedroom. They were still negotiating which house they’d live in, and were taking turns. This week was her house. He looked into her closet and grabbed a short black skirt, her denim jacket and a camisole. β€œSlutty, but authoritative.”

Zoe looked at his choices. The skirt and camisole were just a bit slutty when combined. The denim jacket had just enough style to make it look right. She started to get dressed and headed to her dresser for stockings.

Tim watched her walk and looked in her closet once more. β€œHere, wear these.” He tossed her rarely worn cowboy boots at her.


β€œAll the magazines I’ve gone through lately have women in nice clothes, no stockings and cowboy boots. Trust me. It’ll work.”

Zoe grabbed a pair of short socks and then slipped on her boots. She brushed her hair, added lip gloss and slid on her jacket. β€œHow do I look?”

Tim smiled. β€œIf we didn’t have to be somewhere in thirty minutes, I’d toss you on the bed and fuck you until you cried out.”

β€œI’ll take it that I look okay then.” It was Zoe’s turn to smile. She grabbed her handbag and the two of them headed for the club.

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  1. Not a Domme (clearly, lol), but I think I’d have a similar problem dressing for an event like that…what says His slut but not A slut? πŸ™‚ Some things are just girl problems…

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