Thorny Advice part 6

Miller stood off to one side of the Dungeon and watched as the women poured into the dining room which had been reorganized for tonight’s open house. Jake and James were the only two Dom’s helping the women to find their way to the event. Zoe had decided that the rest of them were just too intense. Tim had laughed when she’d explained it, but Belinda and David agreed.

“Have you counted how many?”

Miller looked over to see Tim walking up to him.

“No, I told Kim to stop selling tickets when it gets to forty-five. And if that happens, let them know that a second event will be next week.”

“Do you honestly think we’ll get that many?” Tim was trying to count heads across the lounge.

“I don’t know. I never thought that this would go over in the first place.”

Tim laughed. “I know what you mean. Never thought that either one of us would find a steady playdate either.”

“Yeah. I have to admit that Kim has been a real surprise. She was a lovely salad and so responsive. Not sure I understand why her former Sir let her go.”


It was Miller’s turn to smile. “Yeah.”


Zoe, Kerri, Sally, Lydia, Liz and Belinda watched from the front of the dining room as the women poured in and found seats. They were amazed at the variety of women. Some had come dressed for a nice night out. Others looked like they’d barely combed their hair. Ages varied wildly as well, even though the mid-forties was well represented.

“Shall we start?” Sally asked Zoe.

“I’m waiting for the high sign from Kim to let me know she’s cut off ticket sales.” They had decided that free wouldn’t work, but a $10 cover charge would work. Considering the crowd, not many had balked at the price. Zoe saw a motion by the door. Kim was waving a hand, and then shut the door.

“Show time ladies,” Zoe spoke softly. Liz dimmed the lights and the crowd quieted. Then Kerri stepped up as the lights came back up.

“We’d like to welcome you to the Rosy Thorn’s first “What’s all the fuss about?” night. We are here to share what it’s like to be a submissive, and to introduce you to some subs and a Domme.” She took a deep breath. “Each of us up here will tell you about our lifestyles and how who and what we are varies from what you’ve seen in porn videos or read in books. Yes, there are books, videos and blogs out there which are good and informative. There are also those that are nearly accurate, but sometimes do more harm than good. Tonight is your chance to ask questions. No holds barred.”

Sally stood up as Kerri stepped back. “My name is Sally, and I’m a self employed professional. I started into this lifestyle as a way to relieve the stress of always being the boss…”


An hour later, everyone had spoken except for Belinda. There had been cheers, laughter and a few tears as the women spoke. They took a break for people to stretch, grab a snack or a drink. The nipples of Venus were well received. After a ten minute break, the women sat down obviously interested in hearing more. Zoe was about to introduce Belinda when an older woman raised her hand.

“I have a question. Why hasn’t the woman in the lovely tweed suit spoken?”

“Belinda, would you care to answer this woman’s question?” Zoe asked.

Belinda smiled and stepped forward. “We wanted to let everyone have a chance to understand the variety of reasons that bring a person to take on the position of a submissive. I on the other hand, am a rose of a different color. I am a Domme.” She smiled.

Small gasps, as well as murmurs, and even a bit of laughter flitted across the crowd. Belinda just waited. She knew that her small stature and clothing was misleading. She held up her hand to gather their attention. “Yes, I know that sounds funny. Me, little demure, petite, feminine me… a Domme. Well, I’ve been on the other end. Not by choice. A victim. Sort of like Liz, only much worse.” She waited for the gasps and murmurs to die down.

“I was rescued by a gentleman who you may meet some day. Once I healed from the abuse, I decided that I would never be taken advantage of again. So, I attended a very special school. I learned just about everything I thought there was about sex, kink and the BDSM lifestyle. Then I learned more. My full title is Lady Belinda, or Mistress Belinda.”

She took a few steps towards the center of the stage. “My specialty is the single tail whip. And, in spite of what you may think, most of my customers are big burly men.”

Laughter twittered across the room.

“They come for the same thing everyone else does. Relaxation, release and pleasure.”

Another woman raised her hand. “Do you dress like that when you’re whipping someone?”

“On occasion. Sometimes I wear leathers or don’t bother with clothes at all.”

“Isn’t working nude intimidating?” asked another woman in the crowd.

“Yes, for the sub.” Belinda smiled as laughter cascaded across the room.

“What do you mean you wear leathers? Like a biker?”

“Let me show you.” Belinda pulled the pin out of her hair and let the braid fall. Then she unbuttoned the jacket. Underneath was a leather corset top. Then she unzipped the skirt and stood there in a shorter leather skirt, stockings, heels and corset. Whistles, clapping and cheers came from the women.

“However, this is the most comfortable outfit.” She unzipped the skirt and kicked off the heels to stand there in the corset, stockings that ended at her thighs and a black thong that hid everything and nothing. There were gasps. Belinda held out her hand and Liz placed her whip in her hand. She let it uncoil slowly and then after stepping back and to one side began to move through an exercise that ran through a number of movements. The crowd was in awe.


While Belinda was showing off the single tail, the other women changed clothes and stood off to one side until Belinda gestured to them. She called off their names and outfits like it was a fashion show.

“Liz here is wearing what most people consider basic slut wear. Stockings, short skirt, and a corset top. Her jewelry for the evening is nipple clamps. No panties, or bra.” Liz walked across the front of the audience and then down the center aisle.

“Sally is wearing slinky slut. A silk dress with nothing underneath. It is sheer enough to hid nothing, and tease everyone.” Sally followed the same route that Liz had.

“Lydia, well… Lydia is wearing fashionable wrist and ankle cuffs with a matching blindfold. She could accessorize with nipple clamps, clothes pegs, chains or nipple clips.” Liz guided Lydia across and down the room.

“Kerri is modeling a combination of corset, clips and spreader bar. The bar can be used between the ankles as well, but we opted for her hands to make it easier to walk. Her corset uplifts her breasts and makes the clips and chain swing well. Other accessories could be a blindfold or ball gag.” Kerri swayed down the room.

“Last, but not least, Zoe. Everyone’s scary Dom and my dear friend Boris called Zoe a little hawk. Her Dom was gifted with a pair of jesses for her. She’s wearing the jesses as well as a flannel shirt of her Dom’s. For some this is known as a Cowboy negligee. The tiny thong completes the outfit.” Zoe walked down the aisle showing off her jesses.

Zoe took the mic from Belinda. “We’d like to thank all of you ladies for coming out tonight. There are four hours until closing time. You are welcome to stay, ask questions, eat more nipples or head home. A tour of the Dungeon will being in about thirty minutes.”

Once again, there was a flurry of questions as the women mingled with the subs. No one left, which surprised Sally. At 10pm, there was a knock on the door. Zoe called for the person to enter. A tall dark man in leather trousers and black teeshirt walked in.

“Ladies, we would like to introduce Boris. He is by far the scariest Dom on the planet as far as I’m concerned, but under that black leather beats the heart of a real gentleman. He is our tour guide tonight. If you’d like to tour the Dungeon, please follow him, and pay close attention to what he says.”

“I’m not that scary,” said Boris.

Laughter came from those that knew him. “I beg to differ,” said Belinda. “You are truly a master of your craft. Ladies, he is the gentleman that rescued me, and who taught me some of the finer points of the single tail.”

Boris rolled his eyes and sighed. “Ladies, If you like a tour, come with me. If you have questions, try to save them until we return to this room.” He turned and was followed out by all forty-five women.


Zoe sank into a chair to relax for five minutes. “Wow! That went really well.”

“I agree,” said Kerri. “Boris is going to have a herd of puppies if he isn’t careful.”

Sally nodded as did the rest of the women.

“You think we’ll get many new takers?” asked Lydia. She’d grabbed a sarong to wear.

“I think so,” said Liz. Did you see that bunch of older women off to the right?”

“Yes!” said Zoe. “I swear they were taking notes.”

“One was on her tablet. I saw it when we were doing the fashion show,” said Belinda.

“Will you ladies help me set up the coffee?” asked Zoe.

All of them nodded and helped clear the mess. Food was rearranged, coffee and tea was brought out and Kerri went back with the empty trays to tell Jorge how much his nipples of Venus were appreciated.


Miller, Dirk and Tim helped Boris with the Dungeon tour. Kim was the demonstration sub. James almost got punched when Miller squeaked when an older lady pinched him on the ass. By 11pm, the Dungeon was clear and the women were back in the dining room. Boris and James fielded more questions while Jake continued to run the bar and the rest of the men went back into the Dungeon to clean up. It was nearly midnight by the time the last of the women had left.

“I’m exhausted.” Zoe was slumped in a chair.

“That was a good evening. We need to do these a bit more often,” said Jake. He’d had an excellent night at the bar.

“I think everyone had a good time.” Boris smiled at Kerri who was back in her regular clothes.

“Zoe, what do you think?” asked Tim. He’d been monitoring things and had his own thoughts.

“I think it went really well. Belinda doing the striptease and then MC-ing the fashion show was perfect.”

“It was a lot of fun. I thought that one woman was going to choke on her nipple though when Boris came in.” Belinda looked at Boris.

“I wish I could have seen Miller’s face when that granny pinched his ass,” said Kim.

“It was a riot.” James ducked as Miller went to pop him up side the ear for laughing. That made everyone laugh.

“Well, I’m pleased at the way things went. Did we have many turned away?” asked Tim.

“No, I sort of expected a straggler, but once that last woman came in, that was it.” Kim had watched after she had closed the door. “I think the reservation system helped.”

“Are we on for another open house next month?” asked Zoe.

“I think so. We need an ‘Are you a Dom or a Sub’ sorta night. Something that will let the guys come in as well.” Dirk had listened to the women as they walked through the Dungeon and had heard more than one exclaim how much her boyfriend or husband would have liked the event.

“Good idea Dirk. You gonna lead it?” Miller teased.

“Hell no. Zoe did a fine job.”

Everyone agreed, and Tim took Zoe in his arms for a kiss.

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