Flash Fiction Friday Worship!


She stretched out across the sandstone in the cool of predawn Solstice. Her nipple drew taunt and her skin was covered in goosebumps.

“Just a little to the right.”

She adjusted her position. He walked around to make sure everything was lined up with the peak.

“Perfect. Just hold still.” He walking to the tent where the young men waited. He motioned to them and they walked silently to where she lay. Her nipple was perfectly aligned with the mountain behind her. Mother Earth in stone and flesh. Each of them began to stroke their cocks. It didn’t take long for them to start breathing heavy. Behind them the rest of the women danced. Some naked, others dressed in scarves. They were touching or caressing another. Kissing, touching, tasting themselves. Erotic eye candy for the men, which egged them on.

He looked at his watch. It was almost time. “Hold on! Slow down! Not… yet!” He was breathing heavy. She was so beautiful stretched out on the stone. His balls ached as the orgasm built. The sun began to peek over the edge. “Now!”

The men moved closer and as they came, the cum decorated their high priestess.

“Happy Solstice!”



Our challenge this week was to use this photo of a great pair of tits. 🙂 Our Keywords were Peek and Peak, with both to be used. Our word length was exactly 200 words, with an admonishment that not using the exact amount would result in 200 spankings. (hmmm, how you gonna do that Advizor?) Forbidden words were Chipotle, Asparagus and Chilly. We could have bonus words if we wrote two versions… 250 words apiece.

I chose just the one. 🙂 And… Sorry that this is a little late. I just didn’t have time to write yesterday. Plus, I took my mom to my great-aunt’s memorial service this morning. Life has been just a tad crazy. 


12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Worship!

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  1. You sure did a great job with this one, and with the stresses that you have at the moment it is really an unbelievable FFF that you managed to write today. Get some rest and the very best wishes for a quiet weekend. Tip

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