The Green Man part 4

I know it’s been a while. You can read the first part here.


Each night, Cern came to Sybil’s house. They ate a small supper and then made passionate love until they fell asleep. She found herself looking forward to the sunset, and her lover. It felt good to be needed, wanted, desired.

She’d just pulled the bread out to slice it when a shadow crossed her doorstep. She looked up to see Vivien. “Hello!”

“You be happy. Haven’t seen much of ye lately.” Vivien sat down on a stool next to the fire.

“Nay, Been busy. I… I have a lover.” Sybil blushed.

“Ah, hoped that what it be. Well, I won’t keep you long. Jus’ wondered ifin’ ye be comin’ to the bonfire tomorrow.”

“Aye. Me not make it to Litha? Are you titched?” Sybil laughed. She looked out the door thinking that Cern should be there any moment.

“Is yer man comin?” Vivien turned towards the door and looked out.


“Well, I’ll be goin’. See ye at the bonfire.” Vivien stood up and headed out the door. “Yer garden be looking good!” she hollered back towards Sybil.


He waited on the edge of the forest for the loud woman to be gone. When all was clear, he walked quietly to the door. Stepping in, he wrapped his arms around Sybil, pulling her tight against him, letting her feel his erection press against her.

“Cern! You startled me.”

He smiled and kissed her. “Want to be lovin’ ye.” He pulled her to the bed, and had Sybil undressed before they fell to the bed. He buried his face in her cleft, licking and sucking until she cried out with passion. As her body shuddered with orgasm, he fingered her cleft. When she was wet, he moved and slid his cock deep inside.

“Oh,” she moaned.

He built up a rhythm, pulling her hips up to meet his strokes. She clasped his shoulders and he knelt, pulling her into his lap. She rode him until they both exploded in orgasm. He held her close and then they laid down on the bed.

“Cern, will you be at the bonfire tomorrow night?”


“Will you dance with me?”


“Do you love me?”

“Aye. With all my being.” He curled up close to her and they slept.


Litha, midsummer’s night. A time for celebration. The whole village was gathered in the big meadow. The boys had spent hours building two fires with a path an ox cart wide between. Planks were placed across saw horses and food was piled high on them. A barrel of cider and plenty of beer was on another plank table.

Musicians pulled out harps, fiddles, drums and tambors. Children played in the late afternoon light and women began to finish up wreathes of flowers and barley. Men gathered the cattle and other farm animals off to one side. As the sun began to set, the bonfires were lit. The elders blessed the fires and then everyone began to pass between the two fires for a blessing. When all the people had passed, it was the turn of the animals. Chickens, geese, ducks, goats, sheep, cattle and horses all passed through the fire. A few chickens and a goose ran away, but otherwise it was a fast parade. While the men took the animals back to farms and pens, the women began to feed the children. The adults ate next. Once the food was finished, the musicians began to play. People danced around and between the fires.

Sybil looked around for Cern, but didn’t see him. She’d almost decided to head home when his hands wrapped around her waist. “I’d almost given up hope of seeing you.”

“Nay dear Sybil. I had things to do, and now I’m here. Let us dance.” He pulled her out into the crowd of people, and they danced on the edge of the fires. When the long dance began, they joined in until they’d bin around and through the fires so many times that Sybil lost track. She stopped to catch her breath and found Cern standing next to her.

“Let us be off to Yew Tree Cottage,” he whispered.

Sybil looked at him and realized that she wanted him. Wanted him enough to not want to wait. She smiled and pulled him out of the light and into the forest. Amidst the greenery, she lifted her skirts and straddled him, letting his cock sink deep inside. She rocked back and forth until the both groaned their pleasure. As they lay there, Sybil realized that there were other couples nearby enjoying themselves as well. She giggled.

Cern walked with Sybil to her cottage under the moonlight. Once there, they made love again on the sweet smelling linens. They slept at last as the moon set.

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    1. Yes Tip, it does. LOL… never thought of it that way, but it just flows. 🙂 And to be honest, after writing Buster’s Story, it took ages to get that Metis accent out of my head. 🙂

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