Thorny Advice part 7

“A couples night eh?” Tim sat on the corner of Zoe’s desk as she tallied up the daily receipts.

“Yes. The phone has been ringing off the hook. I swear that Miller’s made more money with ‘Thorny Advice’ in one week than we did in a whole month.”

“Good. The revenue stream lets us hold more open house events. So how are you going to swing this event?”

“Well, I was thinking that Boris and Belinda should host this one with James and Sally as support. They really do show the whole spectrum.”

“Nearly. Three to one isn’t a good ratio though.”

“Ooh. Hadn’t thought of it like that. Hmm…”

“Zoe, you and Kim could be the other subs. Neither of you are typical.” Tim had found that he liked Kim. She was sweet and lovely. Just what Miller needed.

“Okay. I’ll talk to them. We have a week to go before the posters get printed.”

Tim leaned over and kissed Zoe before he left.


“Zoe, we must talk.”

“David, please. You were so good with the ladies.”

“Yes. However, I think Dirk would be better. He is more physical than I am.”

“I disagree!”

David laughed. “You only think I am, because you re so small.” He leaned close to her and whispered in her ear. Zoe went very still and very pale. He sat back up.

Zoe shivered. “Okay. Point taken. Will Dirk do it?”

“Yes. I already convinced him that it would be to his advantage.” David smiled and left the office.

Zoe collapsed back in the chair. David switched from nice computer geek and gentleman to ex-spy and all round scary guy in ten seconds. She was still sitting slumped in her chair when Dirk walked in.

“Ah, I see you’ve been visited by Boris.” He sat opposite her and leaned on the desk.

“Yes. How… how does he do that?”

“What? Get into your head faster than a bullet train in Tokyo? I don’t know. I just understand that I don’t ever want to piss off that man.”

“Nooo.” She took a deep breath and sat up in her chair. “So, are you willing to be my Dom for the event?”

“Yes. Now what do you have planned?” Dirk sat forward and the two of them began to discuss the open house.


Miller and Tim did gate duty for the Couples Night. They had reservations for forty, and held ten tickets for walk-ins. So far they were at forty-two. “An interesting group,” Miller commented as he took tickets.

“Yes. At least we haven’t had any leather strutting studs walk in.”

Miller smiled. “No, not like that open house about five years ago.”

“That outfit was just wrong.” Tim remembered the guy who’d walked in wearing a trench coat and when he took it off, he had on a leather outfit made up of straps, studs, a cod piece and not much else. Oh, and he’d kept calling himself a ‘lord’ even though no one had ever heard of him. He’d also ran the moment Boris had cracked a whip in his general direction when Boris’ bullshit meter pegged.

“It certainly was.” He turned to take money from a couple.

“Any repeats from the first event?”

“Yeah. Zoe said a good twenty reservations were from women who attended the first night.”


Miller smiled.


“Good evening! Tonight is a chance to find out what the BDSM and or the Dom/sub lifestyle is really like. Forget the porn you’ve seen or the books you’ve read. This is the real thing.” Dirk smiled as he handed the mike over to Zoe.

“We will introduce people, let them tell their stories and then will be available for questions.” Zoe and Sally had decided to run the event very similar to the first one. The food was the same, which made life easier.

Dirk went first. Once he explained his mindset, there were a lot of nervous giggles and outright laughter. James was next. He explained how many of those who’d been in the military gravitated to the lifestyle, often as submissives rather than Doms which raised a number of questions. Sally, Kim and Zoe once more presented their stories leaving Belinda for last. As with the first group, the men in the room underestimated her.

“Oh yeah. Mz. Librarian here is a Domme?” asked one man.


“I don’t believe you. She’s… hell, I have a daughter bigger than her.”

Belinda walked over to the man who was sitting in the front row, next to a woman who was laughing. The woman had been there the first night. Belinda held out her hand to the man. “Would you care to come up here with me and show the rest of the room why I’m so not a Domme?”

“Sure.” He stood up, and he was a good ten inches taller than Belinda, even in her five inch heels. She walked to the front of the room as some of the women were laughing, and he followed.

“Alright, you’ve heard these people discuss the D/s relationships.”

“Yeah. It’s all about making people do what you want them to.”

“No, it’s about letting the person feel safe enough to submit and explore their minds and bodies.”

“I don’t see how that works.” He crossed his arms, not intending to let this tiny woman get the other hand.

“Let me show you.” Belinda took him by the hand and gently bent his thumb back against his wrist until he had no choice but to kneel. “Much better. Now hold still, and you won’t be hurt.” Before he could do much more than draw breath, Dirk handed her the single tail whip which she danced across the floor and around the kneeling man. He gasped and did his best to hold still.

“Now, do you still think I’m powerless?”

“Nooo Ma’am!”

“Thank you. You may return to your seat now.” She coiled up the whip and turned back to the audience. “Preconceived notions are the biggest issue in the BDSM community for newcomers.” Belinda spent the next few minutes explaining how she came to the community. There were gasps, swearing from some of the men and smiles from the women who’d heard her before.

“And yes, I look like a librarian. Gee… Maybe it’s because in the Vanilla world, I am one.” Laughter tumbled across the room. “However, this is how I dress for work at the Rosy Thorn.” Belinda began the striptease. When the tweeds had been set aside, there were murmurs of approval.

“Take it all off!” came a call from the back.

Belinda smiled with a glint in her eyes. “Nudity doesn’t bother me. In fact, it is my greatest tool. Everyone underestimates me then. However, for tonight, I will keep on some of my clothing.” She did away with the torso of the corset to reveal a blood red leather strapless bra. The skirt was next, leaving the thong and stockings as the last of her outfit. The crowd was nearly silent. She stepped aside as Dirk and James also dressed in leathers rolled a St. Andrew’s cross with Kim strapped to it into the front of the room.

“This is a cross, and it is used to restrain a sub. Kim has generously volunteered for this demonstration.” Belinda then went through a quick series of blows. She was glad that Kim marked so well. When she was done, Belinda gave Kim sweet aftercare and then unhitched her from the cross.

“You’ll have to excuse me for a moment. I need to sit.” Kim perched gingerly on a chair provided by James.

Questions flew fast and furiously. An hour later, James called the room to attention. He was pleased with the responses of the crowd. “For anyone who’d like a tour of the Dungeon, please follow me.”

As the crowd almost as one moved out of the room, the man who’d heckled Belinda walked over to her. “I… I need to apologize. I was out of line.”

Belinda looked up at him and smiled. “It’s okay. That’s why tonight is what it is. We all have to start somewhere, and often our realities are far different from what people see on the surface.”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you.” He walked off with his girlfriend to join the tour.

Belinda smiled as she picked up her clothing.

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