Extravagant Tastes

Mokkelke, this one is for you. 🙂


Aleria’s head broke the surface of the pool. She looked around and saw a familiar face on the edge. “Daddy!” She swam towards him.

“Hello sweetheart. How is the swimming today?”

“Great Daddy. The water is just perfect. You coming in?”

“No, I have to get back to work. I just wanted to stop by and remind you that we are going out to supper tonight.”

“Are… are we going to that new place over on 33rd street? The place that serves buffalo?”

“Yes. I told you for your 18th birthday that you could go anywhere you wanted.” He smiled at her.

“Yippeee!” She bounced and did a backflip in the water.

“I’ll be by to pick you up at 6pm. Be ready.” He blew her a kiss and walked off.

“Alright Daddy! Love you!”

“Love you too sweetheart.” He walked away with a sigh. Aleria was such a beautiful young woman. So like her mother. He missed Aleria’s mother. She had died giving birth to their daughter. And like so many single fathers, he doted on Aleria. He’d been making plans for this birthday for over a year, and didn’t want anything to go wrong.


Aleria paced in front of the wardrobe trying to decide what to wear. Her hair dripped water from the quick shower she took after getting out of the pool. The purple silk dress with sparkling sequins was her favorite. She pulled it out and set it aside. Instead of the flip-flops she normally wore, she grabbed her heels that matched the dress.

Once she was dressed, she did her hair in an up swept bun and added earrings and a clamshell necklace with a pearl drop. She’d just had time to pick up her handbag when her daddy called up the stairs.

“Aleria! Are you ready?” He was dressed in a nice low key suit. He wanted his daughter to shine tonight.

“Yes Daddy!” She bounced down the stairs, shoes in hand.

He looked over his daughter. She was gorgeous. Her brothers were handsome in their own way, but didn’t hold a candle to their sister. “Shoes go on the feet, not in the hand,” he teased.

“Yes Daddy.” Aleria slipped her shoes on and they headed out to the car. The drive to the restaurant took twenty minutes and the wait even with reservations once they got there was another twenty.


Two hours later, they were just finishing their desserts when the band started up another set. The music had progressed from waltzes to modern rock and roll. Aleria was tapping her foot and bobbing her head.

“Do you want to go dance?”

“Will you dance with me Daddy?”

“Of course.” They moved out onto the dance floor and he kept up with his daughter as best he could. As a new song started, a young man asked to dance with Aleria. He nodded and retired to their table where he watched Aleria dance with the young man. Other young men danced with Aleria and he smiled and waved her off when she tried to entice him back out onto the floor. It was good to see her enjoying herself.


At long last, the music stopped and Aleria returned to her daddy’s table, a young man trailing behind her. “Daddy, I’d like you to meet Steven.”

“Hello Steven. I saw that you were monopolizing my daughter.”

“Yes, yes sir. She’s beautiful and dances wonderfully.” The young man blushed slightly.

“Well, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my daughter’s company. Will we be seeing more of you?”

“Oh please Daddy!” Aleria clasped her own hand, to keep herself from grabbing Steven’s.

He laughed. “How could I deny you anything Aleria. Here is my business card, Steven. It has our home number on it here. We plan to have a beach picnic on Saturday, and we’d love to see you then.”

Steven looked down at the card, read the name and then looked up. “Thanks Dr. Mollska! See you Saturday, Aleria.” He blew her a kiss and headed out the door.

“What a lovely young man. You’ve made a very nice choice.”

“I hope so Daddy.” She smiled as they walked out to the car.

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