The Green Man part 5

Sybil wasn’t sure if she was amused or not. Her stays were too tight and she’d had to let the skirt’s drawstring out. “Been eating too well,” she murmured to herself. It was only a week or so since Litha and the garden was exploding with vegetables. She sorted the best for market and loaded her basket. Then it was off down the road before the sun became too hot.

Vivien saw Sybil and waved. “Wondered ifin’ I’d see you.”

“Whyever for? Don’t we do market together?” Sybil set her basket down and tried to catch her breath.

“Oh aye, allus. But wif yer new man, I dinna know ifin you’d be busy.” Vivien smiled. Then she took a good look at Sybil. “Sybil, be ye breedin’?”

“What?” Then realization stole over Sybil. Her courses were late and her clothing not fitting suddenly made sense. “Oh blast!”

Vivien began to giggle and then laugh until she sat down on the small stool in the stall, unable to stand. “Oh! Yer face! Yer face! A treat that be!” She kept on laughing as Sybil turned redder and redder. Then she too began to giggle.


Sybil waited a little anxiously for Cern to appear that evening. She didn’t know how he’d react to the news. Her husband had left off touching her the moment she began to show, which had frustrated Sybil no end. That Sara, the wee babe hadn’t survived a fever in her second year hadn’t been her fault, but her husband had treated her as if it was. Then he died. She wasn’t sure how she felt about this new life either.

“Ah Sybil, what has ye so worried that you never heard me come in?” Cern asked as he wrapped his arms around her from behind. She gasped and then turned in his arms to be kissed and hugged. Cern picked her up and carried her over to the bed. “Come on, fess up.”

“I… I think I carry a wee babe.” She spoke so softly, waiting for him to be angry or indifferent. Instead, he gathered her up in his hands and swung her around the room to great whoops of delight. Then, almost as swiftly, he placed her back on the bed and began to kiss and undress her.

“Cern, stop! We need to talk a moment.”

“Aye, but not until I have my fill of ye. Yer lovely breasts, sweet belly and oh that heavenly scent of ye under my tongue.” He kissed his way down her body and nestled between her thighs, licking and sucking as he fingered her to ecstasy. As she cried out her pleasure, he slipped gently between her legs to sheath his cock deep inside. He loving was slow and gentle, until they both shattered with orgasm.

Sybil woke in the night, cuddled in Cern’s arms. She was surprised to find him watching her. “Do ye always watch me when I sleep?”

“Aye. Long as I can stay awake.” He kissed her on the forehead and then cupped a breast in his hand, absentmindedly playing with her nipple.

“Are… are ye upset that I carry a babe? Will you be leavin’?” Sybil braced herself for the inevitable yes.

“Nay, I love that ye carry life. This wee one be born at Imbolc?*”

“Aye, or near enough. A cold time to be born.” Sybil was only partially relieved. He wasn’t angry, but he hadn’t said if he’d stay with her.

He smiled, his face lit by the moonlight. “Then we need fill up that wood pile.”

“Cern, yer not mad? Not leavin’ me?” She was nervous asking again.

“Nay! Sybil, I love ye. Love that ye carry a babe. An I’ll keep lovin’ ye until you can’t or won’t. I jus have to keep the forest ways durin’ the day. Do ye ken?” He held her tight as he spoke, calming her.

“Aye. I do love ye.” She sighed and reached up to kiss him. As she did, he pulled her up across his lap and let his cock slide into her. Gently they rocked back and forth. Cern kissed and tugged at her breasts, making her gasp. She arched back in orgasm as he filled her once more with his seed. Then as they relaxed, he held her as they fell asleep.


Sybil smiled like a silly child as she worked in her garden. The wood pile was growing by leaps and bounds. The chickens were laying eggs and the garden was lush. Today when she went to market, her plans were to buy fabric for a new gown and clothes for the wee babe to be. She’d kept so little from Sara. They’d used her cradle as a coffin. Sybil wasn’t certain what she would do for one this time. Cern didn’t seem the type to do woodwork. Gather it yes, bring in the odd hare or pheasant, but not pick up a hammer or saw.

“What think that man o’ yers?” asked Vivien who was talking with Mary at the market stall.

“Happy. Twirled me round the room he did.” Sybil smiled remembering the loving afterwards. Gentle and passionate he was.

“Ah, a wee bit of heaven?” asked Mary.

“Aye. Would ye watch my things? I need be finding cloth and maybe a cradle.” Sybil set her vegetables down along with the eggs and spoons.

“Oh aye!” laughed Vivien.

Sybil went off, and the two women watched her go.

“Have you seen this lover?” asked Mary.

“Nay, but doesn’t matter. Sybil be happy.”

Mary nodded and the two of them went back to selling their wares.



*Imbolc… February 2nd

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