Thorny Advice Finale

Now don’t get all blue and despondent. There are more adventures to come. The cabin trip, and… adventures with Lord Duncan. 


Zoe and Tim helped clean up the dining room with Miller and Kim. The evening had gone really well, especially when Boris gave a demonstration in the Dungeon. They hauled the last of the trash out and then collapsed in a booth in the lounge.

“You know, I had some doubts when this whole thing was first suggested,” said Miller.

“Well, I’m glad you trusted me.” Zoe smiled.

“You’ve been a lot of help in the office too. Gives me some time off to play.” Miller smiled at Kim. She giggled at him.

“Thanks Miller.”

“That reminds me. We are taking a few days off,” said Tim.

Zoe looked at Tim, as this was the first she’d heard of it. “We are?”

“Yes. After the last few weeks, we all deserve a break. I’ve booked a cabin up in the woods for us. If you two want to come along, you are more than welcome.”

Miller looked at Kim. “Can you get the time off?”

“Um…” Kim pulled out her phone and checked her calendar. “Yeah, I can. Just have to let my boss know.”

“Good. I’ll email you the directions.” Tim stood up. “Don’t know about you, but I want to head for bed.”

The four of them said their goodbyes and headed out the doors. Tim and Zoe went out the front, while Miller and Kim went out the back. Ten minutes later, the Rosy Thorn was dark.


Miller pulled up in front of Kim’s apartment. She kissed him goodnight and started to get out of the car. She turned back. “Do you want to come in? Spend the night?”

He thought about it for a whole five seconds. “Yes. I’d love to.” He locked up the car and the two of them headed into her apartment.

“We’ll have to be sort of quiet. I swear the walls are tissue paper.” She turned on the lights as she entered the apartment.

“It’s okay Kim. All I really want to do is snuggle and sleep.” It was the first time he’d been to her apartment. Lots of books on brick and board shelves. Not a lot of feminine clutter either. No pink slippers, fuzzy pillows or that kind of thing. He was equally surprised by her no nonsense bathroom. She even had an extra toothbrush.

“Are you always this prepared?”

“Yes. That’s why I like being a sub. It gives me a chance not to be in charge.”

“That makes sense. You aren’t really broken like some women are. And yes, we see a lot of them at the club.”

“I bet. Here’s the bedroom.” Kim stepped into a room and turned on the light. Once again, Miller was pleasantly surprised.

“How did you get this four poster into this room?”

“Very carefully.” The tops of the posts were only a foot from the ceiling. The bedding was green/blue/tan plaid and a bunch of pillows. Off to one side was a matching dresser and a small chair.

“You surprise me more and more. How on earth did your previous lover let you go?” He wrapped his arms around her as they talked.

“He didn’t really get the D/s dynamic. Thought it was about being abusive and fucking. He also didn’t understand that I could be totally independent of him during the day.”

Miller felt her stiffen just a bit in his arms. He pulled her close and kissed the top of her head. “Well, that’s all behind you. I don’t know about you, but I have been enjoying our time together.”

“I have. Shower and then bed?”



They took turns in the tiny apartment shower. Then they crawled into the bed after Kim dumped the pillows on the floor. Miller curled around her and the two of them fell fast asleep.

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