The only choice…

She sat curled up in her chair, rubbing her feet and staring at the computer. “What to write? Do I finish off the tentacle story, start the new historical piece or continue on with the D/s story?” she thought to herself. She was distracted and couldn’t focus. It had been a long hot day full of running around on various errands. Dinner had been late and now she should be writing. She stared at the screen.

He watched her from the doorway. He’d been quiet and she hadn’t noticed him.

She stopped rubbing her feet and began to type on the keyboard.

Ellisif stood at the prow of the dragon boat looking out for snags in the river. The Dnieper could be dangerous in the late spring when the waters ran fast. She thought she saw something blue in the river. “Fader! There is a man in the river!”


“I don’t know!” she called back. The dragon boat shifted towards the man snagged in the branches of the tree.

She stopped and rubbed her eyes.

“Tired?” he asked.


“Then let’s go to bed.”

“But… my story.”

He crossed his arms and looked at her. “And what are the choices?”

“Finish the story, don’t post a story or pull out an older story and write another chapter.”

“How long will this take you?”

“An hour or so.” She tried to stifle a yawn, but it didn’t work.

“Let me ask again. What are your choices?” This time the look he gave her was far more direct and stern.

She blinked owlishly. “The only choice is to go to bed. Write in the morning.” She knew when she was out of choices.

“Good. Turn off the computer and let’s go to bed.”

She quickly turned off the computer and was up to bed just as he crawled under the covers. He pulled her close to him and his hand came down smartly on her ass three times. She gasped. He caressed her smarting skin, and when she began to moan, he put his finger to her lips. “If you are too tired to write, you are too tired to have playtime.”

She wanted to pout. Deny that she was too tired. She knew better. Her only choice was to go to sleep. They spooned up, with his leg over hers, pinning her to the bed. She was asleep before he’d finished saying good night.

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  1. Oh I quite liked this, endearing, and something I could in my own life. Well, except I wouldn’t take no for an answer, I’d push for sex until I got it (I’m a bit of a bully that way).

    1. 🙂 You know, I’ve tried to push for sex. Doesn’t work. Wolf has serious control of his body. Instead, I find myself cuddled up and the next thing I know, I’m asleep.

  2. he really takes care of you 😉 better listen from the first time. new chapter of anything is nice BUT a tired word wytch isn’t productive, we’ll survive another day. 😉

    1. Yes, he does. I know I should listen the 1st time, but there is this little part of me that always hopes… and I should know better by now.

      I hope to have a story for today. It has been a loooong one, but I still may have the energy to crank out a story.

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