Extravagant Tastes part 2

Aleria waited by the front gate for Steven. When he pulled up, she directed him to park in the Aquarium parking lot. She bounced over to where he parked.

“Hi!” Her sun hat did little to conceal her smile or shade her skin not covered by a tiny bikini in opalescent colors.

“Hi Aleria. You really live next to the Aquarium?” Steven was looking around at the huge building trying to spot Aleria’s house.

“Yes. Daddy bought a big piece of land when the aquarium was first built. He didn’t build the house until after I was born. He wanted to be close to work and me.”

“That’s really cool.” He took her hand and they headed for a set of stairs off to one side. In less than a minute, they were down on a private beach. Steven was amazed as he dropped his bag and towel.

“Come on! Let’s swim!”

Steven pulled off his shirt quickly and ran after Aleria who was already hip deep in the water. He gasped as the cold water swirled around his loins. Taking a deep breath, he dove into the water and swam towards Aleria. He surfaced feet from her and she swam over to him.

“This is a great spot.” Steven looked back towards the beach over Aleria’s head. The house was subtly built into the cliffs and he could just see a man whom he thought was Dr. Mollska sitting on a deck chair under an umbrella.

“Yeah. I like it. Let’s swim.” She dove out of his arms and into deeper water. They played for twenty minutes and then they wrapped their arms around each other in the hip deep water. Steven bent down and kissed Aleria. He expected her to be shy, but instead, she kissed him back, even letting a little bit of tongue tickle over his lips. Their kisses deepened, and he felt as if he couldn’t get enough of her. He wondered how she kept chap stick on in the ocean, as her lips tasted of something slightly fruity.

Their hands roamed as they kissed. When he cupped her ass, she moaned into his mouth and pressed her body closer. His own body responded in spite of the cold. His erection began to throb. Still kissing, he brought a hand up to her breast. Once more, she moaned, but didn’t stop him. Steven thumbed her nipple as they continued to kiss.

It was his turn to gasp as she let her hand slip down to the erection that was pressing against her stomach. She stroked him through the fabric of his suit. “Aaleria…”

“Don’t you want me to touch you?” she said between kisses.

“Oh yes.” His mind reeled. Her kisses were intoxicating and he couldn’t seem to get enough of them. He wanted to touch her, but couldn’t co-ordinate his thoughts. Her touch made him feel so good. So good, that he was having trouble controlling himself. “I’m… I’m…”

“It’s okay,” she whispered against his lips. She pressed herself tighter against him, rubbing her suit clad mound against his cock. It was the last straw, and he bucked against her as he came hard. The water clouded with his semen and the sand they disturbed. She held him as his body spasmed and then they swam through the cloud and off to a clearer part of the water. She was rubbing against him and he finally cleared his senses enough to dip his fingers under her suit bottoms and rub her throbbing clit. She held him tight and came almost instantly. The two of they clung to each other as they recovered.


They swam back to the shore a little later. After drying off, they walked over to the deck where they collapsed in soft chairs.

“You know, I’d like to try that in a bed sometime soon.” Aleria smiled as she spoke.

Steven nodded. He still couldn’t believe how fast or how hard he’d come. He leaned forward and kissed Aleria. Her lips still tasted so sweet. He was about to pull her closer when the sound of footsteps echoed across the deck. They turned to see Dr. Mollska walking across the deck with a tray in his hands.

“I thought you two might like some refreshments.” He set down a tray with lemonade, poppy seed mini muffins and peanut butter cookies.

“Thank you Daddy!”

“Thank you sir.” Steven sat forward trying to hid his erection.

“You’re very welcome. Did you two have a good swim?”

Steven and Aleria nodded as their mouths were full.

“Well, I have to head into work. One of the octopuses is having some issues.” Dr. Mollska stood up and waved as he left.

“Poor Daddy.”

“Guess that’s what happens when you live so close to your work.”

“Yes, and this octopus is like an old friend. It’s over 50 years old.”

They finished their snack and then Steven stood up to go. It was nearly dark and he had to be up early in the morning he explained. They set another date for Friday night. They kissed and when they finally broke lip lock, he walked back to his car with a rock hard erection.


Later that night, he woke up gasping from a dream only to find that he’d come in his sleep. His cock throbbed and semen coated his lap. Grousing, he got up and took a quick shower after changing the sheets on his bed. Much to his amazement, he had another erection. Leaning back in the shower, he stroked his cock and came again. This time he rinsed off and crawled back in bed. It took him a while to fall asleep.

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  1. This story is getting very interesting, can’t wait to read the continuation.Funny thing to was this past weekend I was seeing tentacles in numerous places. The mini golf course, along the highway in a giant jelly fish, a woman with an octopus tat on her arm…

    1. LOL! I know what you mean. An acquaintance of mine actually wrote a non-sexual tentacle story. Cracked me up. And if that wasn’t enough,… Wolf found a crochet pattern for a ‘bowl full of tentacles’.

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