For what it’s worth…

Rumors. Panic. FUD. (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.) There are bloggers who have stated that blogs have been deleted by WordPress. That it is due to violation of Terms of Service, specifically, the one about Pornography. (for which there is no definition.) Okay. Sounds remarkably like when everyone was concerned over images. We know that Blogger recently did a purge.

Adult content blogs are disappearing. Why is anyone’s guess, and until it is understood why some of the sex blogs disappeared, it behoves all of us who write erotica to back up our blogs. If you use, go to Tools. Click on Export. Download your blog. This falls under the heading of better safe than sorry.

If your blog should disappear, contact WordPress and find out why. Also check into hosting your blog elsewhere.

Meanwhile, should this blog disappear, it will come back. I’ve backed it up. I’m looking into hosting. Who knows, I may do it anyways.


4 thoughts on “For what it’s worth…

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  1. I think all it takes to get banned on WordPress is one complaint to their support department. I was following a man who had a NSFW site and WP pulled the plug on him. I just as a matter of fact sent him an email wondering whether he had found a new host.

  2. If you want a recommendation. I use Bluehost. You can import your WP blog directly into it and I got three years plus a domain for under $200. You can do smaller packages as well and they’re having a sale on domain names right now – Only $5.99 which is under cost. Just an FYI

    1. I’ll keep that in mind. We use Inmotionhosting and for some of our business websites. This whole thing is so odd though in many ways. We shall see where it goes.

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