The Green Man part 7

The nights began to draw in and were cool enough for Sybil to close the windows. She sighed at the necessity. It also meant that Mabon was near. The second harvest festival and the time when the nights and days were of equal length. She’d harvested most of the vegetables and stored them in the root cellar. Her rafters were hung with herbs and flowers. She sat with a cup of tea waiting for Cern.

He drew near, and saw the windows closed. He sighed, and recognized the turning of the year. The mint under the window still grew strong, but the garden had begun to thin as plants were harvested. Cern walked up to the door and opened it softly. Sybil sat with her back to him, and he watched her for a second before she noticed him and turned.

Sybil felt cool air on her shoulders and turned to see Cern standing in the doorway. “Come in! Do you want a cuppa?”

“Aye. And to hold ye in my arms.” He strode over to her and pulled her into his embrace. He sighed as the scent of lavender wafted up from her hair. They kissed and touched for a few moments. Then he gently let go of her. Sybil made tea and they sat in front of the fire for a few moments.

“Thank ye for the wood.”

“Gleanings aplenty. Rather you and the babe to be have them.” He smiled and patted her growing bump.

Sybil smiled. “Hungry? I have stew in the pot.”

“Nay. I hunger for you. Your lips. Your taste.” He put down his cup and pulled her into his arms. She giggled as he nibbled down to her breasts and tugged at her bodice until he had the nipple between his lips.

Sybil gasped. It was if her nipple was connected straight to her cleft, making it throb. “Cccern,” she stuttered as he let go and led her to the bed. They undressed each other while passionate kisses were traded back and forth. The clothes soon piled up on the floor and their limbs tangled together in heated pleasure.

It didn’t take long for him to bring Sybil to a climax that left her feeling boneless. He held her tight as she shivered in pleasure. Then slowly, gently, he sped up his own strokes and came as she once more climaxed. When the shudders of pleasure settled down, he curled around her and then talked softly as they relaxed.

“Cern, will ye be coming to the festival tomorrow?”

“Will ye be there?”


“Then I will be there. Mayhaps a bit late, but there by dusk.”

“Cern, what keeps you in the forest all day? You look tired tonight. Your face is thin.”

“I take care of the forest Sybil. The plants, the trees, the birds and the animals. It’s harvest time, and I be a little drawn. Worry not for me love.”

Sybil nodded. Cern kissed her and quieted any further questions.

Vivien and Sybil were listening to the music when Cern came up behind Sybil. “Blackberries for my love,” he said softly and handed her a basket full of huge succulent berries.

Sybil took the basket, turned and thanked Cern with a kiss. Vivien looked and while she could clearly hear him, the firelight threw shadows and made his face indistinct. Before she could get a better look, Sybil and Cern moved off to dance leaving the basket at her feet. Vivien took a berry. It was sweet and almost heady as if it were fermented. Soon she was off dancing with her Todd.

Later that night, Cern crushed a blackberry against Sybil’s skin, letting the juice run. He licked it and nibbled her skin at the same time. Sybil moaned in pleasure. Soon the small cottage smelled of blackberries and sex.

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