Judgment part 2

Kevin paid the club door fee. He smiled a silly grin at the hat check girl, who took their coats in spite of the spreader bar between her wrists. Kevin got a good look down her blouse too, which he realized after they walked away, that she didn’t mind. They headed for the lounge.

“Which way did the doorman say was the show?” Deana was looking around at all the strange sights. Half dressed people, people in leathers, silks, corsets, and some… no clothes, but masks and gags.

“Through the lounge and into the dungeon on the left. Down the hall and first open space on the right.” Kevin was looking around too, but being more discrete than Deana. “Keep that up and you’ll get whiplash.”

“I will… oh. my. God….” she trailed off as a tall man wearing leather trousers, black vest, and carrying a whip walked by.

“What’s the matter?”

“That… that was one of the men from the coffee shop. The geek in the corduroy sports coat.”

Kevin looked over to where she pointed. “Oh. Yeah.” He nudged her towards the dungeon doors on the far side. He’d been to a club in LA, a long time ago, so he wasn’t as shocked as Deana was. Still, there was more eye candy than he’d seen in ages. The two of them walked into the dungeon, and the show venue. It wasn’t difficult to find. There were a bunch of people, and Leather Guy. They stood off towards the center of the room, but at the back of the crowd.

“Good evening!” Leather Guy said with a hint of accent to his voice.

“What accent is that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Shush! That’s Boris. He’s the mad Russian and if he hears you, he’ll make an example of you!” hissed a woman dressed in a corset and short skirt that was almost longer than her ass cheeks.

Kevin and Deana shut up.

“We are here tonight to learn the whip. It’s pleasure. It’s pain.” Boris uncoiled the whip and snapped it across the open floor a number of times in over and underhand passes. It snapped against the floor in loud pops. The crowd oohed and ahhed.

As Boris coiled his whip, two brawny men wheeled an X shapped piece of wood into the room. A young woman wearing a corset and a pair of bikini bottoms that were very tiny. She waved at the crowd and then was strapped to the X.

“This is the correct way to whip a sub.” Boris then struck the woman repeatedly. She cried out and after a few minutes, Boris walked up and caressed and calmed her. “And that is called aftercare. One never gives pain without some sort of pleasure or aftercare. This is not about beating someone senseless, but giving them the catharsis needed.”

Kevin and Deana looked at the scene in total confusion. The woman was let down off the X. Boris held her hand and they could hear her thank him. She took a few questions.

“Yes, it hurt, but at the same time, I wanted that pain.” Another question was asked. “No, I’m horny as hell, but what happens to me is between me and my Master. Before you ask, Boris is not my Master. This was simply for the demonstration.” Then she walked off.

“Now for a switch up. Remember, women are the most delicate and dangerous of the species.” Boris then turned to one side of the room and held out his hand. Out walked a small woman dressed in a silk kimono and looking like a delicate flower tottering on very high spiked heels.

“Is… is that our tweedy librarian?” asked Deana in a whisper.

“I think so. Do you think that Boris dude is gonna whip her?”

The sub turned back to the whisperers. “Her name is Belinda, and she is the second meanest Domme in the club. Just shut up and watch!”

Kevin and Deana watched. The woman greeted the crowd. Some whistled and cheered. Others clapped. Some just stood silently. Then she accepted a whip from Boris and the two of them stood back to back and then walked off in some weird parody of a duel. When they were a good 15 feet apart, they turned and began cracking their whips fast and furiously at each other. The pops and cracks were so loud that Deana covered her ears.

Boris smiled at Belinda as they stepped forward a pace at a time. This was a new routine they had practiced to show the beauty and skill of whip work. He had needed cover up to hid the whip mark for a week when they first started. However, the routine was well practiced and looked far more dangerous than it was. When they were about six feet apart, he turned the whip and wrapped it around Belinda’s waist and pulled her in tight. The crowd gasped. Boris whispered something in Belinda’s ear before they unwound the whip and bowed.

“Now I need a volunteer from the crowd.” Belinda looked out and pointed towards a man at the back of the room.

“Kevin, she’s pointing at you,” hissed Deana.

“No she isn’t!” he hissed back.

“Ya she is,” said the sub with a laugh. She moved aside as Boris came to collect him. Kevin went meekly.

Deana watched in near horror as Boris smiled and strapped Kevin to the X. She joined the crowd when Belinda took off the kimono and kicked off her heels. She stood there wearing a leather bikini and not much else.

“Tonight I will show you how to use the whip to impress or intimidate. While our volunteer will never be struck, he will feel the power of the whip.” Belinda then walked up, whispered something to the young man and then stepped back. She swung the whip to uncoil it and then began to move the tip closer and closer to the volunteer.

Deana winced as the whip seemed to come within a hair’s breath of Kevin. She swore she saw his clothes move and his hair flip up as the whip moved over him. After what seemed like an eternity, Belinda cracked the whip once hard on the floor right between Kevin’s outstretched legs. Then she turned back to the crowd, which once more exploded in thunderous applause.

Boris unbuckled Kevin from the X and said something to which Kevin nodded. The two men shook hands. Belinda walked up to Kevin as well and shook hands with Kevin who headed back into the crowd.

“Now, Would anyone else care to be a vic… um Volunteer?” Boris asked. A number of hands went up as Kevin returned to Deana’s side.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Wow.” Kevin was a little dazed as they walked away from the demonstration.

“What did they say to you?”

“She said hold still and don’t worry. Afterwards, she thanked me for being a good sport.”

“And that man?”

“He… he thanked me for the coffee. Sssaid they’d be back. Oh, and that we should reserve judgment until we understood more.”

Deana was about to say something and then thought about it. They had both been judgmental. They walked out of the club after Kevin took a trip to the bathroom.


Dirk was waiting with a $10 bill at the bar. David and Belinda came up to get a drink after the demonstration. “I hear I owe you a tenner.”

“Yeah. He didn’t wet himself, although I think it was close. I think I’d have been paying you the bet if we’d grabbed her. However, the look on her face was so pale when I headed towards the two of them I just couldn’t pick her. The guy was a good sport.”

“Oh, and the look on his face after I dusted him with the whip,” said Belinda.

“Yeah, I don’t think either of those two will ever judge a book by it’s cover ever again.” David laughed that deep throaty laugh and the rest joined in.

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