Flash Fiction Friday A New Direction…


“You. Are. Such. A. Prima. Donna!” He punctuated each word with a thrust.

“I am not!”

“Well you are certainly NOT the ingénue that you pretend to be.” He thrust in deeply, pinning her to the vanity table.

“Oooph!” Her head smacked against her makeup jars, scattering them across the shiny surface. “I can’t help it I’m typecast. I’m young, beautiful, svelte and I intend to stay this way. Mother can go to pot and look like some aging hippy down in Cannes, but I’m not.”

“Well, you’ll no longer be able to play those virginal sweet roles on stage. Your expanding waistline will betray you.”

“Didn’t… didn’t you use a condom?” Her body tensed as much from panic as from the impending orgasm.

“No you little bitch, I did not. I told you to play by my rules, or I would end your career. You are mine, lock, stock and body. I made you, and I will destroy you.” He tucked the letter under his arm that he’d been slapping across her ass as he fucked her harder. She didn’t dare move too far, or risk falling. The layered tulle skirt blinded her, and made balancing difficult.

His cock pounded harder into her well used pussy. Her nipples began to bounce out of the top of her corset and rub against the vanity table. She gasped from the new sensation. As she moaned, he slapped her ass until it reddened. In spite of her protests, her body reacted. Muscles clenched, her breathing came in gasps and her whole body shuddered with pleasure as she orgasmed.

“See, you are a pain slut, just as the letter said. Did you honestly think you could go unrecognized down at the BDSM club?” He thrust deeper and deeper, bringing her to orgasm again.


“Well, the head of the studio plays there and recognized you instantly. Your contract is forfeited unless you do exactly what we tell you.”

“Alright! Alright! I’ll do porn pics! Just don’t get me pregnant!” She shuddered with yet another orgasm.

“No, you get no say. Besides, DC wants some preggers porn.” He thrust faster and faster, finally releasing deep inside of her. He sighed, pulled out and wiped himself off with his handkerchief. “Stay put.”


He slapped her ass. “No Butts…” he laughed. He looked at her, cum beginning to run down her thigh. Zipping up his pants, he walked over to the door. “DC, she’s all yours.”

DC walked in, unzipped his trousers and thrust his thick, meaty cock deep into her sopping pussy. Sloppy seconds was a boon to any bitch he fucked. She cried out as he thrust hard, holding her head down.

“Stop! I’ll make your damn porn movies! Please just stop!”

“Shut up bitch! We’ve been filming the whole fuckin’ time.”




I must admit that my brain is mush today. It has been one hell of a week. Our word limit for today is 444 combined with the required word, ingénue. Forbidden words are Mirror, Pasta, Doggie and Tutu. For 25 bonus words, we can share an experience that happened at a performance. Extra credit (25 words) can be had for explaining where her mother is.

I first saw this at 10pm on Thursday. So, my warped brain was well in gear by the time I fell asleep. Hope you enjoy this piece. Afterwards, I’m going back to my tea and my book. Thank you Advizor for hosting FFF! I took the extra credit, so this story tops out at 469. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday A New Direction…

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  1. Filming the whole time… I love it.

    A great entry, sorry i was so late in getting around to reading it. Fantasitic job and totally different than everyone else. That is the beauty of FFF

    1. Teeheehee… Glad you liked that little twist at the end. I am hoping I have time tomorrow to read all the FFF’s from last week. Things have sort of calmed down.

      I do have fun with FFF. 🙂

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