Small Celebrations

Quin poured the mead into the glasses and then handed one to Lynne. “To small celebrations.”

“To lovely small celebrations.” They touched glasses and then sipped the mead.

“Oh, this is delightful.” She sank down in the chair and put her feet up.

“It has been a hectic month.”

“Yes. Between work, and crazy schedules, I’m about ready to pull the covers over my head.”

“Only if you are under them with me.” He gave her a kiss.

“Oooh, I think we can arrange that.” Lynne smiled and drank a bit more of the mead. “You know, I think this is going straight to my head.”

It was Quin’s turn to smile. After weeks of late nights, too much stress and a few other bits thrown in, their sex life had almost ground to a halt. That was unacceptable to both of them. Now after a week of early nights, telephone’s turned off and the doors locked, playtime was the only thing on the schedule. “Well then, let me fill up your glass.”

Lynne watched as he split the remainder of the bottle between them. She could feel the tension slip away as the mead flowed. Quin finished his first and crawled into bed. Lynne followed after she lit the candle and turned off the light.


Mead flavoured kisses were the order of the night. Lynne kissed her way down Quin’s stomach and delighted in his moan as she kissed, licked and sucked his cock into her mouth. She moaned with her mouthful a moment later as Quin began to play with her pussy. The game of who could hold out the longest was won by Quin when Lynne sat up with a cry of pleasure. He pulled her to him and she straddled his waist, lowering herself down onto his cock. She rocked back and forth, enjoying the feeling of him deep inside.

Quin reached up and pinched her nipples as she leaned forward.

“Oh! Oh Damn!”

Quin laughed and did it again, feeling her pussy clench tight around his cock as he pinched her nipples.

“Oooooh!” Lynne moaned and moved faster, almost bouncing. Quin put his hands on her hips and helped. Grasping her own breasts, she bounced as he arched upwards faster and faster until he stiffened in orgasm.

“Ah… ahhh.” His hands gripped her hips harder as he thrust upwards. Lynne shuddered, her own orgasm triggered by his release. Slowly the two of them melted back to the bed. Lynne still pinned, shuddered in orgasm each time she tried to move off of him.

“Ahh… ahhh… oh oh damn.”

Quin laughed softly. Each time she twitched, he felt her squeeze his cock. Finally, she was able to move off and collapsed to the bed next to him. “Feel better?”

“Oh yes. It has been too long.”

“Agreed. I don’t think I could move if the bed was on fire.”

“Nope, but when you find your fingers, do you think you could give me one more orgasm?”


“Yeah, but I feel so wound up.”

“Even after that orgasm?”

She nodded.

“Then of course, sweetie.” He curled up around her and they fell asleep.


An hour later, Quin woke and began to play with Lynne. She was sopping wet and his hand was soon coated with their combined juices. As he slid fingers deep inside, Lynne woke.

“Oh, you know the nicest way to wake up a woman.”

“Yes, I do.” He slid two fingers deep inside and then three. When she gasped, he rotated them slightly and then slid in a fourth.

“Oh! Oh, it’s been so long.”

“Uhuh. Now move your leg a little.”

Lynne did as he requested and soon felt Quin’s hand push hard against the muscles of her pussy. His other hand reached up to play with her clit. She gasped as he brought her to orgasm fast and hard. As she climaxed, he shoved his other hand in further.

“Oh!” Lynne felt her body react to the deep penetration. That odd mix of pain and pleasure sent her into orgasmic overdrive. The orgasms rolled faster and faster until she cried out. Quin pulled his hand out as she squirted everywhere. He grabbed a hand towel from the basket next to the bed to dry off.

“Damn, you soaked the bed.” He was laughing, as each shudder of orgasm only added to the puddle.

“It…’s all yourrrr fault,” she stuttered as he kept playing with her.

“Yes. One more?”

“Oooh…” was as far as she got when his fingers played across her clit once more.

“Hmm, that didn’t seem to be enough. Have another.” This time, he played with her clit until she orgasmed so hard she passed out. He smiled, curled up behind her and pulled up the covers.

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    1. Ah Advizor…. Some of my posts are “journal entries”. Some are fantasy. 🙂 The bigger question lays in how much of my real life filters into my fantasies? For example, there really is a Dog Bar…

  1. I will be back in a while, going to look for some of this mead stuff, I don’t care what it is, I want a lot of it, I will tell Mrs. Tip that it is good for her. Tip

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