Flash Fiction Friday Head Games


Mandy couldn’t believe that Chuck had abandoned her. He had this security gig, and she talked him into having a date at work. They’d eaten pizza and started necking when an alarm went off. Chuck had run off to see what was going on. That had been twenty minutes ago.

“Chuck! Where are you?” Mandy wandered down the aisles in her undies, thinking that maybe, just maybe this was some strange kind of hide and seek. She was all kinds of hot and horny. She wanted to fuck. It was a turn-on to be in the warehouse after everyone was gone. “Chuck!”

A noise off to one side made her stop. Tilting her head to one side, she tried to figure out what the noise was. It sounded like a muffled voice. Quietly, she walked towards the noise, peering between the shelves trying to get a glimpse of it.

Then she saw Chuck. He looked like he was strapped to a fork lift. There was a gag in his mouth and his clothes had been cut off. There were red hand prints on his thighs, and his cock bounced up and down. Someone was behind him was doing something to his ass. She stared in a mixture of horror and fascination. Her panties grew damp.

Mandy moved closer to the shelves to get a better look, hoping not to be seen. Chuck moaned and his hips abruptly thrust forward. As she watched, his cock stiffened and then exploded in orgasm.


Mandy gasped at the sexiness of Chuck’s orgasm. The cum sprayed out onto the floor. She heard a noise behind her. A shadow moved. She started to sprint down the aisle, only to find her path blocked by a sexy dockworker.

“Well, isn’t this a surprise.”

“I guess you’re so handsome you have to be the gay guy that just butt fucked Chuck.”

“No, that was the guy behind you.”

Mandy turned to see a naked giant. His cock at half mast was nearly as big as her forearm.

“Don’t worry. He doesn’t like girls.” He grabbed Mandy by the arm. They walked to where Chuck hung on the forklift.

“Hey boy. I’m gonna fuck your girlfriend.” He bent Mandy over a pallet and duct taped her hands to it. Then he slowly peeled her panties down. “Hey Chucky! She’s soaked! Is this you, or you getting fucked by Huey?”

Mandy wriggled as he fingered her. It felt so good. She was turned on by the whole thing. Her juices ran down her thighs as he fingered her clit. “Ohh, fuck!”

He laughed and slammed his cock deep inside. One hand held her hip while the other squeezed her breast. Mandy looked up as she felt her orgasm build. Huey had started fucking Chuck. The sight of Chuck’s cock bouncing in time to the thrusts sent her over the top. Her orgasm rolled her hard as they all came. It matched her fantasy almost perfectly. It was worth the money!



This week’s challenge is to use Abandoned and sprint. Our word limit is 250 per section. (hmmm… two sections? Is that 500 words for a story? Hmmm… It’s how I’m interpreting it.) Our forbidden words are Any store name, ‘thong’ and boxes. 25 Bonus words per section for keeping everyone alive. (my oh my… Mazuri, I think he’s on to you!) Extra credit if we: Tell us about the sexiest NEW person you’ve met/interacted with this week (current spouses and lovers et all, not allowed)

I must admit that my first thoughts were to drop the bonus credit and kill characters. 🙂 However, Advizor’s rant about thoughtless porn gave me an idea. What if a business set up fantasies? You plan it, pay for it and then live it. So, here you have Mandy’s fantasy. 🙂

I didn’t bother with extra credit or bonus words. Hope you liked my romp! 

16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Head Games

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  1. Love it; although if there was a business that lived out my fantasies I would have to have new, dirtier fantasies.

    And my wife may divorce me ;(

  2. There is a business out ther for everyone! All it takes is some imagination and someone to keep the cops off your trail. This week’s entries have been perversely diverse and I love it.

  3. I was away up north for a few day’s and missed this. I’m glad I am getting caught up if every thing is this good. Tip

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