Lynne had gotten up after the first video conference call and kissed Quin. “I’m heading to bed.”


“Well, I’m going to work on a story first. I may be in bed though by the time you get done.”

“Okay. I can see that. I’ll be in after this next meeting.” He blew her a kiss and then turned to the next video conference. Technology had certainly improved things for meeting with people across the globe.

Lynne picked up her water and headed out to her computer. She had a story in her head she couldn’t wait to write. After stepping over the dog, she settled at her computer and began


Ann stood up as if to walk away. Instead, she walked behind his desk and knelt on the floor as if she was trying to reach something that had rolled under the desk. She moved forward until his crotch was right in front of her face. Reaching up, one hand on his thigh and the other undoing his zip.

He looked down at Ann in a bit of a panic. He was in the middle of a conference call with six other people. With one hand he tried to discourage her. It didn’t work. She was persistent and he didn’t dare stop talking as he was presenting a new project for them to work on. He tried to sit up and all it did was make it easier for her to release his cock from his jeans. Ann lowered her mouth to his cock and sucked it into her mouth.

“Um… Guys, I’m having some video issues!” he apologized and cut the video link. He knew he was suppose to do something else, but her lips around his cock, tickling the hole at the tip wiped away any coherent thought. He moaned.

“George, what did you say?” asked a disembodied voice.

“Nnothing. I was just trying to stretch to change a ssetting,” he managed. He went to mute his mic as she brought her fingers up to play with his balls as she sucked him deep into her throat. He scrambled madly to reach the mute button before he gasped outloud. He made it just in time.

“What are you doing?” he asked once it was safe to talk.

She just smiled and began to hum against his cock. He moaned again and his hand went to her head, guiding it down firmly on his cock. It was disconcerting to hear the other people talking about banal things as his brain began to spark and fizz with orgasm.

George, can you comment on this process?” asked one of the people on the computer.

George reached forward and unmuted his mic. “Yyes. It’s a relatively simple process and… and I’ll have it outlined in the documentation which I’ll post on Monday.” He muted the mic as fast as he could and groaned. The entire time he’d been trying to talk, Ann had been sucking his cock with an arm around his legs so that he couldn’t dislodge her.

“Thanks George!” The person talking continued on with the meeting like George was still listening.

Ann increased the speed by which she sucked and licked George’s cock. It didn’t take long for him to explode as she played his cock like a well loved instrument. He lay there with a silly grin on his face as the video conference ended.


Lynne, open the door. I have tea for us.” Quin waited as Lynne opened the door. He kissed her and put her cup down by her computer. He glanced at the screen. “What are you writing?”

“A story that came to me during the first meeting.” She smiled as Quin read the story.

“You know what’s funny?”


“I was thinking the same thing. What if you crawled under the desk and started giving me a blow job while we were suppose to be in that meeting.”

She laughed. “I don’t know why, but I did think of it and had to leave before I shocked their puritanical minds by doing just that.”

Quin sat down and sipped his tea. “Damn. I wish I felt good enough to enjoy one of your blowjobs.”

Lynne walked over to him and took the cup out of his hand. “Are you hurting?”

“Yes and tired. Bone tired.”

“Well, how about I give you those ‘kisses’ you love so well and after you regain your senses, you can diddle me into oblivion.” She kissed his lips and then handed him back his tea.

“I… I think I like that idea.”

“Good. I’m going to go get ready for bed.” Lynne walked to the bathroom. Quin got up, pulled a few toys out of the toybox and put them next to the bed. After he finished his tea, he cleaned up and joined Lynne on the bed.

They snuggled and soon she kissed her way down his chest until his cock was being sucked into her mouth. She knelt next to him and slowly slid up and down his cock. Her tongue tickled the slit at the top, teasing him. Then she plunged all the way down, letting him bump the back of her throat. It felt so good, he tangled his hand in her hair, holding her as his hips bucked.

“Oh… damn.” Quin’s hand found her slit, which was soaked. Working his fingers until they were wet, he began to play with her lips and clit until she moaned against his cock. His entire body twitched with pleasure. Quin brought her to orgasm twice before she almost pulled off of him.

“Come here.” His hands pulled her to him.

“I thought you hurt too much.”

“I forgot how good endorphins can make you feel.” He pulled her across his lap and she slid his cock deep inside. She began to rock back and forth, riding him. Quin reached up and pinched her nipples. He felt her muscles contract around him.

“Oh! Oh my.” Lynne began to move faster until she bounced up and down on his cock. Quin grabbed her by the hips and thrust as hard as he could. His orgasm roared up his spine and he went stiff with pleasure. Lynne joined him a moment later, her hips grinding against him as she came. The toys lay there forgotten.


Twenty minutes later, as they spooned up, Quin laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“The idea of them trying to figure out what the sounds would be if I didn’t reach the mic in time to mute it.”

“Yeah, that would be funny. Most of those guys really need laid.” Lynne turned slightly to face Quin.

“Sort of like us?”


Quin let his fingers trail down Lynne’s stomach until he found her clit. He began to play with her until she began to shudder and squirm with impending orgasm. He brought her to orgasm a couple of times, listening to her squeak louder each time as the pleasure became more intense. He kept playing with her clit, increasing the touch with each stroke until she cried out loudly.


Quin smiled. In the distance, he could hear the dogs in the neighborhood bark, startled by her outcry. She turned towards him and they both began to laugh.

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