The Box

Yes, THAT box…

Sofia looked at the box on her dresser. It seemed such an ordinary box. Two drawers, a top that opened and a series of ports. That was the one section she didn’t get. When she opened the top all the way, she could see the little ports and yet like a puzzle box, they disappeared from view when the lid closed. It was as if part of the upper drawer closed over them. Sort of like a decoration rather than a feature. She sighed and placed it on her night stand. Turning off the lights, Sofia crawled into bed and went to sleep.


The box waited for the room to go quiet. The partition slid back and the creature inside stretched. Tiny pink tentacles reached out to sniff the night air. There was a scent that delighted it. Female. It stretched and stretched, but couldn’t get near enough. In the end, as dawn approached, the tentacles withdrew and the box closed up.


Sofia looked at the box. She could have sworn she’d pushed it up against the wall, so that it was flush with the back of the nightstand. Now it was catty-corner, with the drawers turned facing her bed. She returned it to the back side of the nightstand, and took a few moments to put trinkets in the bottom drawer from her holiday at the beach. Shells in the bottom, a piece of driftwood and a dried bit of seaweed. She smiled and left for the library.


Once the dark room grew quiet, the creature once again tried to reach the female. It found new treasures in the box. The seaweed was especially tasty. It was strong enough to reach out of the box to the edge of the surface. It pulled the box all the way to the edge. Stretching as far as it could go, it managed to just touch the arm of the female. When dawn came, it curled back into the box and wrapped the female scented tentacles around itself. It was happy.


Sofia woke from the craziest dream. She had dreamt that someone had tickled her arm. It felt good, almost sexual. When she rolled over, she was surprised to see the box on the edge of the nightstand. Looking at it, she noticed that the seaweed and one of the shells had disappeared. Curious, she looked to see if she had put them in another part of the box. Nothing. She sighed and put it back where it belonged.

As the summer progressed, the box was filled with more treasures from the beach. Shells, sand dollars, more seaweed, beach grass and sand. Sofia got use to pushing it back every morning. She figured that vibrations from the road must be making it move. Her dreams were becoming more vivid as well. She chalked those up to too much fresh air and crazy romance novels. Her sister had left a bunch of Henti books as well as a copy of the Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife. Weird erotica to say the least. And yet… intriguing.


The creature waited patiently. It grew and the box was becoming cramped. It was nearly strong enough to push the lid open. Soon…

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  1. Omigosh, Wordwytch!! i’m glad it’s not *really* me in this story! Yikes – you know how i feel about tentacles!! Good grief… lol


    1. I know, but after thinking about it and the previous post with the picture of the box, I just had to use the same name. 🙂

      Wolf was giggling. (which is kinda scary on a whole other level…)

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