Flash Fiction Friday Sordid Dreams


The music was slow and bluesy. Cigarette smoke filled the air in the private club. The dancer began rolling her stocking down, with the eyes of every man on her, wishing it was them touching her flesh. The rail was cold between her hot thighs, and she hoped she performed as well as the advertisement proclaimed she could. Her pout was more concentration than lust.

Deann’s face reflected a mix of interest, disgust and fascination. “Donald you are such an ass for bringing me here,” she hissed. “How dare you think I’d like this? Do you expect me to strip for you?” She’d never admit that the whole scene was turning her on, or that her panties were damp with forbidden desire. Her nipples ached.

Donald ignored her. He was feeling his cock rise in spite of Deann’s bitching. The dancer was rotating her hips on the rail and he wished it was him between her thighs instead. When he got Deann home, he’d fuck her senseless while thinking about the woman on stage.

The camera man watched the scene with interest. No one knew that the camera was there behind the mirror. He watched the bitch in white trying not to squirm and the guys masturbating in the back. His real interest was not the cheap porn film to show at bachelor parties, but getting dirt on the man with the striped tie. Who’d have thought that a high ranking CIA agent would frequent strip joints? He watched as the man leaned forward to ease the ache of his cock straining against his dress slacks.

The dancer stood and began to gyrate. Her hips hid and highlighted faces in the crowd. When she thrust forward, Mr. CIA almost creamed his pants. The camera man laughed. While the camera ran, he took a series of stills. He’d blackmail the man into providing whatever information his government wanted, and fuck his girlfriend.

I almost forgot this weeks FFF! Aieeya! Maybe it had something to do with enough rain to flood my back porch!

Our required phrase was advertisement and/or flyer. Word length was 320 or (3 songs from $20) Forbidden words: Stripper, bastard, appetizer. Bonus points for reflecting both women’s points of view. Extra credit words (25) for telling about your worst experience with a stripper or at a strip club (50” and/or your best experience (25).

Never been to a strip club, so all those are out for me. Hope you liked my sojourn into the sordid.


14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Sordid Dreams

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  1. I like how you did it mostly from the audience instead of the dancer, a whole different turn. Yet I does leave me wondering about the stripper, especially the look on her face.

    1. In my head, the story wasn’t about the stripper at all. It was all the people around her. As for what she’s thinking… She’s wondering if the bastard who’s taking the pictures behind the glass is really going to pay her! Oh, and she’s bored.

  2. Those CIA guys are usually so good at keeping secrets. I wonder if our boys from Langly prefer blondes or brunettes. 🙂 Thanks for joining in another FFF!

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