The Green Man part 9

That night she thought of locking the door. The reality of the Hunt trampling the field still had her shivering. She dished stew for herself and had just sat down to eat when Cern came in the door.

“I… I didn’t know if you’d come tonight. Are you hungry?”

“Aye. Fair famished.” He sat and in the candlelight, Sybil could see he looked tired. She put the bowl of stew in front of him and a slice of bread spread thick with butter. He nodded his thanks and began to eat. Sybil sat down and ate her supper. Neither one spoke.

After dinner, when things were cleared up, they sat by the fire. Sybil was cradled in his arms, her belly round and the fire light danced across it. “Cern, how did you know the Hunt rode last night?”

He sighed. He knew she’d begun to wonder about him. “I live in the forest. Hunt be forest stuff.”

“The Hunt rode past the cottage.”

“Aye. Tol ye to stay inside.”

“I did. Found tracks this morning.”

“Ah. An now ye have curiosity?”

“Aye. Ye be browner. Thinner. As if ye wear away like the year.”

“Aye.” He held her closer, his hands draping over her belly, loving it. “It be that way.”

“Will you pass at Yule? Are you Themins?” She felt her heart beat fast in her chest. She wanted to know, but was scared to hear the real answer.

Cern took a deep breath and turned Sybil to face him. “I’ll nay pass at Yule. Grow older, aye.”

Sybil took this in, thinking how he looked at Beltane. “You be Themins?”

He nodded. He kissed her gently, because he could feel her trembling. I be Cernunnos. Lord of the Forest. Lord of the Wild Hunt. The Green Man.” He kissed her again.

“Our… our babe. Will he be like you or me?”

“She will be. Thou art the Goddess.” He kissed her and then carried her to the bed. Slowly he undressed her. His followed to the floor.

“Cern, I’m not a Goddess.”

“Thee be to me. Worry not.” His lips descended to her breasts and suckled her nipples until she gasped. Then he kissed her skin down the curve of her belly. She moaned as he began to lick her cleft, his clever fingers making her feel good.

“Oh Cern,” she moaned. He turned her on her side and spooned behind her, letting his cock slide between her thighs and into her depths. He moved slowly until the pleasure built. She shattered with orgasm first, and as she gasped, he came as gently as he could. They curled up as he pulled the quilt over them.

“Why me?” She still didn’t understand why he’d chosen her to love.

“Thou art Goddess. Ye drew me. I love ye. Love ye as long as ye will it. I’ll care for ye and the babe. It were meant to be.” He kissed her throat and then shushed her when she started to speak.

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