Flash Fiction Friday The Bet


The bet… How many could fuck her before they’d be noticed missing from the dinner. The dinner was a pain in the ass obligations. Black tie dinner with the boss. “Team building,” he said. “Bring us closer together as men.”  Burt  wondered how dressing up like penguins brought men closer together.

Sandy broke the ice with the ‘fuckin’ penguins’ comment. She’d dared them. Said they were too uptight to fuck her. When Burt said she couldn’t do it, she laughed. She’d shag them one at a time, but two had to watch for proof.

They used the lounge. Burt stood and watched as Sandy humped Jeff. David sat on the couch. He looked a bit green. Sweating. Burt wondered what was wrong with him. If David couldn’t, the guys lost. They would have to wear women’s underwear for a week. If she lost, she owed them blowjobs for a week. She’d already fucked two of the seven men.

Burt looked at his watch.

Jeff was squealing like a bitch. “Heee! Heee! Heee!” Jeff shot his load. Sandy hopped off and turned to David. She unzipped his pants and began to fish out his cock. Limp.

“Come on David. Get it up man!” Burt growled.

“Can’t do it.” He swallowed hard.


“Can’t do women.” David looked apologetic.

Sandy tried, but David remained limp.

“Fuck Jeff,” Burt said.

“No!” squealed Jeff. David looked at Burt. Burt nodded. David grabbed Jeff, flipped him over and began fucking. A bet is a bet.

Today’s challenge was suppose to be “quick and simple this week”. Word length is 200 and our required word is obligation. Forbidden words are : payment, predilection, and prostitution. Extra credit if we make it personal and 25 bonus words for explaining the tuxedos and 25 more if it isn’t about money. Hmmm…

I took the 250. Warped, twisted, but well… 🙂


Hope you enjoyed Flash Fiction Friday, hosted by Advizor. 🙂 

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  1. I think we might have a bit of a theme going on this week, totally unintentional when I picked the picture, but very interesting. And you are write, a bet is a bet and teams must be bonded together by intense interpersonal experiences. I’ll bring this up at my next staff meeting.

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