The Box part 2

Sofia collapsed on the bed. She was sunburned. After a month on the beach, she should have known better than to forget her sun screen. Instead, she’d taken a cool shower and then wrapped in just her towel, she’d gone to bed. She didn’t even bother to clear all of the stuff off. She shoved it to one side and took a nap.


The creature could smell the female. So strong. It shoved the lid open and stretched. The box had grown cramped. Stretching for all it was worth, it cleared the top of the box and fell to the bed. Pulling itself along by it’s tentacles, it made short work of the distance between the box and the female. Touching her skin made the creature shudder with pleasure. The scent was delectable. Moving under the cloth that covered the female, the creature moved across the limbs to the center of the scent and began to taste and touch.


Sofia moaned. Her dreams were so erotic. Silky fingers touched her thighs and the short hair of her mound. It felt better than her last boyfriend’s tongue. The heat built up between her thighs and she opened her legs for her lover.


The creature delighted in the female’s reactions. As it touched her, succulent juices began to flow. The creature lapped them up and explored for more. It’s tentacles moved between the soft skin, finding the opening that leaked the fluid. It quivered with delight and began to feed. By accident, it touched a small nub of skin higher up and the female shuddered and the juices flowed stronger. The creature did it again to it’s joy.


Sofia shuddered with orgasm and began to wake from her dream. She was disoriented and realized that she had rolled over in her sleep. She’d knocked over her box and that her dream had left her sopping wet.

“Damn that was a good dream.” She stood up and headed back to the shower to clean up. When she came back, she replaced all of the treasures in her box and cleared her bed. Then she crawled under the covers and went to sleep.


The creature had found a safe corner between a pillow and a stuffed bear. It had been too big to get back into the box. It licked it’s tentacles and waited for the female to fall back asleep.

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