Sian part 20

Sian never realized when the gown fell to her knees. All she knew were the kisses and the way her body seemed on fire. When Mael kissed the last one at the base of her spine, she turned and came into his arms, naked.

Mael controlled the gasp that burbled up. “You… you’re so beautiful.”

Sian blushed. “Is there a puppy under your shirt?”

Mael looked at her and then to where she pointed. It was his turn to blush. “Nay, just my… my cock wantin’ to make yer acquaintance.”

Sian knelt close to Mael and took the edges of his shirt in her hands and slowly lifted it up and over Mael’s head, leaving him nude. She took in his body. Hairy chest, strong arms, scars that cropped up and down his stomach to where his cock bounced in anticipation. She sat nearly in his lap and touched him. Mael gasped.

“Did I hurt you?”

“Nay. It.. it feels good. I just…”

“Just didn’t expect me to want to touch you?”


She moved closer. “I want to touch you. I want to be touched. Your kisses made me feel all hot and tingly.” She reached forward and kissed him. Mael put his arms around her and the two of them kissed and touched, exploring one another’s body. Mael moaned when her hand wrapped around his cock. He moved his fingers to her breasts and played with them until her nipples were hard little currents.

“Kiss me?” Sian asked cupping her breasts upwards. Mael brought his mouth to her nipples and sucked the first one in to the delighted gasps of Sian. He lavished kisses on one then the other breast. His hand rested on her hip.

“What… what else?” Sian’s breath was coming in gasps.

“This.” Mael moved his hand to her cleft and gently touched the downy hair. She was moist. He cupped his hand against her.

“Oh… oh. That makes me feel all tingly and almost hungry for more.” She looked up into his eyes as she spoke.

Mael slowly slid his fingers between the damp lips and brushed her button. Sian squeaked in surprise at her body’s reaction.

“Should I stop?” His voice was hoarse with need.

“No. Touch me.”

Mael slid his hand down her cleft until he came to her opening and gently slid a finger up inside of her. Sian moaned and wiggled against his hand.

“Is… is that where this will go?” She touched his cock, noticing a small drop of moisture at the top.

“Aye. Unless I explode first.”

“How? It’s so much bigger than your finger and I feel filled up even now. “ She sighed as he continued to stroke in and out of her. Each thrust opened her a bit more, making her ready for him.

“You stretch.” He slid in two fingers to show her.

“Oh… oh my, that feels so good.” Her face was flushed with the building pleasure.

Mael slid in three fingers. She was tight. A virgin and he knew I would hurt for a moment, but he couldn’t help that. He moved between her thighs and placed the head of his cock against her opening. With as much control as he could, he slowly slid in just the head.

“Oh. Oh… the said it would hurt, but that feels good.”

“I’m not all in.” Mael slid out and then in a bit more. Another stroke and he felt his cock bump her maidenhead. Twice more he slid in and out, and on the third stroke, he slid all the way in. He felt her maidenhead break as she cried out and clutched his arms.

“Oh! Ow! Hold… hold still.”

Mael supported himself on his hands, letting the pain subside. After a moment, he slowly slid in and out just once. Sian grimaced a little, but she didn’t ask him to stop. He began to move faster and faster until he couldn’t hold back any longer. His orgasm rippled up his back and filled Sian with his seed. He gasped and tried to regain his thoughts as Sian began to gasp and moan under him. Mael reached between them and found her button, stroking it as she moaned louder. It didn’t take much for her to orgasm. Mael felt her muscles pulse around him as she experienced pleasure. When she stopped at last, he slowly pulled out.

They lay on the bed, catching their breath. Sian rolled towards Mael. He looked at her wondering what was on her mind.



“Will it be more fun next time?”

“Aye. Ye only lose yer maidenhead once.” He smiled at her, seeing a new side to his lovely wife.

“Good. How soon can you go again?”

“Give me a bit. While we wait, I can make you feel good.” He moved so that his hand could reach her cleft and began to stroke and play with her. It didn’t take long for her to cry out in pleasure. He pulled her to him and they fell asleep.

At some point in the night, Mael woke to find Sian stroking his cock.

“You woke me up. This was poking me.” She smiled in the candlelight.

“Aye? Well then, maybe we should wear him out.” Mael rolled Sian to him and began to kiss her. Soon he felt hard and pulled her to him so that she sat astride and he guided his cock up into her cleft. She gasped a little, but soon rocked back and forth, enjoying the feelings.

It didn’t take long for them both to explode in pleasure. This time, they slept till dawn.

Sian woke to the sounds of a maid bringing in a basin of water and clothes. She smiled at the girl and then leaned over to kiss Mael. He woke up and it didn’t take long for them to roll around in bed, touching, kissing and making love.

An hour later, Sian got out of bed. “I’m hungry.”

“Aye, Never thought ye’d take to tumpin’.”


“Aye. Bed sports.” He smiled and walked over to where she was cleaning up at the basin. He kissed the back of her neck and held her hips. Sian wiggled against him, causing his cock to bounce.

“Nay lass. Ifin’ we don’t eat, we won’t have enough energy to play.” He took the wash rag from her and cleaned up as she dried off. Then the two of them got dressed with a little help from one another.

Mael and Sian came downstairs to find most of the family still in the great hall. Ladies Rhoslyn, Tegyd and Rhoslyn’s daughters were missing. The rest were either eating or sleeping in their chairs. This included Lord Rhys who was snoring. Sian giggled and Mael smiled.

“About time you two came down.” Megan came in from the kitchens with a platter of fresh fruit tarts.

“Oh, give them a chance. They’re newlyweds,” teased Nia as she came in with weak ale and milk. “The once I’ll give no quarter to are them.” She pointed towards those still asleep in their wedding finery. That made everyone laugh.

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