The Box part 3

Lindsey sat on Sofia’s bed. They’d had a great dinner and came home rather drunk. “I swear that guy would have licked your nipples if you’d have let him.”

“No way. Bad breath.” Sofia hiccuped and giggled. “You gonna sleep over?”

Lindsey tried to stand. “Oh yeah. Too much wine.” She wriggled out of her jeans and threw her shirt on the floor. “Where am I sleeping?”

“Bed or the couch. I don’t care.”

“I’m already here. Do ya mind?”

“No.” Sofia stumbled over to the couch and was asleep before Lindsey turned out the bedroom lamp.


The creature narrowly avoided being flattened by the new female. It touched and tasted the new female. Heady with delight, it moved between the female’s legs and worked to get past the cloth over the opening to the juices. It took a bit of doing, but it managed. This one responded to the touch of the skin nub as well. The creature fed and fed. When dawn came, it was difficult to hide behind the bear.


“Oh my head,” moaned Lindsey.

“Quit yelling,” hissed Sofia. They both had hangovers.

“Shower,” Lindsey whispered. Sofia pointed to the bathroom. She made coffee and toast while Lindsey showered. Then it was Sofia’s turn.


“I had the weirdest dream.”

“Oh? Drunks licking my nipples?”

“No, I swear your teddy bear was giving me a tongue job.”

Sofia blinked. She realized that last night was the first night in ages that she hadn’t had a sexual dream. “That is so weird. I’ve been dreaming sweet sexual dreams almost every night except last night. You slept in my bed and then you had sexy dreams.”

“Wow. Most people have poltergeists… you have sexual teddy bears.”

Sofia walked into her room and looked at her bed. She moved the bedding and didn’t see anything. She remade the bed and placed Teddy on the pillow. “Hmm… guess we both need to get laid.”



The creature had slid to the floor as the females had returned. When they had gone, it moved back up onto the bed. The feasting on the second female increased the growth to the point where it could easily move around. The creature wondered which female would be in the bed when it got dark.

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