Flash Fiction Friday Still Life With Nipple

still life

“Would you let go of the crystal on my nipple piercing?”

“Oh sorry. I’m a little distracted.” Sheela squirmed as the vibrator ramped up.

“You and me both. Who knew that sneaky bastard would have us sitting on chairs with vibrators strapped to them?”

“I can’t believe he ‘fitted’ us to just the ‘right’ size.”

Pru nodded. “And that he’d turn them on and off at random moments.”

“This has to be the weirdest job I’ve had all summer. I thought we were going to be doing some sort of Jane Austen thingy, not a porn video.”

“I don’t know if you can call it a porn video. We aren’t really doing anything.”

It felt really strange to be sitting out in the middle of the field on wooden chairs with swaths of fabric spread across their laps imitating clothing. Mr. Lindsay had spent almost an hour draping the fabric to make it look like a skirt.

“Yeah. Is Dirk back there pouting on the rock?”

Sheela glances over her shoulder quickly. “Yeah. He’s acting like a moody panda. Mr. Ar-Tist didn’t want him too close. Said he smelled bad.”

Pru smirked. “Next thing you know, he’ll be saying that we aren’t ‘still’ enough.

“Girls! Hold Still! I don’t care if you talk softly. However, you will ruin my video if you can’t remain still!

“Mr. Lindsay, why are we sitting on vibrators that make us wiggly if you want us still?”

“I explained this. I’ve arranged you like a classical painting and I wish to video you while I ramp up the vibrators. I want to see how long you can keep your pose.”

“Oh, like that erotic read a book thingy where the women stop when they orgasm?”

“Yes Sheela. Now, I am going to start over. Please hold still as long as you can. Do not turn around to stare at Dirk. Do not talk loudly! Understood?”

“Yes Mr. Lindsay.”

Mr. Lindsay restarted the video and began to play with the vibrator remote.

First off, Thank You Advizor for posting this early. While the rest of you are reading lovely smut on your computer, I am off in the mountains playing Viking. 🙂 Yes, I’m at an SCA event. 🙂 So is Wolf. Wheee!

So, this week’s adventure has a word limit of 309. Our required words are soft, next, and crystal. Forbidden words: lesbian, movie, costume. Bonus words (25) can be earned by including the word Panda, or by identifying and linking a picture of the classical painting that appears to have inspired the photograph (50)

Well, I can’t find the pic. So… I went for panda. I borrowed the name of the avant garde painter from the movie Sirens for the artist, and a few other names as well. Hope you like my little romp through the heather. See you next week!


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